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Publication numberUS555860 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1896
Filing dateSep 7, 1894
Publication numberUS 555860 A, US 555860A, US-A-555860, US555860 A, US555860A
InventorsJames E. Hanger
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Shampooing attachment for barbers chairs
US 555860 A
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s. R I A H 0 w R E B M (No Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming partof Letters Patent No. 555,860, dated March 3, 1896. I Application filed September 7, 1894. Renewed August 1, 1895. Serial No. 557,902. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES E HANGER, citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Washington, in the District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shampooing Attachments for Barbers Chairs; and I do hereby declare the following to be afull, clear, and'exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to shampooing attachments for barbers chairs; and it consists of certain novel features hereinafter described and claimed. I

Reference is had to the accompanying drawin gs, in which the same parts are indicated by the same letters throughout the several views. Figure 1 represents a side elevation of a barbers chair with my improved shampooing attachment connected thereto. Fig. 2 represents a plan view of the interior of the detachable basin. -Fig. 3 represents a section along the line w as of Fig. 4. Fig. 4 represents a section along the line 3 y of Figs. 2 and 3. Fig. 5 represents a detail View of the upper end of the rack-bar and the slotted plate secured thereto for supporting the basin. Fig. 6 represents a detail View showing one of the clips for holding and adjusting the head-supporting strap. Fig. 7 representsa plan view, and Fig. '8 an inverted plan View, of a metallic collar intended for use with my invention.

A represents a barbers chair of ordinary construction provided with the usual guides a for the rack-bar for the head-support, which rack-bar is temporarily removed and a similar one inserted for supporting the basin on the back of the chair.

B represents the basin, which is indented at the side next the seat of the chair, as at b, and is rolled over, as at b, to engage the two sides b of the crotch-piece B. The indented part thus rolled overforms a comfortable rest for the neck The basin is also provided with a drain-cock b and with the ordinary bead Z). The crotch-piece B is secured by means of the screw-bolt D and the thumb-nut D and washer d to the hinged plate 0, which is slotted, as at c", to enable the crotch-piece B to be clamped at the desired position. The upper end of this slotted plate 0 terminates in two journal-bearings c for the screw-bolt E. One of these bearings is screw-threaded to receive the screw-threads e of the said bolt while the bolt revolves freely in the. other, and is provided at one side thereof with a washer e and thumb-lug e. The inner faces of these arms 0 are roughened, as at c, to engage the rough edges f of the rounded head of the rack-bar F. The plate (3 is made of resilient material, and the arms spring apart when released by the turning backward of the screw E, and yet hold firmly when the said screw is screwed up tight. The rack-barF slides in the guidesa and is clamped at any desired position by means of the ratchet II or brake of any suitable description. It will thus be seen that the height of the basin B relative to the chair-seat may be regulated at will by means of the ratchet Hand the thumbnut D, while the basin itself may be swung through an angle about the pivot-bolt E.

In order to support the back of the head of the occupant of the chair while being shampooed, I provide a strap or chain K secured to the sides of the basin in any suitable way. One method of attaching this strap or chain to the basin is by means of a clip k adapted to slip over the bead b of the basin, and slotted, as at k, to admit the strap, which strap is adj ustably held therein by means of the catch k.

M represents a collar made of a plurality of metal plates m bent over and riveted together, as at m, and provided with strings m to tie around the neck of the occupant of the chair. The purpose of this collar is to prevent any water from running down the neck of the person being shampooed.

A collar of rubber, oiled silk or other suitable waterproof material may be used instead of the metal collar if desired, but metal is preferred on account of it being non-absorptive of water, and being easily dried and kept clean.

In operation, the back of the chair and the basin are so adjusted, as also is the strap K, that the occupant of the chair'can lie back comfortably with the back of his head in or just above the basin, and with his eyes and nose in an elevated position.

It will then be a very simple matter to shampoo the persons head without getting any soap in eyes or having any soapy water pouring over the face, as ordinarily occurs in the every-day practice of shampooing. After the shampooin g is completed the rack-barF is slid from between the guides a, and the basin and attachments are put aside for the next customer, while the head-rest (not shown) is put back in place, and the barbers chair is ready for the ordinary uses for which it is intended.

I do not intend to limit. my claims to the specific type of basin, to the specific means for attaching the same to the back of the chair, or to the specific means for adjusting the relative positions of the same, as many variations of these couldbe used without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

1. The combination with a barbers chair, of a rack-bar detachably connected thereto and vertically movable relative to said chair, of a slotted plate hinged to said rack-bar and means for clamping said plate at any desired angle, and a basin adjustably connected-to said plate, substantially as described.

2. The combination with a barbers chair, of a rack-bar detachably connected thereto 'and means and vertically movable relative to said chain, of a slotted plate hingedto said rack-bar and means for clamping said plate at any desired angle; a crotch-piece adjustably connected to said slotted plate, and a metal basin havin g a portion of its edges turned over and secured to said crotch-piece, substantially as and for the purposes described.

3. The combination with a chair, of a basin adapted to hold liquids adjustably secured to 4o the back scribed.

4. The combination with a chair of a basin adapted to hold liquids secured to the back thereof, the said basin being indented along a portion of its edge next the chair-back, for adjusting the position of the basin relative to the position of the chairback, substantially as described.

5. The combination with a chair-,of a basin adapted to contain liquids, adjustably secured to the back of said chair, and a flexible head-rest stretched across said basin, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my in presence of two witnesses.


of said chair, substantially as designature Witnesses:


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