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Publication numberUS55689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1866
Publication numberUS 55689 A, US 55689A, US-A-55689, US55689 A, US55689A
InventorsAlexandeb Mcdonald
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Improved traveling-trunk
US 55689 A
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Specilication forming part of Letters Patent No. 55,689, dated June 19, 1866.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALEXANDER MODON- ALD, of Charlestown, Middlesex county, and State of Massachusetts, a subject of Great Britain, having made oath of' intention to become a citizen ot' the United States, have invented an Imln'oved Traveling'lrunk; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and form part of this specification, is a description otl my invention sufficient to enable those. skilled in the art to practice it.

The invention relates to the construction of the common and well-known travelingtruuk; andit consistsin the cmployment,in connection with the short buckle-straps fastened upon the lower part or body of the trunk and the straps which pass over the top, of auxiliary tightening-loops, through which the long straps are passed and tightened before passing through thebuckles; also,in combining with the leather coveriugot' the trunk a body made up, in part or in whole, ot a double thickness of wood, the grain of the pieces, glued together, running in opposite directions.

The drawings represent views of a trunk embodying my invention, A showing a crosssection of the same, B a front elevation of' it, and C a reversed plan ot' the lid or upper part.

a denotes the lower partor body ot' the trunk, b the top the-reci', hinged to the body and l swinging up therefrom in the usual manner.

The inner boards, c, are glued to the outer ones, d, the grain of the two running in opposite directions, and over-the outer boards is placed the leather coveringI e. By making up the body oi' the two layers of wood in this manner strength and lightness are obtained, and the leather cover acts as a coating to the bod y, keepin g the boards from curliu g or warpin g from the action of the atmosphere.

f denotes the ordinary metalh strap (sometimes, but improperly, called by trunk-makers a valance7) fastened aroundlthe lower and outer edge of the lid, and so as to shut down over the top of the edge ofthe body a. In the rough usage to which traveling-trunks are subjected this is an insufficient protection to the lid against lateral strain, and the locks are often broken and the lids and hinges wrenched by such strain upon the lid. To remedy this I secure a similar metal band, a", around the front side and ends of the lid, iuside of the lid, the outer and inner bands mak ing a groove into which the edge of the body projects, as seen at A and C. The edge of the body a maybe inclined, as seen in Figure 1, and the edge of the lid recessed to shut over the same, and one or both may be protected by metal capping.

It is well known that in the common method of strapping a trunk, where the long lid-strap buckles to the buckle fixed to the front side of the body, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to effectnally tighten the straps or fasten the lid securely and firmly down to the body, the looseness ot' the straps permitting movement otl the lid with respect to the body, injuring the lock and hinges and otherwise damaging the trunk.

To obviate this difticulty I apply metal loops g h to the lid and body, and having iirst tight cned up the strap 0 by means of these loops, passing the strap through them, as seen at A, and using them as pulleys to strain the strap, its end is passed through the buckle t and secured by the tongue lc.

When short straps are used to strap the lid to the body said strap may be applied to the front side ot' the lower part or body ot' the trunk, and being slipped through the loop g and then returned to the buckle i, the strain being then produced by the single loop, and the strap subsequently secured to the buckle by the tongue k.

I claim- The combination of the leather covering e and the boards c and d, arranged with respect to each other and the bands fand m, substantially as set forth.

2. Combining with the buckles upon the front side of the body and the straps which fasten the lid thereto the auxiliary strainingloops, operatin g substantially as described.




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