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Publication numberUS56068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1866
Publication numberUS 56068 A, US 56068A, US-A-56068, US56068 A, US56068A
InventorsGeoege H. Lincoln
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Improved toilet soap
US 56068 A
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- tion thereof.

Y trate the way in`which the article can be made.

' to express, inone; or more of such colors, letters, figures, or designs, which shall extend represents a cake of soap, which .may be a pori rately.

may be of any color` selected to contrast with four-sided prism. It should be of a convenient UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE,



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 56,068, dated July 3,1866.

To 'all 'whxom it may concern:

Be it known thatI, GEORGE H. LlNcOLN, of the city and county of Providence, in the State of Rhode Island, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Toilet Soaps; consisting of .a soap-which, in its composition, incorporates an ineffaceabletrade-mark, whether such trade-mark is an arrangement of letters or an. ornamental design; and I do hereby declare that the following specification, taken in connection with the drawings making a part of the same, is a full, clear, and exact descrip- Figure l is a view of a cake of soap made with' my improvement. Figs. 2 and 3 illus- My invention consists in arranging soaps of different colors in the same cake or bar, so as through such cake or bar, so that a cross-section will always show such trade-mark or design.

Its value as a means for securing an ineffaceable trade-mark or distinctive ornamental figure is apparent. v

'In the accompanying drawings, A, Fig. 1,

tion of a bar or may be molded by itself sepa- B represents an ornamental design, which the color 'of the body of the cake.- The article is thus produced.

C represents a mold, of tin or of any other suitable materi-al, and in this instance is a length, corresponding to the length of the bar of soap to bemade. n

D is a second mold, similar to the first, but made `in the form of the intended design.

The mold C is placed upright upon one end and the mold D placed within it. color is then, while in a liquid state, poured between the outer wall of the inner mold and the inner wall of the outer one, and the inner moldY filled with a soap of a different color.

In al few moments these two compositions will become sniiciently set to allow of the withdrawal of the inner mold without the risk of the two coalescing,so as to make the outline of the figure indistinct. This, however, should `be done while the two .masses are suiiiciently plastic to insure cohesion as one mass.

Fig. Strepresents an inner mold, in the form of letters arranged to indicate the manufactureras name. In this case each letter constitutes a separate mold; but the method of producing the result is the same as above explained. Where, however,molds of this character are employed, there is greater opportunity of giving variety to the appearance ofthe article, inasmuch'as a different shade of color can be used for the contents of each mold.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isp The improvement in soap described, consisting of a bar or cake of soap made up of soaps of diierent colors, and arranged so as to exhibit an ineiaceable ornamental design or trade-mark intone or more contrasting colors, the article being substantially as specified.



Soap of one

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Cooperative ClassificationC11D13/18