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Publication numberUS560858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1896
Filing dateDec 20, 1894
Publication numberUS 560858 A, US 560858A, US-A-560858, US560858 A, US560858A
InventorsJohn D. Missroon
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US 560858 A
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' (No Model) 2 Sh-eetsSheet 1.

J. D. MISSROON. SLATE PIUKER No. 560,858. Patented May 26, 1896;;

2 Sheets-Sheet 2.



l No. 560,858. Patented May 26, 1896.

Zficeas e6.

. elongated openings a in the ends.

suitable metal rolled or pressed into shape,





LettersPatent No. 560,858, dated May 26, 1896.

1894.. Serialllo.5152,4101. cu Infidel.)

SPECIFICATION formingpart of Application filed December 20,

of the corrugations having elongated openings a formed therein of uniform size, each of such corrugations having, as herein shown, two of the openings a separated by a bridgepiece ta which strengthens the web and also assists in the operation of the picker. The web portion of each segment is curved similarly to the ends a, several of such segments forming the covering of the cylinder.

segments are eachin one integral piece and shaped as described they act as braces or trusses for the load carried in the interior of the picker, the edges of ments abutting, as shown in Fig. 1. WVhile the segments in themselves possess considerable rigidity they are sub ected to very hard usage, and placed, as they are, upon the outside of the spiders A, the butt-joints extending from one to the other spider are totally unprotected and are the first parts of the picker to succumb to wear.

In order to increase the general rigidity of the picker and also to protect the joints between adjacent segments, I have secured to the inner face of each segment and at one edge a stay-strip d, of steel, corrugated to conform to the shape of the intermediate web a the said strip extending to the flat ends a and projecting beyond the edge of the web, Fig. 2. to the web of the segment by rivets d other permanent fastenings, and the adjacent edge of the web of the next segment when abutted will be covered and protected by the projecting portion of the stay-strip d, as shown in Fig. 1. The stay-strip being on the inside of the joint thus prevents direct contact of the load thereupon and greatly increases the rigidity, streng h, and life of the picker. Furthermore, the stay-strips act as tumblers to lift the coal from the groovesin the segments and cause itto one end of the picker oughly opening up the load to pick the slate therefrom which passes out through the elongated openings a In the modification shown in Fig. i an additional strip e is secured to the inner face of the stay-strip d at the edge secured to the segment-web 5 to still further increase the er. While the free edge of To aZl whom it may concern:

Beit known that 1, JOHN D. MISSROON, of Clinton, county of IVorcester, State of-Massachusetts, have invented an Improvementin Slate-Pickers, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters and figures on the drawings representing like parts.

This invention has for its object the production of a strong, durable, and effective segment for cylindrical slate pickers employed in separating flat slate and the like from coal, whereby the strength and rigidity of such pickers and their efficiency in operation are greatly increased. In accordance therewith my invention comprises a slate picker segment consisting of a metallic plate having flat ends and a transversely-corrugated intermediate web integral therewith, elongated openings being formed in the outer apexes, and a correspondingly-corrugated rigid metallic stay-strip secured to the inner face of and at one edge of the web between the flat ends of the segment and projecting beyond said edge, substantially as will be described.

Other features of my invention will be hereinafter described, and pointed out in the claims.

Figure 1 is an end view, partly broken out, of a cylinder with segments embodying my invention applied thereto. Fig. 2 is a side view of the screen-rings with only one of the segments inplace. Fig. 3 is a perspective view, on a larger scale, of a little more than half of one of the stay-strips detached; and Fig. 4. is an enlarged sectional detail of a modificationto be described. Fig. 5 is acentral vertical section'of Fig. 2 on an enlarged scale.

The segments A are secured to suitable cylindrical rings or rims A on spiders A forming the supporting-frame of the picker. The segments A, of wrought-iron, steel, or other pass along from consist of ends a of proper curvature to fit the spiders A, to which they are secured by suitable bolts 1), extended through preferably As shown clearly in Fig. 2, the ends a are connected by an intermediate transversely-corrugated web 0. integral with said ends, the outer apexes action of the stay-strip as a tumbl it is not necessary to attach As the the adjacent segto the other, more thori segment, and projectingwith an imperforate extension beyond said edge to form a jointprotector, substantially as described.

cylindrical slate-picker, composed of similar segments corrugated transversel in termediate their ends and provided with a plurality of transverse openings, combined with internal stay-strips made of metal corrugated to fit snugly against the inner side of said segments, one sta -strip being bolted to each segment at one edge thereof and arranged to progect loosely across the joint and beneath the edge of the the free end of said one segment to "the stay-strip secured to the adjacent edge of th edge and through a hole (Z made for 1. A slate-picker segment consisting of a versely-corrugated intermediate Web integral therewith, elongated openings being formed a correspondinglycorrugated metallic stay-strip secured to the edge of the Web beis prevented from springing open at its oints and a plurality of ridges is provided to intercept the revolving mass and tumble it in its progress, substantially as described.

In testimony Whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


beyond said edge, said projecting edge being as described.

made her to form inner face of and at the Web between the ends-of the W'itnesses J OHN O. AUGUSTA a tumbler, secured to the EDWARDs, one edge of E. DEAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB07B1/4645