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Publication numberUS563510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1896
Filing dateJan 24, 1896
Publication numberUS 563510 A, US 563510A, US-A-563510, US563510 A, US563510A
InventorsWilliam Savidge
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US 563510 A
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(No Model.)






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 563,510, dated July '7, 1896.

Application filed J annary 24, 1896. Serial No. 576,646. (No model.) I

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM SAVIDGE, a citizen of the Republic of Hawaii, and a resident of Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rulers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings,forming a part thereof, in which similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

This invention relates to rulers, and to that class thereof which is adapted for use by draftsmen and others; and the object of the invention is to provide a ruler by means of which irregular or curved lines may be formed; and with this and other objects in view the invention consists in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention is fully disclosed in the following specification, of which the accompanying drawings form a part, in which Figure 1 is a plan view of a section of my improved ruler; Fig. 2, an end view thereof; and Fig. 3, a view similar to that of Fig. 1, showing a modified form.

In the practice of my invention I provide a ruler comprising a body portion A, one side of which is beveled on both edges thereof, as shown at a, and is provided with a metal cover B, which is triangular in cross-section, and the sides of which cover the beveled edges of the body portion A. The metal cover B, or the edge b thereof, is provided with triangular notches or recesses O, and for purposes of convenience one or both sides of said metal cover or strip B may be provided with a scale, as shown in Fig. 1.

In Fig. 3 the edge of the metal cover or strip B is provided with an edge which represents a convoluted line, or with notches or recesses formed by curved lines, as clearly shown at O, and the end of the body portion A is also provided with a strip or cover D,

similar to the strip or cover B, the edge of which is provided with a curve C in the form be provided with a scale in the usual manner.

The object in providing the notched, convoluted, or spiral edges O is to provide means for forming or making lines of similar form;

and it is evident that any preferred form ofline may thus be made, and my invention is not limited to the form herein shown and described, nor to the form of the ruler, which may be of any desired shape, size, and length, and the edges thereof may be circular if desired.

In addition to being a great aid to draftsmen and others in making drawings, specifications, diagrams, &c., my improved ruler will also be found to be of great service to bookkeepers in lining books and for similar purposes, and my improved ruler may be made of any desired material, either wholly of metal, or of wood and metal, or any preferred substance or substances.

Having fully described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent As a new article of manufacture a ruler comprising a body portion having one edge beveled on both sides and a metal cap fixed therealong having in its edge a series of notches together representing or forming the outlines of a connected series of equal curves, and having on one end a metal cap in whose exposed edge is formed a connected series of indentations representing connected unequal curves,- substantially as shown and described.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention I have signed my name, in presence of the subscribing witnesses, this 4th day of January, 1896.




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Cooperative ClassificationB43L13/205