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Publication numberUS56718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1866
Publication numberUS 56718 A, US 56718A, US-A-56718, US56718 A, US56718A
InventorsFernando E. Coombs
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Improvement in combined cradle and chair
US 56718 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 56,718, dated July 31, 1866.

same piece of furniture 5 and I do hereby de# clare the following to be a full and exact description of my said invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawing and the letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature of my invention consists in making an extension-bottom for a rocking-chair and constructing the back of the chair of two parts, so that the top portion of the back can be detached and fastened to the front of the seat, so as to make one side of the cradle when the bottom is extended.

To enable others to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its'construction and operation.

I construct my rocking-chair in the common form with the exception of the sliding extension bottom or seat, the parts of which are marked A A in the accompanying drawing, and the separable back, the parts of Which are marked B and C in said drawing. I cony struct the parts A A so th at they can be closed together by means of a lap-joint, as represented in the annexed drawing, and When A thus closed and fastened in their place by.,

means of hooks and staples or springs, bolts, or any other device, they form the bottom and arms ot' a rocking-chair.

The part marked B is so constructed that at the points marked D D it enters the part Gat the points E E, these being so constructed as to receive it, and being strengthened by rings of brass, steel, or other metal, thus making a complete back of a rocking-chair. When the part B is detached from the part O the latter forms one side of the railing of the cradle, and

the part B being xed to the front of the seat or bottom by inserting the points D D in the holes F F, and there fastened by springs, bolts, hooks, or otherwise, forms the other side of the railing of the cradle. The bottom may 'then be extended, if desired, and the arms of the rocking-chair complete the railing of the cradle.

I claim as my invention- The extension-bottom A A, as used in combination With the part B, as arranged in connection With O and the holes F F, substantially as described, and for the purposes specified.


Witnesses Tnos. C. RYAN, J. S. RYAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47C1/023