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Publication numberUS567468 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1896
Filing dateJul 6, 1895
Publication numberUS 567468 A, US 567468A, US-A-567468, US567468 A, US567468A
InventorsCharles A. Gregory
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US 567468 A
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A (No Model.) I

- v 0. A. GREGORY.

PIGKING ROD. v V Y No. 567,466. A Patented Sept. 8,l 1896.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 567,468,'dated September 8, 1896.

Application filed July 6, 1895. Serial No. 555,142. (No model.) A

To aZZ whom t 'ln/tty concer/L.-

Be it known that I, CHARLES ALEXANDER GREGORY, of the city of Montreal, in the district of Montreal and Province of Quebec, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Picking-Rods; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same.

This invention relates to picking-rods or lifters of the form shown and described in my former application, Serial No. 543,717, iiled March 29, 1895, used more particularly in reaching for and lifting goods from shopwindows, where they are usually more or less inaccessible and cannot readily be reached, and has for its object to further simplify and improve the construction of such rods.

To such ends the invention consists in constructing the instrument of a main rod, terminating at its rear end in a handle portion and at its forward end in a jaw or gripping-finger, and a short movable jaw or gripping-nger extending substantially parallel with and acting in conjunction with the firstnamed finger to grip the articles, the movable nger being actuated through an extension from its rear end in the form of a metal shoe extending transversely of and straddlin g the main rod so as to be pivotally connected therewith, and lever and rod connections from the handle endof the rod.

For full comprehension, however, of the invention reference must be had to the annexed drawings, forming apart of this speciiication, in which like symbols indicate corresponding parts, and wherein- Figure l is aside elevation of my improved picking-rod; Fig. 2, aplan view of same, and Fig. 3 a detail perspective view of a metal shoe or combined hinge and leversection used to provide the required rearward extension of the movable finger.

co is the main rod, diminishing toward Vits forward end and terminating in a stationary jaw or finger b, as formerly.

c is a short jaw or finger extending substantially parallel with the stationary finger b, and usually of the curved form shown, with its inner end provided with a rearward ex tension in the form of a metal shoe d, formed of a single piece of metal of the contour shown, bent midway of its length to present a forked end adapted to transversely straddle and be pivotally connected at d' to the rod and connected rigidly by screws or tacks d2 to the movable finger, the outer gripping end of such finger terminating opposite that of the stationary fin ger b The movable finger c is held with its gripping end norm ally away from that of the main nger, preferably by means of a V-sprin g e, located between the two near their point of connection, as formerly, and such movable finger is moved toward the stationary one preferably by the following means: A thumblever of bell-crank form, having along arm f and short arm f is fulcrumed at f2 to the rod near its handle end, and from the short arm thereof a wire connection g extends to and has its end connected with the rear end or midway bent portion h of the rearward extension or metal shoe d.

It will be apparent that the rearward extension possesses the functions of both a hinge or pivoting plate and lever, and by such construction I am able to dispense with the usual second bell-crank lever at the forward end of the rod, thus simplifying and cheapening the construction.

What I claim is as follows:

l. A pickin g-rod or lifter comprising a main solid rod terminating at its rear end in a handle portion and at its forward end in an integral gripping-finger, a short movable gripping-finger, an extension from the rear end of such movable finger in the form of a metal shoe formed of a single piece of metal diminished in width and bent at a point midway of its length to present a forked end adapted to straddle and be pivotally connected with the main rod and rigidly connected with the movable nger, and means.

connected with the midway bent portion of the extension for actuating the movable 1inger from the rear handle'end ofthe rod, as


metal shoe formed ofa single peoeof metal' diminished Ain Width and' bent at a point niidmetal shoe formedof a singlevpieoe 'ofniet-al diminished' iin Width and b'ent at a point midway of its length to present a forked end adapted to straddle and be pivotally conneeted with the main rod and rigidly oonneoted with the movable finger, and a sp1-ing for keeping sueh'm'ovable finger normally out of Contact with the mainl rod and a bell-crank lever and rod connection for operating such short movable linger from the rear handle 2 5 end of the rod as and for the purpose set forth.

CHARLES A. GREGORY.' Vitnesyses:


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