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Publication numberUS567693 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1896
Publication numberUS 567693 A, US 567693A, US-A-567693, US567693 A, US567693A
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Anderson -
US 567693 A
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Patented vSe "iUNiieo gime@ PATENT wie@ ANDERSONiLLoYoLsMiTH, ,oF im, oEoRGIA.

l "li'fbag/polmkflf'is: i. i kno Yn that i, ANDERSoN LLoYD iiizen oxizhe United States, residing 1 .it Hain` the donut; of Madison and Sta/fe of Georgia, .have nieni'ed e new and' useful i i'i'merfiiitioiinien'f, oi' wiien hefoiioiving alspeeiioauon.`s i i, This inveniioii relates' io an mpiovexiientin drawer attachments, and has for iis object :orio provide, in connection with sliding diaifw` .e1-si oi' m1-'ions articles of furniture, mams whereby i'he binding and saggingof the rafwl' ere is piox'eiied, and whereby, also, it wilibe Al/impo' )ie for the climvors to be eut-u'eiy fleseiibei, ii lustro-ted yin tile drawings,

' 25 Luci finally pointed oui'iii the claims hereto v u the zweonipmnf a vertical. ieotiona-` viovjt-iiiough a bureau o1- opiloi article of furniiul'e, anfloisoiiuough al ,zo siiding d iawe111a\'ing the; iingotoved attach! ment appiiedvihemto. Fig. i. is also a. vert-ioaifsecbioii iinough the Some, taken at right angles to Fig. l. Fig. 3 ies-m' enlarged detail '1 pespoctive View of ih@ improved Raich.

3g Similar musici-ois of reference iognate eorieopondingxporis in the several figures of iiie drawings. f v, Roierring to ih;A accompanying di'ziwilgs,

'.l desigmiies a Suffie-ioni;portion of'anlmftiole 4o of furniture, siieh ai; z1- `bureau o1,l desk, to

hi cmiying ouii-ho piesent inveniom the the opaco ineiudod between the hoiizolimi partitions, .mid `iijpoii ,iis ondox" surfee'eond edjaeennio oooh end ihereofh'ere seeuro miie or tracks 4:. These rails oi' 'brooke may hoof eifrongeineni `o paris, as ,heioimifteiv v ig drmv'ings, ifigui'el is pieerahiy provided with mij-shaped head, the apexfof which is atteed, mid with latereliy-pojectilig. Hongos, by mesme, `of whieh oooh rail is secured to the drawer or iraeke amend/from the ioziijtoih 4from u derlyinghoi'izontai partition 2. 'Two of these rollers are employemoqat each side of @th firmveispaee, .anni both located upon and. fad

partition 2.

oi fastening devices. we passed The iioi'iei's f5 practically suppoiit the entire woig'iiiof iho Grower agir] `its eolite'nfs. VA eini'i Leip'aii of )rollers 8 me ai'iiohedin e' simi# mit fmimeij To iho bottoml of the dmvi'er jini@` "insidie of the planes of the 1*oiiersf5, as shown` infig. Those roii'e'rs 8 aresecmjed to the Vrezo. edgeoieo1"nei`"of the dra-Wer, :ami travelI upon stationary ijfiiisy or trekef `Secm'fo. to the underlying partition. `The ro11ei's8,\vhen the drawer" is pushed iuwai'gvlsiipportthe weight o' that portion of the dgrawer, and inoonjimeuion\` with iherolloi-e 5 support the entire weight; ofv the drawer and its eomtenis whenoiose.

in orderio prex'ont the tipping or sagging oi the drmve 1 when drawn outward or opened, another rolle i 10 i s om ployed, simil ar to those,

5 sind 8,- ebove deee'x'ibed, and. secured to the iaieix 15, 'pivotally mounted between the' bifuoei-fed or forked arms 1G of a, lil'aeketl?,

the front surface of the block 11,l y f above referred to. 1. The lip" 14 attheswinging end ,of the latch is bifurcated-and an antifricti'onroller 18 i's journaled therein,

.5 the same beingadapted to roll against'the'.

' upper rail or track lf2,y and the said roller, together'witli the bifurcated portions of the lip`jf14,isadapted projected` vinto vthe Ln 'etch 131 upon. reaching the same, -sut 1o' ,aspriiiglm secured'at one end to the bracket 17, an'dat its free end bearingfagainst the ';"latel1. fAnother spring, 21, secured to thc;A

bracket 1,7, 'bears at its free end against the V15 pivotedendof the `latch and isndapted to cngage'one of several-shoulders :52 on the latch. for retaining the latch against the tens hand of Fig. 1. The drawer is now intro'- duced into its receiving-space, after which;` by disengagi'ng the spring 2i, the' latch is,

allowed to assume thepostion shown in dottedlirres alblthe left handof Fig. 1, wherc- 3o upon the 'drawer may be pushed inwardand closed, Upon pnilirrg the drawer ort'thc spriii'gaetuatedlatch, as above "described, will automatically engage within the notch 13 of the upper rail or tra-ck, thus limiting the 'outward movement of the drawer and preventing the accidental displacement or entire withdrawal thereof. When it is desied to ta'kefthedrawer' out,A the latch may be kthrown out of engagement with the rail i2 by depressing Ath'e thumb-piece 23. By means of the `construction above described the annoyance and vexation incident to the opcn ingr and closing of the drawers of bureaus, desks, &c., are entirely obviated, and at the 4'5 same time the outward movement of ,the drawers islimited in the manner and for the purpose described.

Changes in the form, proportion, and mi nor ',detailsof construction may be resorted to withot departing'from 'the spirit or'sacrifcvse ing any of the advantages of this inventi 23 is a thumb-piece formedintcgrally with shoulders on4 the latch for holding the latter Having' thus described 'the invention,`what is claimed as new is- 1. 4The combination with a drawer and its case, of a latch pivotally connected to themreary 5 5 wallet' .the drawer, a track arranged in the. upper portion of the, drawer-space and pro-Ty vided with a notch into which the free end f v the latch may move, and a spring for pressv -i the latch inward tire" track, substantially S66 y as described.

2. 'lhe combination with a drawer and its case, of a latch pivotally connected tothe rear wall of the drawer and bifurcated at its swinging end, a track arrangedfin lthe upper por' 65 tion of the drawer-space, fand provided with a notch int-o which the bifurcated end ofthe latch may move, and a spring for pressing the latch toward the track, 'substantially asidescribed. 75o

The combination witha sliding drawer ,and its case, of a ylatch pivotally connectI d to'A y the rear wall of the drawer and bifurcatedat its free end and also providedflwith shoulders as described, a track arranged in the upper portion 'of the drawer-space and having av notch with which the latch engages, aspring for pressing said latch toward the track, and an independent spring adapted to engage-the either in or ont of engagement withthe-tracl,

uhslau tially described.

4. T he combination with a sliding drawer andwith the ease in whichthe same' slides, of

a latch pi'votally connected' Ato the rearwall of Y,85 f

the drawer and having itslswingingend bilfurcated, aroller jonrnaled in such bifurcated end of the latch, a superposed track'arranged in the upper portion of the drawer-spaceand,vl`

formed with a notch into which the-bifurcated 9o end of the latch and its roller is adapted vto b projected, and a spring for pressingsaid latch towardl thetrack, vsubstantially as and yfor the purpose described.`

In testimony thotl claim the foregoing as 'my own I have heretoaixed my signature in they-presence of twowitnesses.

' ANDfEnsoN LLOYD sMrrH. witnesses; A y 'GEORGE AW. ..WEs'riiRooK,.

J Mns L; THoMPsoN.

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