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Publication numberUS569887 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1896
Publication numberUS 569887 A, US 569887A, US-A-569887, US569887 A, US569887A
InventorsGeorge E. Richardson
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US 569887 A
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m0 Model.) 2 sheets-sheet 1. G. E. RICHARDSON.


No. 569,887. Patented Oct. 20, 1896.

IN VENTOI? awmm A TTORNEYS Model.) i v .3 she'tsh'ev 2 G. B. RICHARDSON.


No. 569,887. Patented 001;. 20, 1896.


me mums Parana tofmmufnou WASNINGTON, n. c.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 569,887, dated October 20, 1896.

Application filed May 6, 1896. Serial No. 590,461- (No model.)

To (Li/I 1 whont it 11m concern.-

Be it known that I, GEORGE E. RICHARD- SON, of Pomona, inv the county of Manistee and State of Michigan, have invented a new and usefulIm provementin Scrapers, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The object of my invention is to provide a scraper so constructed that the scoop may be given any desired forward inclination, and whereby also the scoop may be elevated at the front and depressed at the rear in order that the load may be dumped from its rear end, thereby greatly facilitating work on roads, since the scraper may be backed up wherever the load is to be deposited and the load dropped without requiring, in many instances, the rehandling of the load by shovels, and to that end the scoop is provided with a removable back gate.

A further object of the invention is to construct the machine in an exceedingly light yet durable and economic manner.

The invention consists in the novel construction and combination of the several parts, as will be hereinafter fully set forth, and pointed out in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which similar characters of referenceindicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

Figurel is aplan view of the scraper. Fig. 2 is a side elevation, the axle being in section outside of the frame. Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of the scraper, and Fig. 4: is a vertical longitudinal section taken practically on the line I i of Fig. 1.

In carrying out the invention the axle A is provided with two loosely-mounted drivin g-wheels 10, one at each end. The tongue A is either secured to the axle or to a frame 13, which is attached to the said axle and extends forwardly and rearwardly therefrom, preferably a greater distance in a forwardly than in a rearwardly direction. The frame 13 is of substantially skeleton construction, and in the said frame near the front a shaft 11 is journaled, being provided at each end, which extends beyond the frame, with a pinion 12, and at each side of the center of the shaft, within the frame, ratchet-Wheels are secured thereon, (designated, respectively, as 13 the ratchet-wheel 14.

and 14, being best shown in Fig. i.) A lever 15 is pivoted on the shaft 11, the lower end being bifurcated, so as to straddle the ratchetwheel 14;, and this lever is provided with a thumb-latch 16, which at its lower end may be brought in engagement with the teeth of The teeth of the two ratchet-wheels 13 and 1% are inclined in opposite directions, and the ratchet-wheel 13 is straddled by the bifurcated end of a lever 17, also provided with a thumb-latch 18, adapted for engagement with the aforesaid ratchet- Wheel, so that by moving the lever 15 the shaft may be turned in one direction and may be moved in the opposite direction by manipulating the opposing lever 17. The shaft maybe held, howeveritis turned, through the medium of a third ratchet-wheel 1.), secured on the shaft near one end and engaged by a pawl 20, pivoted to the frame, and which may be operated by the foot of the driver.

At the rear of the frame B a shaft 21 is journaled, which extends beyond the sides of the frame, and at each end of the said shaft apinion 22 is seen red. The shaft is turn ed through the medium of a lever 23, which is secured on the shaft in any approved manner, and the said shaft is further provided with a ratchetwheel 2 1, which is engaged by a pawl 25, the said pawl being pivoted on the axle A, and it is adapted to be operated by the foot of the operator or driver.

A grooved pulley 26 is secured, ordinarily, at the central portion of the rear shaft 21, and a chain 27, which is attached to the footlever 28, located on the axle or on a near-by support, is carried downward over the aforesaid grooved pulley. The drivers seat 28 is so placed that all of the levers will be within easy reach of its occupant.

Near the forward end of the scraper C a rack 29 is secured at each side, and these racks are carried upward to an engagement with guides 30, located on the frame B, and the toothed surfaces of the aforesaid racks are brought in engagement with the pinions 12 on the forward shaft 11. Corresponding racks 31 are secured to the sides of the rear portion of the scraper, and these rear racks are carried upward through guides 32 to an engagement with the pinions 22 on the rear shaft IOO Slid eways 33 are erected at each side of the rear portion of the scraper, and in the said slideways a gate 34 is loosely mounted, being adapted to close the rear end of the said scraper, and this gate at its central portion is attached to the chain 27, connected with the foot-lever 28. 7

By manipulating one or the other of the forward levers 15 and 17 the forward end of the scraper may be lowered to working position, as shown in Fig. 2, or it may be raised entirely from the ground, as shown in Fig. 3:

and after the scraper has received its load the lever 17, for example, maybe manipulated to raise the forward end of the scraper and the rear lever 23 operated to drop the back end, as shown in Fig. 4; and when the dumping-ground is reached the foot-lever 28 is pressed forward, which will carry the endgate 34 upward from the rear of the scraper, permitting the load to be discharged therefrom, since the scraper will have a rearward and a downward inclination; and it is evi- V dent that by means of the forward pawl and ratchet 19 and 20 and the rear pawl and ratchet 25 and 24 the scraper may be held in any position to which it may be necessary to adjust. it. 7

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patentl. The combination, with a wheeled support, a forward and a rear rock-shaft journaled in the said support, each shaft being provided at each end with a pinion, ratchetwheels secured upon the forward shaft, havin g their teeth inclined in opposite directions, levers provided with latches engaging the said ratchet-wheels, and a locking device for the said forward shaft, of a lever connected with the rear shaft, a lever mounted upon the said support, a pulley located on the rear shaft, and achain attached to the said lever on the support and passed over the said pulley, a scraper, racks attached to the forward and rear side portions of the scraper, having guided movement upon the support, the said racks being in engagement with the said pinions, and a'removable end-gate located at the rear portion of the scraper and connected with the aforesaid chain, as and for the purpose specified.

2. The combination of an axle, a frame carried by the axle, two shafts journaled in the frame, a pinion fixed to each end of, each shaft, means on each shaft by which they may be turned, pawl-and-ratchet devices for holding the shafts stationary, a scoop located beneath the frame, rack-bars fixed to the scoop and respectively meshing with the pinions, a lever fulcrumed on the axle, a chain connected to the lever, a pulley carried by one shaft and over which the chain passes, and a sliding gate for the scoop, the gate having the chain connected thereto, substantially as described. V r

The combination of an axle, a frame carried by the axle, two shafts journaled in the frame, a pinion carried by each end of each shaft, two oppositely-disposed ratchet-wheels fixed to one shaft, a pawl lever for each ratchet-wheel, means for holding the shafts in position, a scoop located below the frame, rack-bars carried by the scoop and respectively meshing with the pinions, a lever fulcrumed on the axle, a chain connected to the lever, a pulley carried by one shaft and over which the chain passes, and a vertically-movable gate located in slideways at the rear of the scoop, the gate being connected with the chain, substantially as described.




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