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Publication numberUS572273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1896
Filing dateMay 21, 1896
Publication numberUS 572273 A, US 572273A, US-A-572273, US572273 A, US572273A
InventorsOscar Peterson
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Sliding saddle-support for bicycles
US 572273 A
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(No Model.) I


" Patented Dec. 1, 1896,


I To aZLwhom it 77 1/0/11 concern.-


Q osoAn rn'rnnsou, or rATERso'N, N W. JERSEY.


- Application filed May 21,1

OsoAR-PuTERsoN,-ajciti zen of the United States, residing in Paterson,

Be it known that I,

county of 'Pas'saic, and State of NewJcrsey,

' have-invented certain new andiusefu'l Im provements in Sliding Saddle-Supports for Bicycles; .and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such'as will enable others skilledin the art to which it appertains to make audusev the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to'letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part'ofthis specification. The object of thisinvention is to provide a bicycle with a sliding or adjustable saddlesuppoit adapted tobe moved forward or backward to thus bring the saddle in a more-or 1 sliding or adjustable saddle-support, its conless perpendicular positionwithrelation to the treadles, thereby facilitating the-opera- .tion'of the said'treadles in ascending or descending grades, Ofsimple, strong, and dqura ble construction,;; l ightinweight, and easily operated audeo'ntrolled by the rider without the necessity of dismou'nting.

The invention consists in the improved nection with the bicycle-frame, its locking mechanism,-and in the combination and aras will 'be hereinaftermorc fully. described rangement of the-various p* 1 ts, substantially and finally embodied in the clauses of the the diamond frame, e'the diagonal',-and g the claim. r I

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a bicycle of ordinary construction with my. improvement; Fig. 2, andetail View of the latter when conto bicycles of various makes, and Fig.3 a top plan view of Fig. 2.

In said d'raw1ngs,'a,b, c, d, and f represent handle-bar, all'of theusua-l and well-known construction.

Thesaddle-post 'i, which is adjnstably secured by means of the thumb-screw z" in the diagonal e, is provided at its upper vportion )with a bar or tube k, arranged substantially parallelwith the connecting-bar f of the diamond frame, and is removably secured thereto by means of. the clip In, the upper half of which is fastened on or forms a partof the see.

srn cirrcstriofifciiriiii part ofLtters Patent1o. 5'22,278;.dated December 1, 1895. Y i s rainasez'asa mama's.

' bar or tube'kl On said tube is is slidingly' arranged the sleeve m, terminating at its upper portion in a clip m, into which the spring h of the saddle his adjustablysecured by means of'the thumb-screwm? or in any'de sired manner.

being moved laterally thereombnt; is prek s lp x a On the connecting bar f and ab'ou't'midway between the cliplr, and head (I of the'dia'mond frame is removably sec u'red a clip provided,

preferably at its upper portion, with a lug 11. ,7

to which latterthe-,lever n is pivotal-1y se cured, as air-n 7, A

.To about theinjiddldorcenterof' said leveris pivoted, as at 01 the forward endof the arm or lever 01/, the rear end of which is ful-- and n thus locking the'saddle in normal or 'adjusteclsposition, as will be manifest. 8

11 Figs. 2and3"of the drawings the clips 10' and k are illustrated as being connected" by an outwardly-curved brace it, which is only used in case the improve-mentjs being manufactured as a separate and' complete attachment, adapted to be used on bicycles of various makes, in which case-said brace is T adapted to rest on and. partly surround the connecting-bar f, as clearly shown.

A bicycle-rid'r in climbing a grade will always move his .body to the front. portion of the saddle, so that he can operate the treadles from a more perpendicular position, which greatly facilitates the operating-of the said treadlcs and naturally reduces the exertion or strength necessary for that purpose. so doing the rider does not fully occupy the saddle and'therefore cannot feel comfortable and safe. 'W'ith myimproved arrangement Said sleeve is arranged on the tube It in. such a mannerthat it iscapable 'of q 6o vented from rotation, which is accoinplish ed i by the well-known key-andifeather arrange. ment,i'll'ustra-ted'in Figs. 2-and' 3,- or by .having the said tube or bar of a polygonal.

as the lever is pressed downward until the fulcrum n is below the connecting-line of the fulcruins n and n it is locked in said position, as will be manifest.

I do not intend to limit myself to the pre cise construct-ion shown and described, as various alterations can be made without changing the scope of my invention; but

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is'- l. The combination with the frame of abicycle,'of the saddle-post, removably arranged in the diagonal of saidframe, a tube or bar projecting from saidsaddle-post, a clip connecting the forward portion of said tube or bar with the top tube of the frame, a sleeve on said tube or bar and adapted to slide thereon, the saddle carried by said sleeve, a lever fulerumedon the top tube and in front of the clip, and an arm pi'votally secured-at one end to the sliding sleeve and at its other end to said lever, all said parts, substantially as and for the purposes described.

2. The combination with the frame of a bicycle, of the saddle-post removably arranged in the diagonal of said frame, a tube .or bar v proj eetin g from said saddle-post, a clip remov ably arranged on the top tube of the frame and supporting the front portion of said tube or bar, a sleeve on said tube or bar and adapted to slide thereon, the saddle carried by said sleeve, a clip removably secured on the top tube and in front of the bar-supporting clip,

. a brace connecting said clips, a lever fulerumed on the front clip, and an arm pivotally secured at one end to the said lever and at its other end to the sliding sleeve, all said parts substantially as and for the purposes described.

3. The combination with the saddle-post, of a tube or barprojecting from the .upper portion of said post, a sleeve on said'tube or bar and adapted to slide thereon, the saddle carried bysaid sleeve, a brace secured to the for- .ward portion of and substantially parallel with said tube or bar, a clip on the forward end of said brace, a lever fulcrumed on said clip, and an arm pivotally secured at one end to the sliding sleeve and at its other end to the said lever, all said parts, substantially as and for the purposes described.

4. The combination with the frame of a bi cycle,of a tubeor barremovably arranged on the top tube of said frame and substantially parallel therewith, a sleeve on said tube or bar and adapted to slide thereon, the saddle carried by said sleeve, a lever fulcrumed on the top tube, an arm pivotally secured at one end to the sliding sleeve and at its other end to about the center of said lever, and a flattened head or enlargement on the free endof said lever and adapted to engage the said arm and the top tube respectively, all said parts,

substantially as and for the purposesv de- 7 scribed.

In testimony that I claim the'foregoing I have .hereuntoset-my hand this 12th day of May, 1896.


Witnesses: I



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