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Publication numberUS572486 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1896
Filing dateMay 29, 1896
Publication numberUS 572486 A, US 572486A, US-A-572486, US572486 A, US572486A
InventorsGustav Horn
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Gustav horn
US 572486 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2. G. HORN.


No. 572,486. y Patented Deo. l, 1896.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 572,486, dated December 1, 1896.

Application iiled May 29,1896- Serial No. 593,612. (No model.) Patented iu England April Z7, 1896, No. 8,793.

T0 tZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GUSTAV HORN, a citizen of the free-port city of Bremen, and a resident of Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick, Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in' Gas-Cookers, (for which I have obtained Letters Patent of Great Britain, No. 8,793, dated April 27, 1896,) of which the 'following is a specification.

This improved gas-cooker is characterized by an arrangement whereby, without any assistant means, the cooker may be taken to pieces, so that its parts may at any time be thoroughly cleaned, while by merely putting together the various parts they are again fixed in such a way that they do not alter their position and no part can be lost. Both of these features are of essential importance for an uninterrupted use of a gas-cooker, and the present improved gascooker has consequently an unequaled high value in use over gas-cookers which require, in order to take them apart, special technical knowledge and treatment, so that it could only be effected by skilled people, while the improved gascooker can be at any time taken to pieces without further trouble by the kitchen staff, be thoroughly cleaned in all parts, and be again firmly put together without any assistance. The arrangement is essentially characterized by the burner being simply suspended inthe cooking-plate from above by means of special arms cast on it, these suspending-arms being then fixed by the ring carrying the supporting-ridges for the cooking vessel, said ring being itself securely connected with the cooking-plate by means of a bayonet-joint. The improved arrangement is shown for a two-aperture cooker in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a plan view, in the right-hand cooking-aperture of which the ring, provided with carrying-ridges for supporting the cooking vessel, is omitted in order to-show the suspension of the burner. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section; Fig. 3, a cross-section. Fig. 4 shows a modification with a burner consisting of a straight tube, and Fig. 5 shows an end view from the gas-inlet end of the round burner employed in the patterns shown in Figs. l and 3.

Two arms b and b are arranged diametrically opposite each other on the burner c, by means of which arms the burner is suspended in the cooking-plate c from above in such a way that the ends of the arms b and b are supported by a iiange CZ, which is arranged in a countersunk position around the cookingaperture. The iiange cl is inserted to a suitable depth and preferably somewhat widened at the two points c and e', on which the arms b and b are supported. At two other points', f and f', which are diametrically opposite one another, the flan ge CZ is cut away, so that hookshaped projections t' and t', formed beneath on a ring g, can pass through the flange d on the ring being placed on the same. If the ring g be then turned on the flange, the projections i and t" engage under the iiange d, and lthe ring can only be lifted oif again after it has been turned to a suitable extent backward. It is evident without further explanation that by means of the ring g a fastening of the two arms b and b' is also simultaneously effected, so that the burner remains perfectly firm and yet, after the loosening of the ring g, may be again removed without further trouble.

The outer ends of the arms b and b' are preferably somewhat widened, so that a surer bearing is obtained.

A tube h, Fig. 5, is arranged underneath one of the suspending-arms, through which tube the gas flowing from the nozzle 7c of the gas-supply pipe Z passes into the burner a. together wit-h the air drawn in by the gas.

The gas-supply pipe Z is arranged-inside the cooker-framein the case shown in the drawings. Bracket-shaped iian ges m are arranged on the pipe Z., which flanges are screwed firmly to suitable projections n, cast on the inside of the cooker-frame. The regulating-taps o project through the front of the cooking-frame to the outside.

In the cooker shown in Fig. 4 a burner p is arranged, formed of a straight tube perforated on its upper side. The arms b and b', which are here upwardly directed, are attached to the two ends of this tube, and the burner is thereby suspended in the cooker-plate in the manner hereinbefore described. The fixing of the arms b and b also takes place in the manner hereinbefore described by means of a ring g.


I ola-im as my invent-ion- In testimony whereof I have signed my A gas-stove comprising a frame having;v a name to this speeioation in the presence of 1o cooking-aperture and aliange around the said two subscribing Witnesses. aperture, in combination with a burner pro- T 5 vided With arms resting on the said flange, GUSAV HORA' and a movable ring having lugs engaging with 'Vitnesses: the frame to lock it and the burner in place, EMIL T. HOFFMANN, all substantially as set forth. ERWIN FAERBER.

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Cooperative ClassificationF24C3/14