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Publication numberUS572762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1896
Filing dateAug 31, 1896
Publication numberUS 572762 A, US 572762A, US-A-572762, US572762 A, US572762A
InventorsDrainer Floor
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Drainer-floor and tile therefor
US 572762 A
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(No'HodeL) D. J. LANDERS.


No. 572,762. Patented Dec. 8,1896.

Zaz'zizeasea' I plan view of one of the tiles forming said floor.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 572,762, dated December 8, 1896.

Application filed August 31, 1896.

T 0 all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, DENNIS J. LANDERS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Holyoke, in the county of Hampden and State of Massachusetts, have invented new and use ful Improvements in Drainer-Floors and'Iiles Therefor, of which the following is a specification. 7

This invention relates to paper-stock drainers for papermills and analogous places, the object being to provide a floor for said drainers of improved construction whereby the outflow of the liquid from said stock and drainers is caused to be rapid and thorough, and consequently the stock is brought more quickly to a state fitting it for subsequent operations; and the invention consists in the peculiar construction of the floor-tiles and in a floor constructed therefrom, all as hereinafter fully described, and more particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings forming part of this specification, Figure l is a perspective View of a portion of a floor-base and of a drainer-floor applied thereto formed from tiles constructed according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a top Fig, 3 is a section of one of said tiles on line 3 '3, Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan View of the tile shown in Fig. 2 and of those composing said floor shown in Fig. 1.

In the drawings, A indicates the usual floorbase of a paper-stock drainer of a paper-mill of the common cement construction. Said drainer is ordinarily located under the floor of the room in which the stock-grinding engines are located, so that the ground stock and liquor contained in the tub of the engine can be discharged quickly into said drainer. A trough B, one or more, is formed in said base A for conducting the liquor off, which filters through the drainer-floor D. The tiles E composing said drainer-floor each are constructed as follows: Said tiles are preferably molded from a clay mixture substantially like that employed in making brick, care being taken to prevent the presence therein of hard substances which in burning or vitrifying would cause fractures in the tile and impair their strength. Said tiles are preferably made in the general form illustrated in the The face surface of the tile is Serial No. 604,353. (No model.)

made with curved borders3, which constitute, when the tiles are assembled in the drainer-floor form, as in Fig. 1, grooves or channels 4:111 said floor, extending at right angles thereacross and intersecting each other, as shown. Said channels 4 serve to direct the flow of said liquor into and through a series of vertical liquor-passages 5 between said tiles to the base A, as below described. Said passages 5 in the borders of the tile preferably increase gradually in depth from the edge face of the tile inwardly from the upper to the lower end thereof, and at the latter point any two of said passages in separate tiles being opposite to each other form, unitedly, an outlet-opening at the bottom of the tile of oblong form with circular ends, thereby providing ample clearance for any substance passing therethrough from the drainer. The passages 8 in the ends of the tile are of like form to said passages 5. The under side of said tile, as shown in Figs. 1, 2, and 4c, is of arched form, as at H, whereby under a row or rows of said tiles, as arranged in Fig. 1 in floor order, a continuous liquorconduit J is formed, which communicates with said trough B in the floor-base A.

The under side of each tile E has fiat narrow borders 7, oppositely arranged at the bases of the said arch, which constitute the bearing-points of the tile upon said base A. Said passages 5 in the borders of the tile have a lateral depth at their lower ends, that is, from the edges of the tile inwardly, exceeding the width of said bases 7 whereby a free communication between said passages and the interior of each of said arched conduits J is formed when the floor-tiles are placed edge to edge, and consequently there exists no impediment to a free fiowa-ge of said liquor from the surface of the drainer-floor into said channel or drain B in the said floor-base A. Said tiles E composing said fioor are laidloosely side by side, as shown, preferably without cementing, so that in case any one becomes broken a substitute tile maybe conveniently applied to the floor.

What I claim as my invention is--- 1. A tile for stock-drainer floors having an arched base, oppositelyarranged flat borders at the bases of said arch, and liquorpassages in the borders of said tile forming ing channels 4, on said floor, an arched liquorconduit under each row of tiles communicating with said trough, and liquor-passages between said tiles communicating with said channels and conduit, the area of said pas sages increasing from the top downward and having an opening in the borders of said arch greater than the Width of said borders, substantially as described.

DENNIS J. LANDERS. \Vitnesses:


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