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Publication numberUS573014 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1896
Filing dateMay 23, 1896
Publication numberUS 573014 A, US 573014A, US-A-573014, US573014 A, US573014A
InventorsWilliam Lee
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William lee
US 573014 A
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No. 573,014. Patented Dec. 15, 1896.

mazes m5 roams PETERS m. mormurnu wAsHmqrom-ml;




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 573,014, dated December 15, 1896.

Application filed May 23,1896- Serial No. 692,749. (No model- To all whom. (It may con/corn..- may be placed, into the chamber on through Be it known that I, \VILLIAM LEE, a citizen the opening q in the lower plate 0, and this of the United States, residing at Altoona, in water mingles with that of the jet and is carthe county of Blair and State of Pennsylvania, ried out with it to the place of discharge. A have invented certain new and useful Imvalve r covers the openings q and prevents 5: provements in Cellar-Drainers, of which the any backflow under pressure. This valve following is a specification, reference being may be simply a ring of leather or of any had therein to the accompanying drawing. other suitable material or construction and My invention is an improvement in cellarinstantly closes under back pressure, thus drainers, and I have aimed to simplify the preventing any flooding of the cellar. The to construction and increase the efficiency of injector-nozzle is an inserted piece having a such devices by my present invention. threaded connection with its support, as In the accompanying drawing the figure shown, and it may be adjusted in relation to represents, partly in section and partly in the nipple Z, so as to increase or diminish the elevation, my improved device. power of the jet according to the forceof the This class of devices being well known I water from the main. have deemed it unnecessary to show the de- In order to clean the apparatus, I have pression or box in which it is to be used, prefprovided a by-pipe B, extending between easterably, and I have simply dotted in a form of ingsl and 2 and having a valve 3. Suppos- 2o float which operates in a well-known manner ing the jet to be stopped or choked in any to render effective the device on the rising of way the valve 3 is opened and the water the water. This device is thrown into opcrapassing through E into the exhaust J creates tion when the water rises, this action lifting a suction in the chamber at and clears the the float shown in dotted lines at A and allowjet, after which the valve 3 may be closed and 2 5 ingaforce of waterto operate through the pipe the drainer operate as before. A horizontal cawhich is in connection with the water system discharge-pipe U connects with the vertical of the city or town. The inflow of the water exhaust J, and at the junction of these pipes through the pipe at is controlled by a valve Z), I provide plugs V V, as shown, which can be and this valve is on a stem 0, having a con removed to clean the pipe of any accumula- 0 nection by a pin and slot with an arm d of tion. the lever e, pivoted at f and carrying the I prefer. to use a glass ball for a float, as float A upon its outer end. As the float rises this prevents leakage, as in the case of'met-al the valve 1) uncovers the passage g, and the floats. water rushesthrough into the passage h and IVhat I claim is- 5 through an injector-nozzle i, which is directly 1.- In combination in a cellar -drainer, a beneath a passage is in a nipple Z, this paschamber having a discharge-nozzle and inlet sage having a flaring lower end, as shown. openings from the cellar, a jet-nozzle project- The nipple Z is in one piece, preferably, with ing into the said chamber, a valve controla casing m, which is in two parts, the top ling the inlet-openings and arranged at the 0 part havingacylindriealwall, the lower edge base of the inwardly-projecting jet-nozzle, of which fits within the flange n of a bottom the water-supply pipe connecting with the plate 0, the two parts being held together in chamber from below and the valve and float any suitable manner, but preferably by bolts controlling said supply-pipe, substantially as and screws 19 and suitable Washers. This described.

5 casing m forms a chamber into which the in- 2. In combination in a cellar-drainer, the 5 jector-nozzle i projects, and as the stream of. chamber having the outlet-nipple, and the water from the main passes upward from the inlet-openings for the drainage-Water, a jetinjector-nozzle into the passage 70 a suction is nozzle extending into the chamber centrally created and this draws the Water from the thereof, a passageway leading from the main 5o cellar or depressed boX,in which the drainer or water supply to the jet-nozzle, and the leather valve arranged about the central jetnozzle and controlling the inlets into the chamber from the cellar, substantially as described.

3. In combination in a cellar-drainer, the chamber m having an outlet-nozzle leading therefrom, a jet-nozzle projecting into said chamber, a supply-pipe leading thereto with a valve and float for controlling the same, and the valve-inlet for the chamber leading from the cellar, the said jet-nozzle being adj ustablc toward and from the outlet-openin g, substantially as described.

4. In combination with a chamber m, having valved inlet-openings, an outlet-passage, an injector-nipple, a valve controlling the passage to the injector and a valved by-pass, substantially as described.

5. In combination, an inlet-pipe, a valve controlling the inlet-passage, a float operating said Valve, a chamber having perforations in its bottom, a valve covering said perforations, a centrally-arranged injector, an outlet-passage above said injector and a bypass pipe between the inlet-passage and the outlet-pipe, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationF04F5/44