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Publication numberUS573240 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1896
Filing dateFeb 3, 1896
Publication numberUS 573240 A, US 573240A, US-A-573240, US573240 A, US573240A
InventorsBernard Goodfellow Savage
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US 573240 A
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maf/3,240. Patented Dec, 15, 1896..

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent' No. 573,240, dated December 15, 1896. Application led February 3, 1896. Serial No.4 577,89'2. (Nomodel.)

To all whom it may concern: A brush 14 of any approved type is secured Be it known that We, BERNARD GOODFEL- in the bottom portion of the aforesaid` handle LOW SAVAGE and ALBERT OECIL' LAWLESS 13, which brush, When the cover is upon the LOUGHRAN, of Victor, in the county of El body of the mug and the handleis in engage- 5 .Paso and State of Colorado, have invented a ment With the cover, Will. be located within 55 neur and useful Improvement in Shavingthe mug, and said brush and the interior of Mugs, of which the following is a full, clear, the brush will be protected from dust-germs and eXact description. or the like and also from contact with any Our invention relates particularly to shavforeign matter.

1o ing-mugs, but is likewise applicable to other A chamber 15 is made in the brush-handle 6o vessels of similar type. 13, and the said chamber is normally closed The object of the invention is to provide a at the top by a plug 16, forming, virtually, a shaving-mug with a mirror which will virtucontinuation of the handle, and the said plug ally constitute an auxiliary bottom for the may be removably secured to the upper por- 15 mug when the mirror is not in use, the attachtion of the handle in any desirable Way. The 65 ment between the mirror and mug being such lower end of this plug has a recess or a chamthat when the mirror is removed the mug will ber 17 made therein to receive a stick 18 of be completely closed at its bottom and will cosmetic or like material, which, when the have a suitable base upon which to stand. plug is in the handle, will extend within the zo The invention consists in thev novel conchamber 15 of the said handle, as illustrated 7o struction and arrangement of the parts, as in Fig. 1.

Willbe hereinafter fully set forth, and pointed A mirror 19 is located in a frame 20, and out in the claim. the said frame is provided with a threaded Referenceis to be had to the accompanying flange 21, screwing upon the reduced and 25 drawings, formingapart of this specilication, screw-threaded lower portion of the cup or 75 in which similar characters of reference indimug, as illustrated in Fig. 1. The frame 20 of cate correspondingl parts in all the figures. the mirror is preferably so shaped that when it Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical section is applied to the mug or cup it Will appear as a through a mug, illustrating the cover and permanent base therefor; but the bottom of 3o brush as secured thereto and the mirror in the mug or cup is so constructed that when 8o position on the bottom of the mug. Fig. 2 is the mirror-frame is disengaged therefrom the a side elevation of the improved mug, illuscup or mug may stand upright upon any contrating the various separa-ble parts as disconvenient support. nected; and Fig. 3 is aperspective view of the The bottom portion or back of the mirror- 3 5 mirrordisconnected from the bodyof the mug. frame 2O has a recess 22 formed therein, as 85 In carrying out the invention thebody A shown in Fig. 1, and a standard 23 is pivoted of the cup or other receptacle employed may to this bottom or back portion of the mirror* be given any desired shape and may be made frame in order that when the frame is detached of any approved material. A cover 10 is profrom the mug or cup it may be supported at 4o vided for the body, adapted to be screwed any angle necessary to facilitate the opera- 9o thereon or to fit closely thereto by frictional tion of shaving.

contact, and the said cover is provided with The improved shaving mug or cup is of eX- an opening 1l, preferably at its center, and ceedingly simple, durable, and economic cona collar 12 around the said opening, the inner` struction, and is capable of being packed in 45 Wall of the opening and collar being ordinarily a convenient and safe manner, the contents 95 threaded to receive the lower correspondinglyof the cup and the brush at that time being threaded end of a handle 13, although if in thoroughly protected. The mirrorin no manpractice it is found desirable the said handle ner interferes with the design or the usefulmay be held in engagement with the cover by ness of the cup or mug, and the brush may be 5o frictional contact. conveniently and expeditiously disconnected no its lower portion reduced and screw-threaded, and a base portion having a threaded flange for engaging the reduced and threaded portion of the body and a recessed outer face, said base portion having a mirror located on its inner face and provided with a hinged standard on its outer recessed face, said standard folding in said recess When not in use, as set forth.




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Cooperative ClassificationA45D27/22