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Publication numberUS575206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1897
Filing dateJul 2, 1896
Publication numberUS 575206 A, US 575206A, US-A-575206, US575206 A, US575206A
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US 575206 A
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(No Model.) v


ARTIPIGIAL STRAW FOR IMBIBING BEVERAGES. 1 No. 575,206. V PatentedJan. 12, 1897.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 575,206, dated January 12, 1897.

Application filed July 2, 1896. Serial No. 597,900- (No specimens.)

To all whom, it 'ntay concern: portions of the several ingredients should be Beit known that I, LOUIs H. BRITTON, a citisuch as to produce a paste possessing a somezen of the United States, residing at Lisbon, what stiff characteristic. This homogeneous in the county of Columbiana and Stateof mass is forced, under considerable pressure,

Ohio, haveinvented new and useful Improvethrough a die specially constructed for the ments in Artificial Straws for Imbibing Bevpurpose. The pressure compacts the homoerages, of which the following is a specificageneous mass or paste into a hard tube,which, tion. after being dried, possesses sufficient flexi- This invention relates to artificial straws bility to be more or less bent to suit the wishes to or tubes designed for imbibing beverages, of the person while imbibing the liquid, but such as wines, liquors, soda-water, lemonade, is sufficiently rigid to stand upright in a glass. and the like. The flexibility of the straw or tube result- The object of my present invention is to ing from the peculiar composition of the mass provide a new and improved artificial straw from which it is made is very desirable, use- 15 or tube for the purpose stated which possesses ful, and advantageous in that either before a desirable flexibility that renders it suscepor after the straw or tube has been placed in tible of being bent when placed in the liquid the glass of liquid the upper end portion can contained in a glass or receptacle in such be bent from the position indicated by dotted manner that the upper'end portion of the lines tothe position shownin full lines,where- 2o straw or tube will extend or project laterally by the tube may be taken into the mouth in with reference to the glass or receptacle, so an easy, natural, and convenient manner, that it can be taken into the mouth in an which result cannot be accomplished with easy, natural, and convenient manner, which ordinary artificial straws or tubes now in the is advantageous over prior articles designed market.

25 for the same purpose which cannot be prac- The artificial straw or tube made as deticably bent. scribed possesses the requisite degree of sta- The invention also has for its object to probility, so that while immersed in the liquid it vide a new and improved artificial straw or will not speedily dissolve, and, furthermore,

. tube for the purpose stated which can be the particles of saccharin matter will not be 30 made very thin, while possessing sufficient dissolved out and leave the tube perforated 8o rigidity or stiffness to stand upright in a glass and wholly useless for the purpose in hand. of liquid, and which will not collapse and melt An artificial straw or tube composed of immediately 011 being taken into the mouth, chewing-gum and a reducing-paste is not will not dissolve out particles and thereby commercially useful unless it can be made of 5 make the article defective, and which, after comparatively small diameter and have athin serving its purpose of conducting liquid from wall and also possess a certain stability and a glass to the mouth, can be consumed by the moderate flexibility, coupled with sufficient user as an agreeable chewing-gum. rigidity, so that while it can be easily bent These objects are accomplished in the manby the user to the position, for example, rep- 0 ner and by the means hereinafter described, resented in the drawing, it will stand upright and pointed out in the claim. in a glass of liquid, while no part of the com- In the accompanying drawing the figure is position will be quickly dissolved out and a side elevation of a glass containing liquid make small perforations in the tube, which and in which the artificial straw or tube is would render it useless.

5 placed. An artificial straw or tube made according 5 In carrying my invention into effect I form to my invention meets all the requirements a homogeneous mass composed of chicle or above mentioned and provides an. article other chewing gum, flour, glucose, grainwhich will fulfil all the conditions required of sugar, starch, and gum-tolu or some other a tube for imbibing a beverage and that can 50 partially or wholly insoluble gum. The probe subsequently consumed as a chewing-gum, roo

of chewing-gum, flour, glucose, grain-sugar and starch, and possessing the characteristics I 5 of flexibility, which enables it to be bent, and semirigidity which enables it to stand upright in a glass of liquid, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing wit- 2o nesses.


\Vitnesses W. W. THOMPSON, J. F. ADAMS.

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