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Publication numberUS576241 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1897
Filing dateNov 9, 1896
Publication numberUS 576241 A, US 576241A, US-A-576241, US576241 A, US576241A
InventorsWales E. Van Ame
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Sanitary receptacle and distributer
US 576241 A
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N0. 576,241. Patented Feb. 2, 1897.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 576,241, dated. February 2, 1897.

Application filed llovember 9,1896. Serial No. 611,463. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WALES E. VAN AME, a citizen of the United States, residing at Fort Wayne, in the county of Allen, in the State of Indiana, have invented certain new anduseful Improvements in Sanitary Receptacles and Distributers for Saponaceous Liquids; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification.

My invention relates to improvements in sanitary receptacles and distributers for saponaceous and other liquids.

It is well known that where toilet soapis subjected to promiscuous use, as in hotels andother public places, various diseases may be and often are thus communicated from one user thereof to another, and that the same is true in a somewhat less degree in barbershops, where there is a more or less-promisa limited anfdpredetermined quantity at each operation thereof, thereby insuring perfect cleanliness and great economy in use, as well as perfect immunity from contagion, and being specially adapted fonu'se in'v hotels, barber-shops, andsimilar public places.

My improved'sanitary receptacle is adj ustably mounted upon a supporting-standard,

has a removable top'and a spring-pressed discharge-valve adapted to automatically measure the liquid contents at each discharge, and for barbers use is arranged in pairs.

The novel feature of my inven-tion consists in means for self-measurement of the liquid 50,. contents to insure absolute cleanliness and avoid all waste, and also in the new use to plied.

Similar reference-numerals indicate corre sponding parts in the several views, in which- Figure 1 is a vertical section of my improvement, showing its internal construction and.

which niyhnproved sanitary receptable is aparrangement, the relative arrangement of the spring-pressed valve, and'also the manner of securing .the receptacle in an upright position. Fig. 2 is a plan of the same with the lid or top removed. Fig. 3 is a View in elevation of my improvement in duplicate or an integral pair thereof designed for barbers use with'one of the said receptacles shown in vertical section. Fig. 4: is afragmentary detail of the bifurcated endof the supporting rod or standard seen in Fig. 1. I 1 Fig. 5 is a detail plan of the integral and vertically-apertured lug and its 'diametric webs, by which the said receptacles are connected and supported.

All parts of my invention are preferably made of suitable metal. The receptacle I, of any proper form and outlineand any desired size, is preferably cylindrical and made of non-corrosive metal, has a conical-shaped bottom 3 with an extended vertical valve-opening in the apex. thereof, having the fixed or integral diametric guides 24. for the vertically-movable valve-stein 5.

The receptacle 1 has a bell-shaped top 2, which may be secured in position by a screwthreaded= connection, if desired, though preferably not as shown, has an integral vertical open-topped tube 4, provided at its lower end with a central opening for the valve-stem 5, whichhas upon its upper end a thumb-nut 6, which may be either integral with said stem or detachable therefrom, as desired, and has an annularflange 7 to limit the downward movement thereof, and has a milled top 8, which theoperator grasps inmanipulation. Upon the upper end of said valve-stem and within the said tube 4 is loosely mounted the spiral retracting-spring 9, Fig. 1, whose lower end bears against the lower end of said tube and whose upper end bears against said nut 6. The lower end of said pendent tube 4 may be rigidly stayed and strengthened by the radial webs 10, two in number, Fig. 1, or other thereto by the set-screw 19.

proper manner. Upon the lower end of said valve-stem 5 is secured, by a screw-threaded connection, an outlet-valve 11, having a proper annular seat 25 at the outer end of said valveopening. This liquid-tight valve 11 is firmly held to its seat- 25 by the tension of the said r'etracting-spring 9, and thus normally prevents the escape of the contents of said receptacle. Upon the screw-threaded end of the rod 5 and at a proper distance from the said valve 11 is adjustably secured the check-valve 12, adapted to tightly fit the annular seat 13 and thus prevent the escape of more than the predetermined quantity of said liquid when the valve 11 is open, as shown in Fig. 3.

The said receptacle 1 has a lateral lug 14, which is vertically perforated to receive the supporting-rod 16, and is adjustably secured thereon by the set-screw 15. The said rod 16 has its lower end bifurcated; as at 17, to embrace the back ot a washstand or other support 18, Fig. 1, and is rigidly secured The means of supporting the said receptacle is of course immaterial and may be variously modified. The said receptacle, when made of metal or other opaque material, is preferably provided with a longitudinal slot, in which is securely fixed a glass 20, thus forming a gage by which the operator or attendant can at all times see when refilling is necessary.

The modified form of (my sanitary receptacle shown in Fig. 3 is specially designed and adapted for barbers use, and consists of two receptacles identical in all particulars and united by a central lug 14., connected to each receptacle by diametric integral webs, as shown. This form of my invention is properly mounted upon a vertical stem 22, having a handle at the upper end thereof. The said stem is mounted bya screw-threaded connection or other proper manner in a proper drip-pan or portable base, one of the said receptacles being designed for my improved saponalceous liquid and the other for warm or tepid water to make the lather.

The manner of using my invention is ob- VlOllS, and briefly stated as follows: To fill the said receptacles, the operator removes the said valve 11 from its stem 5 and then detaches the lid-2, carrying with it the spring-pressed stem 5. He then places his finger or hand over the said valve-opening until the receptacle is filled and the lid and valve-stem are returned to their position. Ile then replaces the valve 11 upon the stem 5. The check valve 12 is now so adjusted upon the stem 5 as to measure the desired quantity to be dis-.

the operatorv releases his pressure upon the said rod, the outlet-valve 11 will of course automatically resume its seat under the tension of the retracting-spring 9. The liquid soap is thus excluded from the air, cannotbe reused, is not subject to waste, and is automatically delivered in measured quantities to the user thereof, thereby insuring the most perfect economical and sanitary conditions.

For barbers use the operation is the same;

one of said receptacles containing the liquid soap for shaving and the other one the water for preparing the lather, so that the same soap is not used twice. The said receptacles thus united and mounted upon a portable standard contribute greatly to the convenience of their use.

It is obvious that my improvement can be employed with equal facility for perfumes, acids, and other liquids, and that the mere outline or form of the said receptacle or the means for supporting the same can be varied at pleasure.

Having thus described my invention and the manner of employing the same, what I desire to secure by Letters Patent is-' 1. A sanitary receptacle and self-measuring distributer for saponaceous liquids comprising a shell or receptacle 1 having a valved discharge-opening in the lower end thereof,

with annular valve-seats at each end of said opening, and an integral vertically-apertured supporting-lug upon the side thereof; a removable bell-shaped lid. 2 tightly fitting the top thereof and provided with a pendent integral centrally-arranged open-topped tube 4 having its lower end apertured forthe-valvestem; and a vertical valve-stem 5 loosely mounted in said tube and in said dischargeopening, as shown, having upon its upper end a nut 6 and a retracting-spring 9 arranged in said tube as shown, and having upon its lower end the said discharge-valve 11 and the check-valve 12 adapted to close IIC said discharge-opening as described, all substantially as described.

2. In a sanitary self-measuring receptacle the combination of the receptacle 1 having a conical bottom 3 provided with a prolonged discharge-opening having an annular valveseat at each end thereof, and an integral supporting-lug 14 apertured as shown for the supporting-standard; a conical cap or top 2 removably mounted on said receptacle and provided with a pendent integral tube 4 for the purpose specified; a spring-pressed valvestem 5 arranged as shown, having upon its upper end the nut 6 and the retracting-spring 9, and upon its lower end the outlet-valve 11 seated as shown,'and the adjustable checkvalve 12 arranged as described and having a seat 13 at the inner end of said dischargeopening whereby the liquid contents can be automatically discharged in predetermined quantities for sanitary purposes, all substantially as described.

The combination in a sanitary receptacle of a body or shell having a valved dischargeof said opening; and means for supporting openingin thebasethereof and provided with said receptacle in an upright position, all a removable top 01' lid having a vertical substantially as described.

valve-stem loosely mounted therein as shown Signed by me,at Fort \Vayne, Allen county,

5 a spring-pressed valve-stein 5 ai'ranged as State of Indiana, this 2d day of November,

shown having upon its upper end an operat- A. D. 1896.

in -nut and a retracting-sprin and havin v 7 v np on its lower end a removable outlet-valvg ALES AN adapted to normally close the outer end of Witnesses:

said discharge-opening, and an adjustable IDA L. Ross-Lnwm, check-valve adapted to close the inner end ALBERT E. THOMAS.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01F11/18