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Publication numberUS578030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1897
Filing dateMar 22, 1893
Publication numberUS 578030 A, US 578030A, US-A-578030, US578030 A, US578030A
InventorsJoseph Singer
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Gun-barrel with blued or browned bore
US 578030 A
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(No Model.)


Patented Mar. 2 1897.

Wihfzsszz. W/ Q. 39 W 5o put through very severe tests.

zen of the United States,




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent 1%. 57 ,030, dated March 2, 1897.

Application filed March 22, 1893- To all whomit may concern: Be it known that I, JOSEPH residingat 'Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California,'have invented a new and useful N oil-Leading and N on-Pitting Gun-Barrel, of which the followingisa specification.

With gun-barrels of all grades great dilficulty has always been experienced in prevent- This ing them from leading andpitting. pitting, as it is called, is partly caused by rust and partly by the action of the acids'in the powder. Especial diificulty is experienced in keeping the gun from pitting when:

shooting along the sea-coast, the action of the salt air seeming to assist the action of the acids and rust in corrodin-g the bore of the Heretofore no satisfactorymeans ofgun. preventing pittinghas been known, andmany valuable guns are rendered comparatively worthless from pitting because of the roughness of the bore of the barrels. .When a gun is used upon the sea-coast, it is necessary to clean and oil the gun at theclose of each days shooting, or otherwise the inside of the gun-barrel will soon become so corroded as to necessitate reboring the gun. Another difficulty to be overcome in preserving the good shooting qualities of guns is the tendency to lead. To avoid this, chilled shot are sometimes used, but such shot are injurious to the gun, especially so with close-choke guns. Various wire brushes have been devised for removing the lead, but if the gun is allowed to stand after becoming leaded it is very liable to pit under the lead and thus become impaired, so that heretofore it has required the most careful and constant attention to prevent guns which are in use from pitting.

I have discovered that by providing a'gunbarrel having its bore blued or browned that not only is it prevented from pitting or rusting, but that it is also less liable to'lead; f

During two years of experimental and prac''- tical use of mygun after the bore was blued.

there has been no sign of leading or pitting at any time, and'th'e'gun is yet free'from any pitting or leading, although theigun'hasbeen Since it was immediately blned it has neven been' cleaned SINGER, acitij -penetration.

Serial Noiemve. on model.)

weeks 'ata time before being cleaned. As

high astwo hundred and .fifty rounds have beenfiredfrom it in one day. v

.Bluing the bore of my gun greatly improved its shooting qualities, both in pattern and -My invention or discovery comprises -,a gun-barrel having a blued or browned bore. The accompanying drawings illustrate my invention.

- Figurel is a plan view of the barrel of a double-barreled shotgun, parts being broken awayto, show the bore of the barrel. Fig. 2

is a View looking into the breech of the barrel.

In practice the bore A of the gun-barrel B is cleansed from all grease, and a solution of 'c'ertaina'cids commonly used for browning or bluing metals is applied to the-bore A of the barrel by means of a swab or sponge. (Not stand for five or .ten hours, according to the action of the acids upon the metal. Then the bore of the barrel is brushed with a steel brush, or a stifi'bristle brush moved length- "shown.') The gun-barrel is then allowed to .wiseof the barrel without rotating to remove the rust and corrosion caused by the acids. 7

The solution is again applied and in five or' ten hours the bore of the barrel is brushed as before. This operation is continued until the desired quality of blue or brown is obtained. After the last brushing the rust is killed by' heating the gun-barrel by means of hot water or otherwise to a temperature of about 212. The gun-barrel is then ready for use.

. -bluing or brownin' g absolutely prevents leading and that the action of the acids in the explosives used has no efl'ect upon the surface offth'e. bore oi the barrel.

In practice I have found that my improved gun-barrel may stand for two weeks or more- "The nitropowders are especially active in I pittingshotgun-barrels, but'I-have'found in v my improved gun-barrel in any degree, bi1t" practice that they do notaifect the bore of that the longer a gun is used the harder and,

The new article of manufacture set forth comprising a gun-barrel having a, blued or browned bore.




Cooperative ClassificationF41A21/02