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Publication numberUS57950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1866
Publication numberUS 57950 A, US 57950A, US-A-57950, US57950 A, US57950A
InventorsS. A. Moody
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Improvement in ladiess dress-elevators
US 57950 A
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s. AjMooDY, or NEW YORK, N. Y.


bpcoilication forming part of Letters Patent No. 57,950, dated September 11, '1866.

To all rwhom it may concern:

Be it known that I, S. A. MOODY, of the city, county, and State of N ew York, have invented a new and useful Apparatus for Looping Up Ladies Dresses; and I do hereby declare and ascertain my said apparatus, refer ring to the accompanying drawings,in which Figure l shows the exterior of a skirt looped up. Fig. 2 shows the interior of the same.

Heretofore the devices for looping up lthe skirts of' ladies dresses have been too complex and expensive, or they have been insufficient and inconvenient, and the latter have hitched up the dress in an awkward and ungraceful manner.

My device is for the purpose of obviating these several objections -and defects, the construction of which is as follows: At a proper height on the inside of the skirtI ax one end of a short cord, as at a, `(see Fig. 2,) which I prefer should be elastic. To the other or loose end of this cord I securely attach a metal toggle or key7 consisting of a straight or curved bar, with an eye at the center ot' its length, as at b. Below the point where this is attached I atX three rings, c, more or less,

l according to the taste of the wearer. When the dress is let down to its full length the toggle bis free from the rings c; but when the dress is to be looped up the toggle is passed through the rings, or a sufticient number of them, and'sccurely holds up the dress in a graceful and efcient manner.

- This device is cheap, and can be easily applied by any one7 and it is perfectly secure. The series of rings c canse the skirt to fall gracefully in festoons around the bottom, and the fastening and unfastening can be readily and s. A. MooDY.



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Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/16