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Publication numberUS582137 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1897
Filing dateAug 12, 1895
Publication numberUS 582137 A, US 582137A, US-A-582137, US582137 A, US582137A
InventorsJoseph B. Dockery
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Joseph b
US 582137 A
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(No Model.) l

, l J. B. DOCKBRY.


Patented May 4, A897'.

l mmmmmwXfW' ing the means employed to flare the end of a and provided on its exterior, at a point inter- NiTED STATES PATENT OFFICE..



SPIE()IFIATIQN forming part of Letters Patent No. 582,137, dated May 4, 1897.

Application tlled'August 12,1895. Serial No. 559,039. (No model i To all whom it 71mg concer/L:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH B. DOCKERY, of thecity of St. Louis, State of Missouri, haveV invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Combination Soft and Hard Metal Pipe Coupling, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, formiu g a part hereof. l y

My invention relates to' a combination soft and hard 'metal pipe coupling; and it consists in the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

My present invention is supplementary to and should be read in connection with my invention shown in United States Letters Patent No. 5%),902, dated Novemberll, 1895, and filed concurrently herewith. i Y

In the patent above cited I show and claim means of forming an air and Water tight joint between the meeting ends of soft-metal or lead pipe. In my present invention I show means of forming an air and watertight joint between iron and lead pipe.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is 'a longitudinal sectional View of the meeting ends of hard and soft met-al pipe, the same being joined by my improved coupling.- Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken approximately on the indi-` cated line 2 2 of Fig. l. Fig. 3 is aside ele` vation of the male part of myimproved coupling. Fig.A 4. is a side elevation of the packing-ring or washer of which I make use in carrying out my invention. Fig. 5 is a front elevation thereof. Fig. 6 is a view illustratsoft-metal pipe that is to be joined by my improved coupling to a hard-metal pipe.

Referring by numerals tothe accompanying drawings, 1` indicates the female part of the coupling, `the same being of tubular forni mediate its ends, with a series of faces 2, on which a Wrench or like tool may be located. Arranged within the female part l at a point intermediate its ends is a diaphragm 3, in which is formed a centrally-arranged aperture 4. The interior of the femalepart 1 to oneside of the diaphragm 3 is screwthreaded,

as indicated by 5, and theinterior of the female Vin whichthe screw-threads 6 are located is a tube 7, and arranged upon said protruding end of the tube 7 is a flexible packing-ring 8, the same comprising a hemispheri-cal body of materiafhaving a centrally-arranged aperture 9 therein. y

10 indicates the male part of the coupling,

part 1 on the opposite sideof the diaphragm.

the same being in the form of Va tube, the outer Y exterior end being provided with a series of faces 11, von which may be located a wrench or like tool. The remaining exterior portion of this male part of the coupling is sc'rewthreaded, as indicated by the numeral 12, said screw-threaded portion being of such a size as that it may be readi-lyflocated in the screw-threaded interior of the female part l of the coupling.

13 indicates the soft-metal and 14. the hardmetal pipe. The end of the hard-metal pipe 1i is exteriorly screw-threaded and arrangedto be located in the screw-threaded end 5 of the female part 1 of the coupling. The end of the soft-metal pipe 13 is curved outwardly,

as indicated by 15, this being done by a specially-formed tool 16.

Previous to eecting a coupling'by my improved means the lnale part l0 is located upon the end of the soft-metal pipe 13 in such a manner as that the end of said soft-metal pipe 13 prot-rudes a slight distance above said male part 10. The stem of the tool 1 6 is now located within the protruding end of the softmetal pipe 13 and by the repeated blows of a hammer upon the upper end of the tool the end of the pipe 13 will be flared outwardly to conform with the curved inner edge of the end of said male part 10. After the end of the hard-metal pipe has been located in the screw-threaded interior 5 of the female part 1 andthe male part 10 has been located upon the end of the soft-metal pipe 13 and the end of said soft-metal pipe has been iiared the male part l0 is started into the screw-threaded IOO interior 6 of the female part 1.l By means of a wrench or like tool. locatedupon the faces 11 of said maleipart the same is passed into the screw-threaded interior 6 until the flared ,end 15 of the soft-metal pipe 13 is very tightly engaged upon the exterior of the hemispher- -ical packing-ring 8, thus forming a perfectly air and water tight joint between said flared/- end and packing. i f By locating an integral diaphragm within the female part of the coupling and arranging the tube 7 Within said diaphragm the flexible packing is prevented from collapsing or being forced together when the male part 10 is tightened within the female partvl.

VA pipe-coupling constructed in accordance I and soft metal pipe.

'Iclaim-, The within-described means of forming an' air and watertight .joint between the meeting ends of iron and lead pipe, which means consists of the femalev member 1, the diaphragm 3 centrally arranged Within said member and having the aperture 4 centrally located within said diaphragm, one end of said member 1 being screw-threaded and designed t-o receive the screw-threaded end of the iron pipe and the opposite end of said member 1 being screw-threaded and designed to receive the male part 10 of the coupling, the tube 7 located in said aperture land extending into the end of said male member 10 and the flexible packing-ring 8 located upon said protru'd ing end of said tube 7, the coupling being de# signed/to receive the ared end of the lead pipe around said tube 7 and press it against said packing-ring by the operation of said male member 10.

In testimony whereof `I affix my signature y in presence of two Witnesses.

l JOSEPH B. DOCKERY. Witnesses:


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