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Publication numberUS58894 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1866
Publication numberUS 58894 A, US 58894A, US-A-58894, US58894 A, US58894A
InventorsLorenzo Satjtee
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Improvement in breastpins
US 58894 A
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Speeiication forming part of LettersPatent No. 58,894, dated October lo', 1866.

To all 'whom it may concern.'

Beit known that I, LORENZO SAUTER, of Jersey City, in the county' of Hudsoh and State of New Jersey, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Breastpins and similar articles, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, makin g a part of this speciiication, in which- Figure l is a plan or top view of a breastpin constructed according to my invention, on a greatly-enlarged scale. Fig. 2 is a central transverse section taken on a line at right angles to Fig. 1, and also on an enlarged scale.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both gures.-

The object of this invention is to enable a breastpin, bracelet, button, ear-ring, or other piece of jewelry, or article of similar character, to present the appearance of being made of solid metal, and at the same time be capable oi1 being so manipulated thatV precious stones, miniatures, hair, or other ornaments secured within the body of the breastpin or other article may be exposed to 'view' when desired a-nd it consists in the combination, with a body containing such ornaments, of a centrally-pivoted shield provided with openings, whereby the desired object is very ett'ectually accomplished. The invention further consists in a novel means of securing` the convenient and proper adjustment of the ccntrally-pivoted shield with reference to the openings in the aforesaid body ofthe breastpin or other article.

To enable others to understand the nature and construction of my invention, I will prof ceed to describe it with reference to the draw'- ings.

The body ofthe breastpin is shown atA, aii'd to the back thereofl may be attached a hook or other suitable device for securing it to the garment or to the person. This body A is made hollow, as shown more clearly in Fig. 2, and is furnished at its front or forward side with a se spheroidal projection, b, in the sides of which is formed a series ot' openings, a. Placed in the body A, immediately underneath the openn ings a a', are any suitable or desired ornaments, such, for instance, as precious stones or miniatures, or the said ornaments may consist of hair, as shown at c and c, either braided or arranged in any suitable manner. These ornaments, being placed under the aforesaid openings a a', are exposed to view when the said openings are uncovered, as will be presently more fully set forth.

B indicates a shield or cover, which correspends in shape with the front side or surface of the body A, and has its center formed into a cap, d, which is litted upon the semi-spheroidal project-ion b, as shown more plainly in Fig. 2. rlhe shield B is provided with holes or openings c, which correspond in number, size, and shape with the openings a, andsituated at points on the said shield corresponding with the position of the aforesaid openings ct in the body A. In like manner the cap d is furnished with the openings e', which correspond with the openings a in the hollow semi-spheroidal projection d. Secured centrally in the inner side of the cap d is an inn wardly -projecting pivot or arbor, c', which passes through a suitable hole or bearing in the apex of the projection b and through a similar hole in the back of the said body, as at g. The extremity of the arbor c projects beyond the saidbaclr of the body A, and has a small key, j", passed transversely through it, which prevents the arbor c from slipping out of its bearings, and consequently retains the shield B in place. f represents small spurs or studs, which project from the back of the body A, and which act as stops to prevent the arbor c', and consequently the shield B, from being turned too far around, as will be presently fully explained.

The shield B is thus rendered capable of being turned around upon a central axis, thus enabling the openings c c thereof to be brought over or opposite the openings a a' ofthe body A, and thus expose to view the hair c, or other ornaments placed within the body A, under the opening thereof, or be brought over the space between the said openings, so that the openings last mentioned will be closed or covered by the metal between the openings in the shield B.

By bringing the openings in the shield B .opposite those in the body A, and thus uncov:

erin g the ornaments contained in the said body, as j ust set forth, the breastpin or other article embodying the principle ot' the invention may be made to present the full ornamental appear-v the studsf when the shield is turned into one position or -the other, the said studs thus acting as stops to confine the movement of the shield Within proper limits, and thus insure ease and facility in covering and uncovering" the openings a in .the body A, as hereinbefore set forth.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The centrally-pivoted shield B, furnished with openings, as described, and combined with the body A, provided with suitable orna- A ments, substantially as herein set forth, for the purpose specied.



J. W. OooMBs, G. XV. REED.

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