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Publication numberUS593814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1897
Filing dateFeb 13, 1896
Publication numberUS 593814 A, US 593814A, US-A-593814, US593814 A, US593814A
InventorsLouis De Rango
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Louis de rango
US 593814 A
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(No Model.)



Patented Nov.v 16, 1897.

No. 593,814. l




SPECIFICATION forming part of Lettersllatent No. 593,814, dated November 16, 1897. Application iled February 13, 1'896. Renewed August '7, 1897. Serial No. 647,489. (No model.)

accompanying drawings, is ya full, clear, and

exact description.

This invention consists in an improved construction of bicyc1es,and has special reference to the so-called steering-fork and its attachment to the head of the frame, as hereinafter fully described,aud specifically set forth in the claim.

In the annexed drawings, Figure 1 is aside view of the head of the bicycle-frame and the steering-fork, illustrating my improvement. Fig. 2 is a front view of the same. Fig. 3 is longitudinal section on line X X in Fig. 1. Fig. 4. is a horizontal transverse section on line Y Y in Fig. 1, and Fig. 5 is a horizontal transverse section on line Z Z in Fig. 2.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A represents the steering-fork of a bicycle, which consists of the so-called sides a a `and crown b.

B represents the head of the frame, and is provided with the usual ball-bearing cups c c at its upper and lower ends, respectively.

, The fork sides a a are each provided with an extension d above the crown b, which extensions and sides are all formed of a single tube bent atthe center of its length, thus forming an arch e, which extensions extend along op-4 posite sides 'of the head B, thereby firmly bracing the same. At the center of the arch the tube is formed withy two lateral deflections on its opposite sides, as shown at f f, and provided thereat with a screw-threaded eye g. 0n the crown b is secured a stationary journal-cone h, on which the head b bears by means of the cup c and the usual set of balls t' c'.

In the screw-threaded eye g is supported the longitudinally-adjustable journal-cone h by means of a short stem a', formed integral with said cone, which cone bears on the cup o at the upper end of the head B by means of another set of antifriction-balls 'i' e", and on said stem is a janinut b', which bears against the upper side of the arch e to hold the journal-conch' in its adjusted position.

The stem a. is provided with a clamp d' to compress the same to grip the stem e of the handle-bar C seated therein. Said stem a is slit longitudinally at its upper end in the usual and Well-known manner. (Not necessary to be shown.)

To remove the. fork from the head, all that is necessary is to loosen the nut b and then screw up 'the stem a', whereby the head will be released, and it will be thus observed that in removing said fork the handle-bar stem e remains in the stem a. In prior constructions it has been necessary to .remove the handle-bar stem before the fork could be re'- moved.

Each of the fork sides a u. and its extension d may be formed of one tube and brazed or otherwise joined together to form the arch e, or said sides and the extensions may be each of separate tubes and suitably brazed together. I therefore do not limit myself to forming the same of one tube, as shown in the accompanying drawings;

In a bicycle, the combination of the steering-forkl having extensions above its crown, a journal-cone on said crown, the lower end ofthe head of the frame supported on said cone, said extensions being joined above said head and formed integral and formed with a screw-threaded eye thereat, a longitudinallyadjustable stem in said eye and provided with a Vjournal-cone inits lower end to support the upper end of the aforesaid head, a

jam-nut on said stem to hold the same in its adjusted position,a lon gitudinally-a'dj ustable handle-bar stem in the aforesaid stem, and a clamp thereon to hold said handlebar stem in its adjusted position as set forth.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name this 5th day of February, 1896.


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