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Publication numberUS596152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1897
Filing dateOct 11, 1897
Publication numberUS 596152 A, US 596152A, US-A-596152, US596152 A, US596152A
InventorsHenry Geisenhoner
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Detachable laminated pole-piece for dynamo-electric machines
US 596152 A
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(No Model.)


No. 596,152. Patented DCC. 28, 1897.

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SPECIFCATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 596,152, dated December 28, 1897.

Application filed October 11,1897. Serial No. 654,796. (No model.)

.To all whom, "1mi/,y concern.- pieces may be mounted in place without the Be itknown that I, HENRY GEISENHNER, a aid of tools. The iron laminze of which the citizen of the United States, residingatSchenpoles are composed are preferably counterectady, in the county of Schenectady, State part punchings, although the section and 55 5 of New York, have invented certain new and shape of certain of them may be varied, if deuseful Improvements in Detachable Lamisired. ln each of the lamime are holes for the nated Pole-Pieces for Dynamo-Electric Maclamping-bolts F, a hole for wedges H and ll', chines, (Oase No. 605,) of which the following and a slot G, which divides the lower portion is a specification. oi the lamina; into two parts. Preferably the 6o 1o The object of my invention is to provide a holes and slots in the punchings are made by detachable laminated pole-piece that is cheap the same die that forms thc main body. Dy to construct and which requires no particular this arrangment all work on the laminze is skill to assemble in position on the machine. done at one operation, thereby reducing` the In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is cost and simplifying the construction. l have 65 l5 a partial side elevation of my improved polefound that it works very satisfactorily to piece mounted in position on a revolving spimalte slot G with a shearing cutter. Then no der. Fig. 2 is a partial section of the same. material is wasted, and there is practically no Fig. 3 is a sectionaldetail of the clampingair-space between the two lower portions of wedges, taken on line 3 3 of Fig. l and Fig. the pole. For the purpose of illustration slot 7o 2o 4 is a slight modification. G has been slightly enlarged; but it is to be My invention is shown in connection with understood that it can be any desired width. a revolving field-magnet structure, where it ledges Il and Il are formed by dividing has the greatest utility; but it can be applied a round steel bar into two parts, the line of to a stationary iieldfmagnet, if desired. division extending diagonallyfrom one end to 75 The spider A consists of a hub O, having a the other. These wedges are adapted to be number of unconnected arms B with enlarged inserted in the pole-piece from opposite ends ends. Surrounding the enlarged ends of the and as they are forced together expand the arms is a ring or rim D, forming a support for lower part of the pole-piece, causing it to be the pole-pieces- This ring is shrunk in place; retained in position by friction between the 8o 3o but other means of securing it may be emdovetail projection and side of the slot.

ployed. Extending across the outer periph- In Fig. Z a eld-coil .l is shown in section ery of the rim and parallel to the shaft of the onapole-piece, with the insulation and means machine are dovetail slots, and in these slots employed to retain the coil in position clearly are mounted pole-pieces E. The slots in the illustrated. 85 3 5 rim are preferably made by a milling-cutter, Fig. 3 shows a sectional view of a dovetail so that they will be counterparts. projection in which wedges ll and H are Each pole-piece comprises a bundle of limishown in their normal position with the polene having heavier end plates E and secured piece expanded.

together by bolts extending parallel with the Fig. @t shows a slight modiiication in which 9o dovetail slots. The outer end of each poletwo slots G and G are provided and a set of piece is enlarged. This increases the polewedges for each slot. y

face and at the same time provides reliable In assembling the machine a coil J is placed means for retaining the field-coil J against in position on a pole-piece. rhe dovetail procentrifugal action. The inner end of each jection of the pole is mounted in a slot in the 95 pole-piece has a dovetail projection E2, adaptrim and wedges H and H driven into place.

ed to fit into a similarly-shaped slot in the rim This slightly expands the lower end of the D. On each side of the dovetail projection pole and binds it in place. ln a machine are shoulders E3, adapted to rest on rim D and havin a revolving field-magnet there is comform a part of the support. lt is intended paratively little force tending to move the roo that there shall be a good working iit between pole-pieces in a direction parallel to the shaft;

-the pole-pieces and rim, so that the polebut the centrifugal action is more or less great, depending upon the speed of the machine. The dovetail construction presents many desirable features and has been commonly used; but the means employed in securing the field-poles in position have not been entirely7 satisfactory. In certain prior constructions Wedges have been employed which were located on both sides of the pole between the sides of the core and the rim or support. This necessitated very accurate adjustment. Otherwise one side would be wedged slightly different from the other and the pole-face would be nearer its adjacent pole-face on one side than the other. 1n other Words, it Was the wedges which formed the support for the poles and determined their position. To enable the poles to be set up in their proper position, it has been found nceessary to separately tit all of the poles, and in taking down a machine for repairs to mark all of the keys and pole-pieces and the place they occupy in the support., so that they may be set up again correctly. By making the dovetail projections of the pole-pieces a working fit with the dovetail slots and providing shoulders which rest on the rim a very slight lateral expansion of the pole will serve to clamp it in place, and the wedges in no Way form a support vfor the poles.

'What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

l. In a dynamo-electric machine, the combination of a support provided with slots eX- tending parallel to the shaft of the machine, laminated detachable pole-pieces having projections inserted in the slots, and means for securing the pole-pieces in place by expanding them at the point where they enter the slots.

2. ln a revolving field-magnet structure for dynamo-electric machines, the combination of laminated detachable field-poles having split dovetail projections at one end, a support havin dovetail slots extending parallel to the shaft of the machine in which the poles are mounted, and Wedges for expanding the dovetail projections ot the poles.

3. ln a revolving Held-magnet structure vfor dynamo-electric machines, the combination oi' laminated detachable pole pieces, each pole-piece being slotted and provided with a dovetail projection atoue end and an overhanging portion to retain the field-coil at the other, and bolts for securingr the lamime together, a ring or support having` dovetail slots in which the pole-pieces are mounted, and a pair of wedges for each pole-piece adapted to be inserted in position from the opposite ends to expand the dovetail portion ot' the pole.

lu Witness whereof l have hereunto set my hand this (5th day of October, 1897."




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