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Publication numberUS596215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1897
Filing dateNov 11, 1896
Publication numberUS 596215 A, US 596215A, US-A-596215, US596215 A, US596215A
InventorsAlbert Moritz
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Albert moritz
US 596215 A
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' (No Model.)

No. 596,215. Patented Dec. 28,1897.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 596,215, dated December 28, 1897. Application filed November 11, 1896. Serial No. 611,715. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: I preferably bevel the contacting end of the Be it known that I, ALBERT MORITZ, a citilatch B at e and the limb c at c, as shown in zen of the United States, residing in the city, Fig. 1. The lip (1 projects outward and serves county, and State of New York, have invented as a catch to enable the hook to be brought 5 an Improvement in Snap-Hooks, of which the into easy engagement with a bucket-handle, following is a specification. ring, or other object with which the hook is This invention relates to snap-hooks. to be connected. For example, suppose the The object of the invention is to provide a hook were to be connected with a ring. The safe durable hook simple and convenient in attendant only engages the lip dwit-h the ring,

10 operation and construction and capable of when by a little pressure the ring will slide withstanding rough treatment without getalong the lip and force back the latch B and ting out of order; and the invention consists enter the hook, the latch returning then to of the construction hereinafter set forth. its place. Th us it is not necessary for the at- In the drawings forming part of this specitendant to open the latch by hand.

15 fication, and in which like letters of reference 0 is a leaf-spring having its end secured designate corresponding parts, Figure 1 is a between the latch or tongue B and the limb side elevation of a hook embodying the inor shank c on the inner sides. It has one end vention; and Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the secured by rivets e, or is otherwise suitably same taken at a right angle to Fig. 1. attached to the limb c to prevent displace- 20 A is the body portion of the hook, preferment, and its other end engages with the latch ably made in C shape and consisting of the or tongue B in a notch f, so as to press against long limb or shank c, curved to form a hook. the tongue-to hold it normally closed. The This C-shaped body portion generally has a spring is out of contact with the limb c and short limb b. In the best form of the inventongue B, except at its ends, thereby secur- 2 5 tion the body portion is made in one piece. ing freedom of action for the spring when the It is provided with an eye a or its equivalent tongue is pressed open. It will be seen that for the purpose of connecting the hook with the arrangement and location of the spring a cable, cord, or the like, and this eye is prefamply protects it from injury such as would erably formed in one piece with the body result from ordinary wear and that the spring 30 portion A. The eye is shown as standing in is not liable to become displaced. The tongue the same plane as the limbs 19 and a, but it B is able to open quite wide and at the same may of course be disposed at any angle to time the strain on the spring is distributed this plane. The upturned end of the limb 0 throughout its length, thus preventing wear is generally formed with a bevel c, and this and strain on the spring at one point and 3 5 limb c terminates with a projecting lip d. liability to fracture. In its best form the Pivoted or hinged to the end of the limb b is spring is made of a flat strip of metal and is a safety latch or tongue B, whose free end normally bent between its ends. Of course meets the upturned end of the limb c and is both ends ofthe spring might be riveted or arranged to swing inward, so as to permit the permanently attached to the limb cand tongue 0 hook to fully engage the object with which E, or either end might be alone riveted in it is to be connected; but the latch is renplace or otherwise suitably secured. As dered by suitable means incapable of swingshown in the drawings, the lip 01 extends uping outward beyond the end of the limb 0, so ward as well as outward, thus being formed as to prevent accidental disengagement of the with a bevel d. The bevel d of the lip is 5 hook. generally made continuous with the bevel 0 Various means may be employed to preof the limb c. This is the preferred form of vent the latch or tongue B from swinging outthe lip. ward beyond the end of the limb c. In the What I claim as new, and desire to secure best form of the invention now known to me by Letters Patent, is-

50 this is accomplished by causing the upturned 1. Asnap-hook havinga C-shaped body,the

end of the limbo to act as a stop for the lower limb c of which terminates in an outlatch, and in providing for this arrangement wardly-projecting beveled lip, combined with an inwardly-opening tongue pivoted to the upper part of the body and a leaf-spring secured to the inside of the body and engaging by its free end onlythe tongue, substantially as described.

2. In a snap-hook, the combination of the C-shaped body portion comprising the short limb I) and long curved limb c, an inwardlyopening tongue B pivoted to the limb Z1 and meeting the upturned end of the limb c, and a bent leaf-spring engaging at its end only the tongue B and limb c and located between them, substantially as set forth.-

3. In a snap-hook, the combination of the C-shaped body portion comprising the short

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Cooperative ClassificationB66C1/36