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Publication numberUS59687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1866
Publication numberUS 59687 A, US 59687A, US-A-59687, US59687 A, US59687A
InventorsH. Waldstein
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Improvement in vessels for cooling liquids
US 59687 A
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Liquid Co'oier.

APa'nfed Novl 13, 1866.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 59,687, dated November 13, 1866.

a bottle made according to our invention. Fig.

2 is a vertical section through the centerI or axis of the bottle.

rllhe object of this invention is to construct bottles, pitchers, and other vessels which are to be frequently moved about by hand in such a manner that their contents may be cooled and be kept in a cool state without removing them from the vessels, and without withdrawing the vessels from their ordinary use. It consists in creating a chamber in such vessels to receive ice or any other refrigerating or .cooling medium, such chamber being extended upward within the vessels to a height about midway the whole height of the vessels, or to a greater or to a less height, as maybe desired by the maker. This inner chamber is closed or hermetically sealed at top, so that no communication can take place between it and the inside of the vessel, but it is open below, its mouth being in or at the bottom of the vessel,

- and such mouth being provided with a'closefitting plug, stopper, or cover, which will be sufficient to retain the refrigeratin g medium in place when the vessel itselfis being used and moved about and when it is resting on its bottom in the usual way.

In this example of our invention we have shown it applied to and carried out in connection with an ordinary glass bottle or decanter for holding liquids.

The letter A designates a bottle or decanter, in which is formed or made, when it is blown or molded, a central chamber7 B, open below, along, or near to the line of the bottom or foot of the bottle, and closed above. The said chamber is carried up in this example nearly to the level of that part of the bottle where its body begins to be contracted to form the neck; but it may be carried up to a less height with good results, our object being to form a refrigeratin g-chamber within the bottle or vessel, the wall of which chamber will be surrounded by the contents of the bottle or vessel, so that the refrigerating medium can act thereon to cool the same in radial directions. The space within the bottle or vessel which receives the liquids or solids put therein is annular when, as in this case, the bottle or vessel and the refrigerating-chamber are cylindrical in form. The mouth C, or opening of the refrigerating-chamber B, is in this example closed by a ti ght-fittin g inverted cover, D, whose size is sufficient to inclose the bottom of the bottle, the edge a of the cover be; ing made to bind. closely against the side of the bottle, so as to be air-andwater tight.

The cover or closing device D may be also held in place, if desired, by any convenient locking device, such as a bayonet-fastening or other well-known or convenient fastening.

The mouth or opening C may be closed by a plug, in addition to the use of the cover D or as a substitute thereof. If the mouth C is formed with a downwardly-projecting lip or fla-nge, the chamber B may then be closed by fitting an inverted cover or cap over such lip or Iiange, the base or bottom of lthe cover or cap being in that case made to reach down to a less distance than the outer edge or corner, b, of the bottom of the bottle, so as not to interfere withitor prevent the bottle from standing squarely and securely on any supportingsurface.

The refrigerating-chamber may be of any desired form or size, and it may contain ice or chemical or other refrigerating substances.

What we claim as our invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

As a new article of manufacture, a bottle or pitcher provided with a hollow or chamber in its bottom for holding a refrigerating material, the chamber to be closed by a suitable cover or stopper, substantially as specified.

ln testimony whereof we have hereunto set oursignatures.



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