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Publication numberUS59890 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1866
Publication numberUS 59890 A, US 59890A, US-A-59890, US59890 A, US59890A
InventorsImpeoved Hook
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US 59890 A
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@nite-li fates @anni @frn IMPROVBD HOOK AND I'ASTENING FOR ROPES. I



Beit known that I, CHARLES B. BRISTOL, of the city and county of New Haven, in the State of Connecticut, have invented a newand useful improvement in Metallic Clasps, with a Hook, Eye, or Loop, to be attached to the ends of ropes, cords, dto., as a fastening device; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction, character, and operation of the same; reference being had to the accompanying drawings which make part of this specification, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of one of the clasps with a snap-hook secured in its eye or loop, and as clasped around o r attached to the end of` a rope or cord. i

Figure 2 -is a perspective view of one of the clasps with the edges of its web bent in or clasped together, the same as. it would be if the end of the rope was in it.

Figure 3 is a perspective View of the clasp ready to be attached, showing the points or spurs which pass into the rope or cord, dto.

My improvement consists in casting 'or making a metallic clasp or band, to be claspedA or set around the end (or any other part) of the rope or cord (or any analogous article) to which it may be firmly attached, not only by the 'pressure of the sides, when clasped tothe tightness due to the hammering or pressing the sidesvor lipstogether, but by having two (or any other number of) points or spurs cast in the central part of the clasp or band, which pass into the different strands of the rope or cord, so as to prevent slipping or turning, and with a hook or loop by which it may be attached to the loop of a snap-hook, ring, Snc., as hereinafter described.

I make the clasp, hook, Etc., of malleable cast iron, or any other suitable materiaL'by casting it in one piece of the form or shape shown in fig. 3, that is, in the form of a semi-elliptical tube, as A, with two (or any other number of) points or spurs, as a and b, and a hook or loop, as B, all as shown in g. 3. This hook, B, may be hooked Tinto the loop of a snap-hook and closed down, as shown at C, iig. l, or into any other loop or ring, as found necessary. Touse this metallic clasp and hook, I lay the end of the rope or cord, as D, into the semielliptical tube A, and force the points or'spurs, a and b, iig. 3, through it, (the vpoints perforating dilerent strands of -the,rope,) and then, with avhammer, swage, or press, I turn in, and over, the edges or lips, c and d, iig. 3, around the rope or c ord, so as to confine 1t with any desired degree of pressure, and so that it Will be completely clasped or enclosed, as represented in iig. 1. This clasp maybe made of any size to suit the rope or other article to which it isto be secured; and the hook or loop may be made in a line with the side of the clasp or be bent out of line with-it, in either direction, as may be found most. convenient.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

Casting the clasp (A,) hook or loop (B,) and points or spurs (a and 6,) in one piece, when so constructed and shaped that, in fitting, the points or spurs (a and b) may pass through therope or cord 03,) andthe edges or lips (c and d) may be bent or turned over so as to firmly and entirely clasp the rope or cord, substantially as herein described and set forth.





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Cooperative ClassificationF16B15/0046