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Publication numberUS59974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1866
Publication numberUS 59974 A, US 59974A, US-A-59974, US59974 A, US59974A
InventorsAlpheus Cutlek
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Bipboved table-leap suppobt
US 59974 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

:tites faire atmt ffiesw` nirsovsn TABLE-LEAPSUPPOBT.

. SPECIFICATION- 'To ,uit 'WHoM IT MAY ooivennnf` f t VBe it known that I, ALPHEUS CUTLER, of Pittston, in the county of Luzerne, and State ofPennsylvania, have invented certain vnew and useful improvements in Extension Leg or Table-Leaf Supporters; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference-being had tothe accompanying drawings,y and to letters of reference'marked thereon, in which-f 4Figure 1 isY an end view. I

Figure 2 is a detached view of the leg.

The nature of my invention consists of an extension table leg to be used as' aitable-leaf supporter, as` willr be hereinafter set forth. To enable others skilled inthe art to make and use myinventiom will proceed `to describeV its construction and operatioh.

In the construction of my invention, I make my tables, to' which-lit is-applied, in any 4of thezusual ,e forms and of any usual material in and of which tables are generally made. In inaking my table leg `I use forthe upper `end of said leg 'a cast-iron socket or cylinder, A, in iig. 2, which' acts las asleeve, oflabout fourteen Vinches long and about an inch and a 'quarter in diaineter, with a head cast` on 'the-f'saine about three inches in diameter, of the required thickness for strength, in which are holes for screws to attach thes'anic to. the table leaf. The lower portion of the leg, markedy B, is inade of wood, 1`; urned"in` stylefvtoi correspond with y the other legs of the table, and which fits snugly into the upper part of` the leg, A, and slides smoothly up; and

down in it; I out in part A'a slot a about a foot or thirteen inches long, `and about three-eighths `of an` inc h wide. OnV each side of this slot` are ratchet teeth, b b, to receive 'the spring-pawl, c, to prevent the leg, whenf extended, to slide up.or together until detached from its hold; d isla :cord passing on Vtheright-handside of the, table through small eyelets, e, which are screwed into the under "side of the table leaf-seen in iig. I-i-and is attached by th@ Other endto the lspri11g-ratchet c, in g. 2. i l

In theoperation of my invention, I take hold of the end of the leaf `and cord with theusame hand 'and raise up the leaf `to its proper position, holding both the table and cord with the same hand; I then let `gothe cord, when the part of theleg B falls of its own weight to the floor, and the 'spring-pawl, c, at oncecatches into` i the rachet and iaolds the leg, as a leaf supporter, firmly in its .required position. To lower the leaf, l` Atake `hold of it with one handl to ease it down, and with the other draw the cord, thus deta'ching the `springlpawl, and the weight of the leaf, as it goes down, causes the parts AlandB of the leg `to pass into each other and swing out of` the way under the table, snuglyzfolded. up. 4I do not attach any part oi'- my invention tothelframe of the table, y 4 only to the leaf.

My invention is a lgreat improvement in tables where there is anyf'unevennessof,the Hoor, as vextension supporter will avoid all this inconvenience. Another great advantage of 'iny improvement is,`tha'tit avoids the wear and tear of a dining-room carpet by scraping the' movable legs over it.. ,i

Having thus fully described the nature of my'` invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters" Patent, is?- p y 4 i An adjustable extension leg or tableleafsupporter, constructed as describedand `operating 'as set forth.

In testimony that I claim the above-described adjustable `extension 'table-leaf supporter, I have hereunto signed my name, this 25th day of October, 186,6. A y



T. G. CLAYTON, lGuiones ELLIS.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47B1/04