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Publication numberUS600452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1898
Filing dateSep 3, 1897
Publication numberUS 600452 A, US 600452A, US-A-600452, US600452 A, US600452A
InventorsEmory C. Sheeler
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Stove-leg attachment
US 600452 A
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(No Model.)


Patented Mar. 8, 1898.

No. GOD/152.

Wa t/ma i FFICE.



SPECIFICATION formng part of Letters Patent No. 600,452, dated March 8, 1898.

Application filed September 3, 1897. Serial No. 650,&87. (No model.)

To all whom it nuty conccrn:

Be it known that I, EMORY C. SHEELER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ilion, in the County of Herkimer and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Stove-Leg Attachments; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This inventiou has relation to a nove] caster designed particularly for use in connection with stoves, but which maybe used in any connection in which a caster may be employed; and the object of the invention is the production of a caster which may be readily attached to or detached from the extremity of a stove or other leg and which when in position may be readily turned up to present a solid standard or end upon which the stove may be supported. To the accomplishm ent of this and other objects subordinate thereto my inventon consists in providing a detachable base-plate with means for attaching the same to the end of the leg and with ahinged caster-plate carrying a caster and designed to be turned down for the purpose of aifording a roller-support for the stove or which may be turned up within the stove-leg for the purpose of permitting the latter to rest squarely upon a suitable support.

Referring to the drawings, Figure l is a side elevation of a stove-leg provided with my invention and showing the caster turned down to support the stove. Fig. 2 is a de tached View, on an enlarged scale, of the devce complete. Fg. 3 is a central long-tudinal section through the subject-matter of Fig. 2. Fig. 4: is a detail perspective View of the base-plate detached.

Referring to the numerals on the drawings, 1 indicates aportion of a stove, and 2 a stoveleg secured thereto in any suitable manner and provided at its lower end or foot with the usual fiange 3.

4 indicates the base-plate of my device, designed to fit against the lower end of the leg and provided with npwardly-projecting side lugs 5 and a front lug 6, through each of which are screwed set-screws 7, designed to have their inner extrenities supported above the flange 3 for the purpose of securing the base-plate to the leg. For the purpose of additionally securing the base-plate and in order to accommodate it to stove-legs of various sizes I prefer to employ a strap S, pivoted to the inner ends of the set-screw 7 car- 'ried by side lugs and passing over the front of the leg, a set-screw 9 being passed through the strap at about its center and designed to engage the leg for the purpose of drawingthe base-plate firmly against the bottom.

Having provided the base-plate 4 With mechanism by means of which it may be seeured to the extremity of a leg of any size or design, it sinply remains to provide means for hinging a roller-carrying plate upon the base-plate in a Inanner to pel-mit the roller to be swung under the base-plate for the purpose of supporting the stove or to be swung upwardly behind the leg to permit the stove to be supported upon the several base-platesas, for instance, when the stove has been permanently positioned and it is not necessary that it should be provided With roller-supports. For this purpose hearing-luge lO are formed upon the rear edge of the plate 4, between which is pivoteda swingin g plate 1l,provided with a bearing-aperture 12, designed to receive the stud 13, projectin g upwardly from a roller-bracket 14, carrying in the usual manner a roller 15, which latter is in this manner swiveled upon the swinging plate 11 in order to pernit the roller to Swing to the desired position to facilitate the noving of the stove in the required direction.

16 indicates a recess in the under surface of the base-plate i, designed to receive the plate ll and to permit the lower surface of the lat-ter to lie fiush with the lower surface of the base-plate when the roller is in its position beneath the leg.

It will be obvious that with the device organized as described and as illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawings the stove may be moved to any desired position and that the rollerplate 11 carrying the roller may then be swung upwardly behind the leg 2 to permit the stove to be supported upon a fiat base, and if desired suitable means for securing the rollerplate in its elevatedposition maybe provided but as the relation of the parts is such that said plate will be forwardly inclined the IOO weight of the roller, which ordinarily extends into the concavity of the leg, will serve to retain the roller-plate elevated without the employment of such securing means.

From the foregoing it will be observed that I have produced an attachment for stove-legs or other pendent supports by means of which a roller or flat standard bearing or support may be provided, as desired; but while the present embodiment of my invention appears at this time to be preferable I do not desire to limit myself to the details of Construction shown and described, but reserve the right to change, modify, or vary the same at will within the scope of my invention,

Having thns described the invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. As a new article of manufacture, a stoveleg attachment comprisingabase-plate,means v for securing said plate to the end of a stoveleg, and a caster mounted in a manner to permit of its location above or below the plate, substantially as specified.

2. Asa new article of manufacture, astoveleg attachment compri'sing a base-plate and means for securing the same to a stove-leg, a swinging plate carried by the base-plate and capable of being turned to a position above or below the plate, and a caster carried by the swin gin g plate, substantially as specified.

3. The combination with a base-plate and securing means, of a swinging plate carried by the base-plate, and a easter having a swivel connection with the swinging plate, said base-plate being provided with a recess in its under side for the reception of the swinging plate, substantially as specified.

4. As a new article of manufacture, a stoveleg attachment comprising a base-plate provided with a series 'of upwardly-extending lngs, and adj ustable secnring mechanism carried by the lugs, rearwardly-extending bearing-lugs, a swinging plate pivoted between the bearing-lugs, and a caster carried by the swinging plate, substantially as specified.

5. As a new article of manufacture, a stoveleg attachment conprising a base-plate having upwardl y-extending lu gs,and rearwardlyeXtending bearing-lugs, adjustable securing means carried by the first-named lugs, a curved strap pivoted at its opposite ends above the base-plate, and. provided with adjustable securing mechanism, a hinged plate pivoted between the bearing-lugs, and a caster mounted upon the swinging plate, the base-plate being provided with a recess for the reception of the swinging plate, substantially as specified. 4

In testimony whereof I have signed this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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