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Publication numberUS601798 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1898
Filing dateMay 4, 1897
Publication numberUS 601798 A, US 601798A, US-A-601798, US601798 A, US601798A
InventorsAdolf Slomka
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Adolf slomka
US 601798 A
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(No Model.)


No. 601,798. Patented Apr. 5, 1898.



SPECIFICATION forming part Of Letters Patent No. 601,798, dated April 5, 1898.

. Application filed May 4, 1897. $erial No. 635,002. (1% model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, ADOLF SLOMKA,a citizen of the United States, residing in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Refrigerator Lunch-Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to-a lunch-box for general use, but one which is especially well adapted for use at picnics and outings and for bicycle-riders and travelers. The box is adapted for ice for keeping the contents of the box cool.

The special features of the invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which show an embodiment thereof.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the lunch-box as it appears when the cover is omitted, and Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical section of the same with the cover in position thereon. Fig. 3 shows the suspended tray detached. Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the lunch-box adapted for attachment to a bicycle.

Referring to the first two figures, which show the lunch-box as constructed for general use, 1 represents an outer box constructed of a substantially waterproof paper-board, which is well known in the market. This outer box is made by cutting the material to a pattern with suitable overlapping flaps, which are secured by rivets. Within the outer box 1 is tightly fitted a sheet-metal box 2, which projects somewhat above the outer box. The box-cover is made in a similar way. It consists of an outer cover 1 of Waterproof paperboard and an inner cover 2 of sheet metal. The sheet metal will be by preference tinplate or zinc but it may be aluminium. This metal may be quite thin and light, as the outer covering of paper-board serves to reinforce it and add strength.

In order to secure the cover removably on the box, straps are provided, as will be described. A leather strap 3 is secured to the bottom and end of the box by rivets 4., which extend through both the outer and inner boxes and secure them together. This strap 3 extends over the top of the cover, Fig. 2, and is secured thereto in the same manner by rivets P, so as to form a hinge for the cover. In Fig. 1 the strap 3 is represented as broken across at the hinge-point, as the cover is omitted from this View. On the opposite end of the box, at the right in Fig. 2, there is a strap 5, secured to the box in the same manner as the strap 3; but it is provided at its upper end with a buckle 6, to be secured to a strap 5 on the cover.

On the cover is ahandle 7. (Seen in Fig. 2.)

Within the inner box 2 is atransverse fixed partition 8, which extends from the bottom of the box nearly to its top. This partition has in it numerous apertures 8 and it divides the box into two unequal compartments a; and

w The lesser compartment 00 contains a can or vessel 9, which fits quite snugly into the compartment and has a cover 10. The larger compartment '00 is divided horizontally by a suspended tray into an ice-chamber, marked Ice in Fig. 2, which is below the tray, and a food-chamber, marked Food above the tray. The tray 11 has in it numerous apertures, as clearly shown in Fig. 3, and has at each of its ends a sheet-metal suspendinghook 11 one hook being adapted to take over the end of the metal-box 2 and the other over the partition. This tray supports the food. The hook 11 which is adjacent to the partition, may be apertured, as seen in Fig. 3, to allow the cold air to flow freely to the vessel in the lesser compartment.

In the end of the box is a stoppered outlet 13, Fig. 2, for the water from the molten ice. Fig. 4: ShOWS the lunch-box adapted to fit into the frame of a bicycle. Interiorly this box will be constructed and arranged substantially in the same manner as has already been described, and exteriorly it will have similar straps for securing the cover; but in lieu of a handle it will have straps 14, for securing it to the bars of the bicycle-frame. This box may have a handle also, if desired; but ordinarily a handle will not be required. The invention is not limited to any special size or proportion of the box nor to any particular metal for the interior. The box will be found very useful for any occasion where the contents of the box are to be kept cool. The outer box being of a material which does not readily conduct heat will enable the ice to be kept for a considerable time.

Thev material of the outer casing of the box and its cover, which has been called paper partments, and an outlet for the water from the ice, a sheet-metal cover for said box, said cover being also covered with waterproof paper-board, a hinging-strap 3, which hinges the cover to the box, a securing strap and buckle for said cover, and an apertured tray 11, suspended in the box over the ice-chamber, said tray having hooks 11 which take, one over the partition in the box and the other over one end of the latter, substantially as set forth.

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in thepresence of two subscribing witnesses.



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