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Publication numberUS601869 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1898
Filing dateJul 8, 1897
Publication numberUS 601869 A, US 601869A, US-A-601869, US601869 A, US601869A
InventorsGeorge Wm
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Identifying- device
US 601869 A
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IDENTIFYING DEVICE; No. 601,869. Patented Apr. 5, 1898.

WW9, J. C Immmmmmm W 1 J mm? I I I r v r I UNITE STATES Q PATENT @FFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 601,869, dated'April 5, 1898.

Application filed July 8, 1897. .Serial Iva 643,818. N model-l To (LZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE WM. BUSOH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Detroit, in the' county of Wayne and ,State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Identification-Tablets, of which the following is a specification, reference being-had therein to the accompanying drawings.

The invention is designed to identify in case of an accident the person wearing the tablet; and the object of the invention is to make the tablet indestructible by the usual agencies, such as fire and water, and to make it of such a convenient form that it can be readily carried on a string around the neck or 111 any other desired way in which personal ornaments, lockets, chains, or other like trinkets are worn, while at the same time the in-- formation which it contains is safely locked up and readily accessible in case of emergency, all as more fully hereinafter described, and shown on the drawings, in which Figure l is a perspective view of my tablet. Fig. 2 is an elevation with the cover removed; Fig. 3 is the cover. Figs. 4, 5, and 6 are detached perspective views of the different parts comprising the tablet proper. Fig. 7 is a horizontal section on line a; 00 in Fig. 1. Fig. 8 is an edge view of the casing and cover separated.

A is a metallic cover therefor.

O and C are perforated ears, one on the casing and one on the cover.

D is a reduced neck formed on the ear 0. E is an open slot formed in the rim of the casing, and F is a retaining-lug projecting casing. Bis a detachable inwardly from the rim of the casing, and G is a ring passing through the perforations in the ears 0 O.

its nature.

tion the cover may be'united, as shown in Fig. 1. The cover fit stightly into the casing and protects its contents from all ordinary agencies of destruction. Within this casing is inclosed a tablet composed of the backing H, preferably of similar shape to the cover and having its edges at severalpoints bent over to form the retaining-lugs I for holding in 'position thereon a name-plate J, for which I preferably use thick asbestos paper or board, on which iswritten with permanent ink the name and residence of the wearer and such other information most suitable to identify the same. This name-plate is held in place upon the back by the lugs/I, and over itI preferably place a transparent piece of mica K, also secured in position byJthe lugs I.

The whole tablet is of a size to fit into the casing, as shown, and its thickness is such that it is firmly clamped in place in the cas- 7 ing when the cover is secured thereto.

In practice I make the casing, the cover, and the backing H of thin sheet-iron or other metal that has a high fusing-point and avoid the use of solder, the aim being to make the device as permanent a record as possible, and to this end the'metallic parts'may be plated with gold, silver, or nickel. I also intend to impress orengrave the cover or casin g on the outside with suitable information to indicate The device maybe Worn around the neck by a cord, or it may be secured by a pin L to any part of the clothing. I also intend to form it inimitation of watch-charms, lockets, or like articles of jewelry to be worn exposed.

What I claim as my invention is 1. In an identification-tablet, the combination of an indestructible outer casing provided with a cover removably secured thereto and a tablet composed of asbestos paper secured within said casing between a back of sheet metal and a covering of mica.

2. In an identification-tablet, the combination of the outer casing A provided with an open slot E, a lug F, the cover B secured therein, the apertured ears 0 O on the casing and cover and a tablet composed of the metal 10o backing H formed with lugs I the asbestos sheet J and sheet of mica K, the parts being arranged substantiallyas shown and de scribed.

the metal backing provided with holdinglugs, the asbestos sheet, and the mica sheet held on said backing by said lugs, and a cover secured in said casing, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

GEORGE \VM. BUSCII. l/Vitnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/00