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Publication numberUS603323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1898
Filing dateOct 21, 1897
Publication numberUS 603323 A, US 603323A, US-A-603323, US603323 A, US603323A
InventorsJohn H. Eckart
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US 603323 A
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No. 303,323. 5 Patented May 3, 1393.

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SPECIFICATION forming pare of Letters Patent Ivecoaeas, dated May e, 189s.

Application led October 21,718.97. Serial No.7655,945. (No model.)

To all whom t may concern.-

, Beit known that I, JOHN H. ECKART, a citizen o'f the United States, residing at Joplin, in the county ofJasper and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Filters, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof.

My invention has relation to improvements in filters and it consists in the novel arrangement and combination of parts more fully set forth in the specication and pointed out in the claims. j

The drawing is a combined side elevation and vertical section showing my complete invention in an operative position.

The object of my invention is to construct and arrange a simple, durable, and effective lter especially for filtering or removing charcoal or other foreign substances from wines, brandies, whiskies, and the like; and it consists in the employment of a felt or similar bag capable 0f separating thev smaller particles from the liquors, a second bag, made preferably of wire-gauze, into which the liquor is lfirst poured for removing the larger particles from the said liquor, the gauze bag being of smaller dimensions than the felt bag, wh ereby a space is left between the two for receiving and holding the smaller particles, which, together with the felt bag, make a perfect lter for the purpose; and my invention further consists in providing suitable means' for adjustably supporting said bags, whereby the liquor passing from the latter will be directed to a proper and suitable funnel, also adjustably supported in respect to. the filter, all of which will be hereinafter more fully described. v

In detail the invention may be described as follows:

Referring to the drawing, 1 represents a table or other support to which my invention is clamped and supported. The clamp 2 is composed of an'upper jaw 3, which restsupon clamp is securely clamped and held to the said support. The upper end 6 o'f the clamp is curved, and from its free end depends a rod vnary funnel 22 in the manner shown.

7, along which the holders for the lilter and funnel are adjusted and supported.

8 represents the upper holder, which con sists of a ring of suitable size in circumference, the inner surface of which has a shoulder 9, upon which the annular supporting ring or band 10 of the felt bag 11 rests which forms the outer'casingof the filter.

12 represents a bag, made preferably of wire-gauze, substantially the same shape as the outerfelt bag, but of smaller dimensions, whereby a space 13 is left between the two for the reception of the smaller particles of charcoal. The upper annular "edge of the wire-gauze bag 12 is secured to an annular band 14, which rests upon the ring 10 of the outer felt bag 11. The upper supportingholder 8 is provided with an extension 15, through which is formed a vertical opening 16, of a size to freely admit the rod 7, the holder 8 being held in any adjusted position upon said rod by the binding-screw 17, as clearly shown in the drawing.

Adj ustablyalong the rod 7 is a second supporting-ring 18, located immediately below and in a line with the filter, and is provided with an extension 19, through the free end of which is formed a vertical opening 20 for freely receiving the rod 7, whereby the said support is adjustable to and from the filter,

the said support being held in any desired position by the binding-screw 2l. The supporting-ring 18 is adapted to support an ordi- By adjustably locating the funnel 22 below the lilter, as shown, a bottle or other vessel can be placed under the same, thereby avoiding the necessity of handling the liquor a second time.

The liquor is poured into the wire-gauze bag, passing through the same and then into and through the felt bag, the wire-gauze removing the larger particles from theV liquor and the felt bag any and all particles remaining. The smaller particles, which, as a rule, is ne charcoal, will lie in the space between the two bags and rest on the inner surface of the felt bag, forming a perfect lter for filtering and purifying the liquor.

When, it is desired to clean the filter, the bags can be easily removed from the support and separated.


The invention is also of great service to druggists for filtering drugs, thus dispensing with the inconvenient and unhandy paper filters generally employed.

Having described iny invention, what I claim isl. Alter comprising a suitable felt bag, a Wire-gauze bag located within the saine, leaving a space, and means for supporting the said bags in said position, substantially as described.

2. A filter comprising a clamp having a curved upper end, a rod depending therefrom, a support adjustably secured to said rod, an inner annular shoulder formed on said support, a felt bag supported on said shoulder, an inner Wire-gauze bag located Within the felt bag forming a space between said bags, an annular band secured to the upper edge of the Wire-gauze bag, and resting on the upper edge of the felt bag, a second support also adjustably secured to the depending rod, a ring forming a part of said support, and a funnel carried by said ring substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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