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Publication numberUS603667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1898
Publication numberUS 603667 A, US 603667A, US-A-603667, US603667 A, US603667A
InventorsJames Edwards Tate
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US 603667 A
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N0. 603,667., Patentad May 10, 1898i c y Emzzmmm :mA-Lumllllllm" UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE..



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 603,667, dated May 10, 1898. Application filed February 13, 1897. Serial No. 623,279. (No model.)

kitchen-cabinets; and it consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements of parts, as hereinafter set forth, and pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure lis a view in perspective of a kitchen-cabinet embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a view in transverse section of the lower portion thereof. Fig. 3 is a view showing the board B in its other adjustment; and Fig. 4 is a view of a section of the cover, showing the can-holding trough.

A represents a kitchen-cabinet, the upper portion A of which may be provided with a series of compartments which terminate at their lower ends in outlets a a a. a, and each compartment is preferably provided with an inclined false bottom a. The cabinet may also be provided with a coffee-mill c, adapted to discharge into a drawer d.

To the respective ends of the body of the cabinet, at the bottom thereof, bars e e4 are secured and made of sufficient length to project some distance beyond the front of the cabinet. Between these bars a board B is removably secured by means of screws or pins When in the position shown in Fig. 1, the board B may be used as a shelf or as a bread or pie board. By removing the pins or screws f the board may be swung over on the pins j" as fulcrums, and thus facilitate the washing or cleaning of the board. When in its normal position, as shown in Fig. 1, the inner edge of the board B is disposed under a flange g, projecting from the bottom of the body of the cabinet. v

The cover C is preferably made with a curved top h and iiat or straight ends h', which latter are provided with flanges h2 to inclose the bars e.

The cover O is hinged to the body of the cabinetjust above the outlets a and is adapted to act in conjunction with the board B to tightly close said openings. The free edge of the cover C is provided with a lock ,7' to engage a suitable keeper Zr; at the free edge of said board B. The cover O will be held in its raised or open position by means of a latchbar Vm, attached to the body of the cabinet and adapted to engage a pin n on the cover.

The cover C is provided internally with a trough or receptacle D for the reception of a series of air-tight spice-cans o, and the latter will be prevented from escape from said trough or receptacle by means of an inwardlyprojecting flange p.

My improvements are very simple in construction, cheap to manufacture, and efectual in all respects in the performance of their functions.

Slight changes might be made in the details of construction of my'invention Without departing from the spirit thereof or limiting its scope, and hence I do not wish to limit myself to the precise details herein set forth.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

A kitchen-cabinet comprising a body portion having vertical bins therein with outletopenings at their lower ends, arms projecting forwardly from the ends of said body portion below said outlet-openings, aboard supported between said arms, a cover hinged to the body portion and coperating with said board to close the outlet-openings of the bins, atrough for the reception of canisters and secured within said cover so as to be disposed horizontally when the cover is closed and so as to be Vdisposed in an upright position when the cover is raised to expose the outlets of the bins.

In testimony whereof I have signed this (specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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