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Publication numberUS604617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1898
Filing dateAug 18, 1897
Publication numberUS 604617 A, US 604617A, US-A-604617, US604617 A, US604617A
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Albert n
US 604617 A
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(No Model.)

' A. N. HOXIE.


N0. 604,617. Patented May 24,1898.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 604,617, dated May 24, 1898. Application filed August 18,1897. Serial No. 648,643. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALBERT N. I-IOXIE, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Safety Gas-Fixtures, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

My invention relates to improvements in gasfixtures, having for its particular object the provision of an automatic locking device which will lock the gas-cock in its closed position, so that when once entirely closed it will be automatically retained in said closed position, requiring positive and intentional movement to open it.

The details of construction of my invention will be more fully pointed out hereinafter in the detailed description, and more particularly defined in the claims forming a part of this specification.

In the drawings, Figures 1 and 2 are side elevations of my invention, showing the same respectively closed and open; and Fig. 3 is a longitudinal vertical section thereof, the stopcock beingin locked position and also indicating the same in open position by dotted lines.

The fixture in general is of any ordinary or preferred kind, having a rear or interiorlythreaded end a and an outer exteriorlythreaded end Z) to receive the burner and a central socket portion a to receive the plug or cook. The latter is herein shown at d as of the usual taper variety secured snugly in place by a washer e and shouldered screw f, tapped into its upper end. Instead of providing the cock with a usual thumb-piece at its lower end, pin, and knighted raceway, as

is usual, I have provided an improved locking means comprising a screw g, tapped into the lower end of the plug, the latter for this purpose being extended ath.

Surrounding the screw g is a barrel i, having a laterally-extended head 2" at its upper end provided with opposite projections i beyond the depending base or lower portion of the cook or plug.

The socket has two opposite notches o, 00- operating with the portions 2' so as to receive the latter when the cock is turned into closed position.

In order to cause the barrel and cook to move together, they are connected by pins 7.: entering holes m in the plug, and in order to cause the projections 1L automatically to snap into their notches when they reach the closed position for the cock I have provided a spring 5 within the lower portion of the barrel, resting at one end against the head g of the screw and at its other end against an internal shoulder i of the barrel.

Turning portions t are provided on the outside of the barrel, being herein shown as formed integrally therewith in the form of loops.

The operation of my device is as follows: When it is desired to turn on the gas, the operator grasps the barrel and turning portions between his thumb and forefinger, pulling down sufficiently to disengage the interlocking portions i and c and turns the cock one way or the other the desired distance in order to permit the gas to flow, the parts then remaining in the position shown in Fig. 2. When it is desired to turn off the gas, the operator simply turns the cock back again toward its original position, and when it reaches the correct position the spring 8 causes the barrel and connected parts to spring into interlocking engagement as before.

I am aware that heretofore various devices have been proposed for accomplishing this same purpose. It has been my purpose, however, to provide an exceedingly compact, simple, inexpensive, and durable construction.

It will be noted that there are no parts to get out of order. There is no part that can be accidentally loosened, the only portion of the apparatus to be loosened being the screw g, and this is inclosed entirely within the barrel, so that it may not be readily tampered with.

The extension it forms a hub for the barrel to ride upon and gives it extreme rigidity as well as precision of movement.

No grease or other objectionable matter can possibly work down from the gas-fixture to drip onto the floor, for the reason that the joint at the lower end thereof is covered by I00 the head, and also the joint between the extension h and the barrel is covered or broken by the shoulder i It will be seen, therefore, that my apparatus is compact and snug-fitting throughout and makes an exceedingly attactive and desirable article of convenience as well as safety.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

l. The herein-described safety gas-cock, comprising a usual socket and plug, the latter having usual securing means at its upper smaller conical end, and at its lower portion an extension interiorly threaded, a screw secured in said extension, a barrel inclosing said screw and extension and non-rotatably secured to said block, said barrel having an interior shoulder adjacent said extension and a laterally-extended head at its upper end provided with opposite projections, notches being formed adjacent said socket to receive said projections when the cock is in closed position, aspring within said barrel between said shoulder and the head of said screw, and

turning portions projecting laterally from said barrel, substantially as described.

2. The herein-described safety gas-cock, comprising a usual socket and tapered plug, the latter, when snugly seated in the socket, depending at its base slightly below said socket, a laterally-extended head inclosing said depending portion of the plug, said head having one or more locking projections '6 and the socket having notches therefor,means holding said head against rotation relatively to the plug and permitting it to move to and from the plug, a spring normally holding said head against the plug with its said projections in said notches, and turning portions for pulling said head down from locked engagement with the socket and turning the plug, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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