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Publication numberUS610040 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1898
Publication numberUS 610040 A, US 610040A, US-A-610040, US610040 A, US610040A
InventorsHenry Ford
Original AssigneeWilliam C
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Henry ford
US 610040 A
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No. 6|0,040. Patented Aug. 30, |898.


C A E B U R 1' E. R. mppxmuon am Apr. 1, um.)

kmo Model.)

Hen/:y fral #ffy-.5-



@PECIFICTION forming 0f Itte Patent N 0. 610,040, dated August 30, 1898. llpplicntloh filed llprll 7, 1897. Serial mo.631,083. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Bo it known that l, Hanni' FORD, a citizen el the United States, residing at Detroit, in

the county of Wayne and State ci Michigan have invented' certain new and useful lin proyements in Cnrburetersffof which the following 1s n specification, reference being had therein'to the accom panyingkirawings.

The invention relates to the hrstruction of n carburetor especially design for use in connection with gas or vapor en inea; and it consists, irst, in the construction of a device f 'i'or feeding a lxed amount of the A,carbureting duid; second, in the means for feeding that charge, with a requisite amount of air, into the exlosion cylinder or chamber of the engine, an third, in the. construction, arrangement, and combination of 'the various parts, all as more fully hereinafter described. .ln the drawings,lFigure l is a perspective view ol my invention. Fig.-2 is n vertical central section therethrough. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section above the feed-disk. Fig. 4 is a diagram elevation showing the connections between the main tank containing the fluidnnpply and the cup containing the cutoff as well as the air connections.

A is the cup or receptacle, which is supplied with the cai-bursting duid from any suitable source.

The connections which l prefer to employ nre shown in Fig. t, in which l is a tank containing the uuid-supply. J is a pipe connocting from at or near the bottom thereof into the cup A near the bottom and preferably through the bottom, as shown in Fig. 2. L

li is a pipe leading from the top of the cup A nach to the top ol the tank l.

C is a pipe leading from the cup, and E is n pipe leading into the cup. These two pi C and ll are practically a continuous pipe through the cup, with the feed-disk F between the ends thereof. 'lhe pipe E prefernbly has an open end to draw in the atmsphciic air, and the pipe C? preferably connectn into the main air-supply pipe L, which to the engine and through which the nir is drawn by any suitable means at the proper time to char e'the explosion-cham ber with the carburet air in the well-known manner. This drawing in of the ailcreates a suction through the pipes C and E when those pipes are opened by the proper movement of the feed-disk F, which has in it one or more apertures, pockets., or cells K', brought into alinement at the proper time with the ends of the pipes C and E, so thatthe charge of fluid therein will be delivered into the pipes.

The charging of the pocket, aperture, or cell is accomplished while the pocket or cell .moves through the cup as the disk is turned,

as shown in Fig. 3. As the disk approaches the pipes C and E it is cut off by any suitable cut-off, such as the plate G, which is held stationary in the cup. A tight joint is eiected -between the parts to prevent leakage, preferably by means of` the spring H, which presses down on the 'cut-olf and disk, as plainly shownin Fig. 2. The feed-disk is secured to a shaft M, which is journalcd in bearings in the cup.

The operation of 'the device is as follows: The gasolene or other carbureting Huid will be fed from the tank into the cup and ll those cells or pockets in the feed-disk which are exposed or out from under the eut-off. Suitable mechanism on the engine actuaies the shaft M, so as to bring the illed pockets into line with the pipes C and E at the time that the airis being drawn through the pipe L to the explosicnchamber. and the auction of this air will draw through the pipes E and C and with it the fluid in the cell, thus'thoroughly spraying it to carburet the air, which carries it to the explosion-chambarin such a manner that when the spark is produced in that chamber the 'explosion will take place.

By this arrangement l get a fixed charge of the carbureting fluid with an exceedingly simple mechanism for feeding it. As the cell thus relieved of its fluid is moved on beneath the cut-olf G the air contained therein will rise through the fluid and find exit through the air-.escape pipe back into the top of the tank, so that l may use a closed tanl: l, for just the proper amount of air will be supplied to 'take the place ol the oil displaced.

What l claim as my invention is 1. ln a carburetor, the combination ol a duid-containing receptacle, au exitfpxpe leading therefrom, an air-supply pipe leading into said receptacle in alinement with said exitpipe, an intermittently-actuated feed-disk working in said receptacle between said pipes and provided with a series of cells adapted to be filled and brought successively into alinement with said pipes, and a cnt-oi? of a shape to cover a portion of the disk adjacent the pipes and to leave exposed a portion of the disk containing one or more cf said cells.

2. In a carbureter, the combination .of a closed tank and a closed receptacle, connections respectively between the bottoms and the tops of the tank and receptacle, and feedpockets adapted to be fed alternately with fluid and with air for the purpose described, the connecting-pipes between thetops of the receptacle and tank being adapted to supply -at the top of the main tank an amount of air equal to the amount of fluid fed therefrom.

3. In a carbureter, the combination of a closed receptacle, a closed elevated tank, a feed-pipe for the receptacle leading from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the roceptacle, a pipe connecting the upper part of the receptacle with the upper part of "the tank, a movable disk in the receptacle provided. with cells, an air-pipe leading into the receptacle on one. side of said disk, a pipe leading from the receptacle on the other side of said disk with which pipes said cells are adapted to be alined, and a cut-oft adjacent.. said pipes, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Cooperative ClassificationB01F7/00208, B01D3/30