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Publication numberUS611136 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1898
Filing dateMay 5, 1898
Publication numberUS 611136 A, US 611136A, US-A-611136, US611136 A, US611136A
InventorsHenry T. Mason
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Package for medical preparations
US 611136 A
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No. 6l|,!36. Patented Sept 2U, |898. H. T, MASN.


(Application led May 5, 1898.;

(No Model.)




srEcIFIcAfrIoN'for'mig part of Letters Patent No. 611,136, ated september 2o, 189s.

Applicationiled May 5, 1898. Serial No. 679,340. (No model.)

To all-whom it may concern,.-

Be it known that I, HENRY T. MASON, a citi- `zen of the United States, residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Boxes or Packages for Me-` dicinal Preparations, of which the following is a specification. v

My invention consists of a package intended for dispensing aniimber of` kinds of .niedicinal pills or tablets in such manner that the character and properties of each tof the different kinds of said pills or tablets will be clearly indicated to the purchaser. This object I attain in the 'manner hereinafter set forth, reference being had to the accompanyin g' drawing, `which represents v-anenlarged-- perspective View of a box or package for medicinal preparations in accordance with my invention.

The box comprises a slide or drawer -1 and the inclosing casing 2,' both of rectangular vform, the casing being usually' open at both ends, so that theslide or drawer can be pushed into or out'ofthe' same at either end.

The draweris in the present instance divided by partitions 3 3 into four compartments, and in eachof these compartments is contained a number of medicinal pills or taband bronchial tubes.

lets having special Aproperties-for instance, those in one compartment may constitute a remedy'for dyspepsia, those'inanother compartment a remedy for coughs and colds, those 'in the third compartment a remedy for constipation, and those in the remaining compartment a remedy for diseases of the throat The pills or tablets in each' compartment are distinguished from those in each of the other compartments by qualities, method ofguse, ciacglofthe pills or` tablets to which'tqelates and Lgrfitliwhich by reason of its color'liflSen-tined iie ends a cover or casing 'of the v'slide or drawer l are also by preference colored to accord with the color of the pills or tablets contained in, the'adjoining 55 compartment of said slide or drawer, and these colored spaces on the ends of the drawer or slide likewise contain information concerning the pills or tablets with which they are identified. 1

A package of the character speciiied'enables one to dispense at one time a number of diierent medicinal preparations which are 'so clearly distinguished from each other and yet so-closely identiiied with the description or instructions relating to each that even persons of-very limited intelligence are not likely tornake-apymistake -in the use of the pillsor tabletsl l While the use of a compartment slide or drawer isalways to be preferred, the same is not absolutely necessary to my invention so l long as the pills or tablets are distinguished from 'each other by variation in color and are identified by ,spaces of corresponding color on vthe outside of the package, and the invention may, it will be evident, be applied to boxes having removable lids as well as to boxes consisting of a slide or drawer and an outel casing. f

.Having thus described'my invention, I claimand desire to secureby Letters Patl. The combination of. av box containing vmedicinal pills or tablets `of different colors, with a cover or casing containing spaces colored to correspond with the pills or tablets, eac-h colored space containing information concerning its respective pills or tablets, substantially as specified.

2. The combination of a compartment-box each compartment containing medicinal pillsv or tablets of a color distinguishing them from those in each of the other compartments, with having spacescolored to correspond with the ldierent colors of the pills or tablets, each colored space corresponding as to position with the compartment containing the correspondingly-colored pills or tabletsand having information concerning the latter, substantially as specied.

3. The combination of a compartment-box having in each compartment medicinal 'pills ortablets otra color distinguishing them fromA IOO H2L, I 611,13'6' thosei each of the other compartments, said having in reach colnpai'tmentmedicinal pills box being combined with a cover or casing" o1:l tablets of a color distinguishing'themfrom and -ha'ving a wall o1" walls of each conipart-l those in eachfof vthe other compartments, said'zment colored to correspond'with the color of4` 5 boxhaving afwall or walls of each'compazt-j y the pills or tablets contained in saidcompart` ment colored' to correspond with the-color,

ment, substantially as specifiedl the pills or'tablets containedtherein, land 4. The combination of a compartmentbox king combined with a. case 'or ,cover having Y having in each compartment' medicinal pills spaces coriesponding'as ,tol color and piton. 2"5.

\ or tablets ofv acolor distinguishing them from with thejcolored pqrtionsfofthe' box," snbtlln; v

those in each ofthe other compartments, said tially asspeci'ed..

' box Abeing' combined with a cover or4 casing g Intestimony whe'e'of have signedinjf`v and having a wall or walls of each compartnaxne to this specification inthe presence 'of y ment coloredto correspond withthe color of two 4sul'k'lscribin'g Witnesses. l s the pills or tablets contained in said compart- 1 Y u HENRY -T."MASON; i. ment and containing information relative to Witnesses: l, `i f said pills'oitablets,snbstantiallyas specified.4 JOS. H. KLEIN,

5. -The combination of 'a compartment-box FRANK, E..B11.'ointonn1l

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