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Publication numberUS61417 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1867
Publication numberUS 61417 A, US 61417A, US-A-61417, US61417 A, US61417A
InventorsW. G. Grant
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US 61417 A
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- 'ro -ALL weon 1T MAY coNcEnN:

1. i a t: I v* mich 'tetes -stmt fiore,

IMPROVEMENT n: nmncrons ronn'rnnmn SUPPORT.

ma rlgehnle nfemx tu iu ttm ettrrs @anni mi mating tart 11i-tlg: im.

Be it known that I, W. GGBANT, 'of Wakeman, in the county of Huron, and State of Ohio, have invented a new and improved Director; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which willenable those skilled in the art to make and use' the same, reference being had'to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.-

The present invention relates to a newand improved director for insertinga sponge, or other similar or other suitable pessary, into the vagina to act as a support to the mouthand neck ofthe uterus in 'cases of female weakness'. By the use of the director embraced in this invention the pessary employed c` a.n be inserted without any irritation of the parts and with no diculty whatsoever, audiu 'su'ch a manner as not only the pessary in the best possible position with regard to the mouth and neclr of the uterus to which it is to act as ai support, but to enable the said pessary to be worn with the `utmost ease and comfort and to be withdrawn' with facility, when so desired, for being cleansed and i-eilled or charged with the liquid, or other substance employed as the healing agent, without necessarily requiring the attendance of a physician. In the accompanying plate oi' drawings my improved director isillu'strated- Figure 1 being'a central section through the director, in the-'direction of its length, showing it as closed upon the sponge, or other pessary used, in readiness for being passed`through the mouth of the vagina to place the pessary against and about the vmouth and neck of the uterus. l I

Figure 2, a similar section to iig. 1, but with the director opened so as to relieve its hold upon the pessa'ry spong'e after it has been inserted n' the vagina and properly brought to bear upon the mouth and neck of the uterus, and thus allow it to be there deposited; and

Figure 3, a perspective view of the sponge pessary.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A, in the drawings, represents my improved directorformedjin 'two-parts or sections, B B, made of asimilar and corresponding shape-'both in cross-section and in. the direction-of their length, the two sections, when'plnced edge and edge together, forming a complete tube, or -nearly so. The twe sections B bi' the director are, at similar points of their edges, a, provided with ear-pieces, b, by which they are'huug or p'ivoted together so that they .can be opened and 'closed upon 'each other at their ends, C, as shown `n iig. 2 of thedrawings. D, the pensa-ryuse d, which in the present instance s'madeJof asponge, but may be'madeof any other similarpor suitable material orsubstance or substances. This pessary is placed in and between the two sections of the director, as'

shown in the drawings, by which it isheld asfsuch'director is inserted in vthe vagina, ,(the two sections of. the

director then being closed -orso held upon each other as shownjn fig. l.) when -the said pessnry having thus been brought to bear upon and against the mouth 'and neck oi' the uterus it is there lodgedor deposited by pressing the then outei'.ends of the director-sections together, which, opening their inner ends, releases their hold upon the sponge pessary, setting it free therefrom andallowing th'e'vdireetor to bewithdrawn without the pessary. lo facilitate the lodgment or deposit of the pessary against, as .well lalsoY as to enable itto be' placed to the best possible advantage with regard to, the mouth and neck of the uterus, I employ a pusher-plate or device,'E, connected or fastened to a suitable s tem or handle', F. This pusher' E is of suitable' shape to be moved or to play between the director-sections, in which, by being brought'to bear nponuthe sponge-pess'ary as the director-sections are opened, it'can be made to forcethe sponge .outwardand against the mouth and neck .of the uterus as desired, so` that if the sponge used be made lof a hollow conical shape, such as i's illustrated in perspective view, liig. 3, of the drawings, it can be made to encircle or surround, or,- in other words, to cap the neck of the uterus; a sponge. pessary of this form being quite desirable and advantageous, as is4 apparent. For withdrawing the sponge 'pessary from the uterus, I employ a string or cord, d, which at one end is attached to it,'its other extending outward through the mouth or opening of the vagina. Although I have herein .particular-ly referredto a s pon'ge pessary as employed, it is plainly obvious that other materials or substances Vmay be usedY in its place, accordingto the nature of the complaint which it is intended to cure by the use of a. pcssary in the manner explainedand therefore I do not `interni to limit myself to any one material for the pcs-sary, nor to any one particular shape for the same, although the -hollow conical or, cap-shape I nd to possess many superior advantages.

I claim'as newfand desire to secure by Letters Patentv The'director A, made in two parte or`sections B, and connected together substantially as and for the purpose l specied. e;-

1'. also claim the pusher E, 'in combination Vwith the directorA, substantially as described for the purpose. set forth.

v W. G. GRANT. Witnesses:


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