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Publication numberUS61428 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1867
Publication numberUS 61428 A, US 61428A, US-A-61428, US61428 A, US61428A
InventorsJ. Htndman
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Improvement in coen-hfskees
US 61428 A
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Corn Husker.

Patented Jan. 22; 1867.


Letters Patent N'o. 61,428, dated January 22, 1867.


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Be it known that I, HINDMAN, of Olathe, in the county of Johnson, and State of Kansas, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Corn-Huskers; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

The object of my invention is to provide an appendage to be fixed to the hand, whereby the tedious and laborious process of husking Indian corn may be rendered expeditious and easy.

And the invention consists in fitting a piece of leather (or other suitable material) to the hand by straps and buckles, which pieee of leather shall have a metallic hook or tang fastened to it, which tang shall be so placed that it shall greatly facilitate the operation of stripping the husk from the corn.

I To enable others skilled in the art to make and use myinvention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

Figure 1 represents a husker attached to the hand.

Figure 2 represents it detachedfrom the hand, it being complete in both cases. 1

A is the body of the husker formed of leather or of any other suitable material; it is a broad strap, which is fastened diagonally across the hand under the thumb, the ends coming nearly together on the back of the hand, Where they are fastened together by a strap, L, on one end, and a buckle on the other. Another strap and buckle, C, is attached to the upper edge of the husker; the strap, 0, runs over the thumb and is fastened to the buckle between the base of the forefinger and thumb. These two straps which confine and fasten the husker to the hand may be buckled in other places, and the result be the same, is, a firm and secure fastening to the hand. The advantage of having two straps is, it allows the husker to be fitted to the hand with or without a mitten or glove, But the main feature of my invention is the tang or hook, B. This is made of steel or other suitable metal, and is secured firmly to the strap, A. It is placed so as to rest upon the base of the forefinger or very near that point.

The operation is easily understood from the drawing, The ball ,of the thumb rests upon the ear of corn on one side and the tang against the opposite side. Then by a very easy and natural motion the tang is brought around near the ball of the thumb, bringing the husk with it; the thumb falls just inside the tang,'fastening the loosened husk against the strap, when it is easily jerked down and removed from the ear.

I disclaim any of the parts, the subject-matter of the patent of D. E. Shaw, November 10, 1857, but what I do claim, is.

A corn-husker having the tang B turned back, andpointing toward the wrist, as herein shown and described.



F. E. Hm'nnnso Anmsos BOWEN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47J17/02