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Publication numberUS614500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1898
Filing dateJan 23, 1896
Publication numberUS 614500 A, US 614500A, US-A-614500, US614500 A, US614500A
InventorsAlexander S. Ramaghz
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Alexander s
US 614500 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 6I4,500. Patented Nov. 22, |898.


UZONIZING APPARATUS. (Applicashun 'med-Jan. 2a, 189e.) (No Model.)




srncmoa'non feming part of Lettere Patent No. 614,500, dated November 22, 189s.

A i'ipneeson mea-mgm z3, 1896;? 'sena No. 515.484. (ne man.)

To alli whom'z't may concern:

Be it known that I, ALEXANDER S. RAMAGE,

, of Cleveland, Cuyahoga county,0hio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ozonizing Apparatus; and I do'hereby .declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same.

My invention rela-tes to an improved apparatus for the production of ozone; and it consists in certain features of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter set forth, and 'pointed ont in the claims.

In theaccompanying drawings, Figure lis a longitudinal section of my apparatus, and Fig. 2 is a cross-section of the same.

Referring to said drawings, A represents the casing of my apparatus, which may be of any suitable material. The manner in which I prefer to make the same is to provide au outer jacket of wood a and an inner lining of glass a2, with a space a between the same filled with plaster-of-paris or other suitable material.

B B', B B', B B' represent a series of electric discharge-plates formedin batteries of pairs with air-spaces a between the same. Each of said plates is formed of two sheets of glass l) b', cemented together with suitable cementing material c, such as shellac, with tin-foil sheets f in between. Said tin-foil sheets preferably have corrugated or pitted surfaces and are made smaller than said sheets of glass, so-as to enable the same to be easily cemented together and at the same time to completely insulate and hermetically seal the metal sheets. Said plates B B', B B', B B are made shorter than said casing Ain a 1ongitudinal direction, so thatcommon chambers da di are formed at each end of said plates, with which said air-spaces a communicate at their respective ends. In the other directions said, discharge plates fit close against the sides of saidcasiug A and are supported horizontally uystrips of glass or other suitable material d fl', (see Fig. 2,) so that the gases can only pass from cue of said common chambers to the other through the airpassagesa between salddischarge-platesBB', i metallic sheet hermetically sealed between roo B B', B B'. Preferably the said strips are of sufficient width to cover the part of the plate which does not inclose the metallic sheet, and thus force every particle of airto pass through the electric discharge and become thoroughly ,ozonized D' represents the gas-entrance pipe, which communicates with the common chamber d3, and d the exit-pipe communicating with the common chamber d4.

' A2 AB represent the electric-current wires. One of the ends of the tin-foil in each of the plates B are connected to wire A2 by .means of suitable branches e, and the opposite ends of the tin-foil in each of the platesB are likewise connected to wire As by branches e'. Said wires A2 and As pass through suitable bushings E E' in the casing A.

,Access is obtained to the interior of casing A by the coverA, which is held inposition by suitable cross-bars and bolts e2 e3, respectively.

Having now given a general description of my apparatus, I will explain how it will work in actual operation.

An alternating current is passed through wires A2 A8 of suiiiciently high voltage to cause a silent discharge across the ai r-spaces a between the tin-foil sheets in plates-B B',

B B', B B', air or oxygen enters common l. The combination with an insulatingcas ing of two or more discharge-plates, having air-spaces between same which communicate with common inlet and outlet air-chambers at each end respectively of said casing, said discharge-plate consisting of a corrugated insulating-plates and connected with a snitable source of electrical energy, and air inlet and outlet pipes communicating with the re.- spective common chambers, substantially as described. v

2. The combination with a casing formed vof an inner casing of glass im outer covering fof Wood and alayenof plaster-of-pars be tween the same, of discharge-plates consisting of two sheets of glass and a. corrugated metallic sheet hermetically eemented'between' the same connected with a suitable'source of electricity, said discharge-plates arranged in series of pairs with air-spaces between, said air-spaces communicating at their respective ends with common air-'chambers formed between the ends of said plates and the casings, a supply-pipe communicjatingivith one of said common air-chambers and an exit-pipe coinmunicating with the other, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof I sign this specifica,- tion, in the presence of two witnesses, this 2d davy of January, 1896.'




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Cooperative ClassificationC01B13/11