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Publication numberUS614722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1898
Filing dateJan 15, 1898
Publication numberUS 614722 A, US 614722A, US-A-614722, US614722 A, US614722A
InventorsJacob L. Isaacs
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Combination lady s toilet
US 614722 A
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No. 6l4,722.

Patented'Nov. 22, I898. L. IsAAcs. COMBINATION LAOY'S TOILET, TEA, LIBRARY, GAME, AND WORK TABLE. (Application filed Jan. 15, 1898.) (No Model.)

5 Sheets-Sheet l.

1n: ucnms PETERS co, muvovurua. WASHINGTON u. c,

No. e|4,722. Pafanted Nov. 22, I898. J. L. |SAACS.


(No Model.) 5 Sh'ehtr-Sl'n'aet 2.

J. L. ISAACS. CUMBINATIUN LADYS TOILET, TEA, LIBRARY, GAME, AND WORK TABLE'Q (Application 1115a Jan. 15, 1 898.) .QNo Modal.)

5 Shget's-Sheet '3.

No. 6|4,72 .2.' Patnted Nov. 22, I898.



(Application filed. Jun. 15, 1898.) (No Model.) 5 Sheets-Sheet 4.

I I'Y Dom/v05 AN V ,5 5 CH% 3 G El

- men??? figsm yww/m 29M No. 6|4,722. Patented Nov. 22, I898.



(Application filed Jan. 15, 1898.) v (No Model.) 7 v 5 Sheets-Sheet 5.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 614,722, dated November 22, 1898.

7 Application filed January 15, 1898- Serial No. 666,745. (No model.)

To ctZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, JACOB L. ISAACS, of the city of St.Louis,State of l\lissouri,have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combination Ladies Toilet, Tea, Library, Game, and fork Tables, of which the following is a full, clear, and exactdescription, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof.

My invention relates to combination ladies toilet, tea, library, game, and work tables, and is an improvement on the device shown in Patent No. 184,718, issued to me October 18, 1892; and it consists of the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter shown, described, and claimed.

The object of my invention is to produce a light, durable, neat, and finished table which may be readily moved from one room to another, and which table is a repository for. all the accessories generally used by a lady in making her toilet, and which table also holds devices and means for playing various games.

Figure l is a view in perspective of my improved table, the hinged lid being shown in an elevated position, the slides covering the tray containing the toilet articles being withdrawn and the game-board and work-basket being partially withdrawn. Fig. 2 is a View in perspective showing the rear side of the table, the hinged lid thereof being elevated and a slide which closes a secret recess being shown partially withdrawn. Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail sectional View taken approximately on the line 3 8 of Fig. 2. Fig. at is an enlarged sectional view taken approximately on the line a a of Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a plan View of the combined checker, chess, and backgammon board, the side on which the backgammon-board is located being shown. Fig. 6 is an elevation of the under side of a removable table-top, which is utilized in transforming my improved table into a tea or game table. Fig. 7 is an enlarged sectional View taken approximately on the line 7 7 of Fig. 6. Fig. 8 is an enlarged sectional view taken approximately on the line 8 8 of Fig. 0. Fig. 9 is a View in perspective of one of the removable metal cups which is used when certain games are being played upon Fig. 10 is an enlarged transthe card-table.

verse sectional view taken approximately on the line 10 10 of Fig. 1 and showing a portion of the removable game-table top in position upon my improved table. Fig. 11 is a transverse sectional view taken approximately on the line 11 11 of Fig. 10. Fig. 12 is a horizontal sectional View taken approximately on the line 12 12 of Fig. 11. Fig. 13 is a transverse sectional View taken approximately on the line 13 13 of Fig. 11. Fig. 14: is an enlarged detail sectional view taken approximately on the line 14 14 of Fig. 1. Fig. 15 is an enlarged horizontal sectional view taken approximately on the line 15 15 of Fig. 11. Fig. 16 is a View in perspective ofa modification of the hinged top of my improved table, in which hinged top is located a hinged mirror, in the rear of which mirror is located a series of receptacles closed by slides. Fig. 17 is a sectional view taken approximately on the line 17 17 of Fig. 16 and showing the hinged mirror swung into its recess in the under side of the table-top and said table-top in its normal position.

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawings, 1 indicates the legs of my improved table, which are provided with suitable casters 2, on which legs is mounted the body of my improved table. The frame of the body comprises the side pieces 3, the front piece 1, and the rear piece 5. These pieces are framed together to form a rectangular body, and secured in any suitable manner to the lower sides of the corners of the frame so formed are rectangular metallic sockets 6, in which are removably located the upper ends of the legs 1. This construction allows the legs to be removed from the body when packing, storing, or shipping the table. The crossed braces 7 are provided for the legs,

the inner ends of which braces are secured formed the grooves 13 and 14;. A cross-rail 15 connects the rear ends of the rails 12. Adapted to slide in the pair of grooves 14 is a sliding board 10, depending from the center of which is a scrap-bag or work-basket 17, which may be used as a repository for ladies needle-work and the articles generally used therefor. The front edge of this sliding board 16 is provided with a cleat 18, which prevents said board from being pushed in too far and forms means for readily withdrawing said board.

Adapted to slide in the pair of grooves 13 is a rectangular game-board 19, which is provided on its edges with tongues 20, which readily slide in said grooves 13, and upon one side of this game-board is located the raised strip 21, and extending transversely across the center of said board is the raised strip 22. This side of the board 19 is used for a backgammon board, and by locating the raised strips or rails 21 and 22 thereon dice will be confined upon said board when thrown in playing the game. The reverse side of this board is provided with the usual alternate black and white squares 23 used in playing chess and checkers.

Located at a central point between the top and bottom edges of the rectangular frame or body of my improved table is the horizontally-arranged partition 2i, and extending transversely between the side walls 3 of the body, at a point near the rear wall 5 of said body and below the partition 24:, is a partition 25. A bottom 26 extends between the rear ends of the side pieces 3 immediately in the rear of this partition 25, thus forming a compartment 27. A panel 28 is provided on its top and bottom edges with the tongues 29, whereby said panel slides and closes an opening 30, said openingbeing formed in the lower half of the rear wall 5 and being the opening into the compartment 27. A rail 31 is located upon top of the bottom 26, adjacent that portion of the wall 5 that is below the opening 30, said rail 31 preventing anything that is located within the compartment 27 from falling out when the panel 28 is slid laterally. Suitable fancy strips of molding 32 are located upon the face of the wall 5 immediately above and below the opening 30, and by so locating said strips of molding the fact that the panel 28 can be easily opened will not be readily noted, and thus the compartment 27 may be termed a secret compartment for the reception of money, jewelry, and like Valuables. The moldingheretofore mentioned is extended along both sides 3 of the body of the table and also across the front wall 4 thereof.

Formed in the lower half of the front wall 4 is an opening 33, through which is arranged to slide a drawer 34, the same being provided with a suitable pull 35 and lock 36. The rear 'wall of this drawer 34:, when closed, abuts against the transverse partition 25 of the secret compartment. The interior of this drawer 31 is divided by partitions into compartments suitable forholding packs of cards, chessmen, checkers, dice, dice-boxes, pokerchips, cribbage-board, and like accessories to games usually played in a household.

In the upper half of the rectangular body or frame of my improved table, or in that portion of the space above the horizontal partition 24, is arranged a series of partitions which form compartments, which maybe lined with plush or like material, and in said compartments may be located articles necessary to a ladys toilet-sucl1 as comb and brush, glass, curling-iron, manicure set, brushes, pins, 310. These partitions for the toilet-tray do not extend all the way to the upper edge of the walls of the body of the table,and formed in the inner faces of the portions of the front and rear walls that extend above the partitions are the longitudinally-extending grooves 37, in which operate a pair of sliding covers 38, which in their normal position entirely close all of the compartments of the toilet-tray. The outer ends of these sliding covers are provided with strips 39, that normally fit into spaces in the tops of the side walls 3, said strips being thus located so as to fill out said side walls when the sliding covers are closed. Formed on the sides of each of the slides 38 and at the ends thereof are lugs or projections etO, which engage against the stops 41, formed in the ends of the grooves 37, when the slides are pulled nearly out. When my improved table is being used as a toilet-table, these sliding covers 38 are pulled out to their limit, thus simultaneously opening all of the compartments of the toilet-tray and forming at each side of said tray a rest or stand for the articles and accessories while the toilet is being made.

Hinged to the upper edge of the rear wall 5 of my improved table is a table-top 42, the upper face of which may be inlaid or of any fancy design or construction d esired, said table-top being slightly larger each way than is the rectangular body of thetable, and the under side of the edge of said table -top is provided with an offsett -13, thus forming a continuous flange or tongue at around the edge of said table-top. This table-top 42 being slightly larger than the body of the table the rear edge of said table-top will when said top is swung upwardly. into a vertical position, as shown in Fig. 2, abut against the upper edge of the rear wall 5 of the table-bod y, and therefore cannot be swung any farther backward. A finger 45 is pivoted in a recess 46, formed in the top and upper edge of the rear wall 5 of the table-body,;and said finger 4:5 is capable of being raised (if wung into a vertical position when the table-top 4-2 is ele vated. Thus said finger will form a lock for said table-top when the same is elevated, and when said table-top is lowered said finger 4L5 is swung out of the way into the recess 46. Located in the recess formed in the under side of the table-top 42 is a mirror 47, which is made use of when the table is being used as a toilet-table. The table-top 42 is pro vided with means whereby it may be locked to the top of the front wall 4 of the tablebody.

In Figs. 16 and 17 I show a modification of this table-top. In said modification a deep recess 48 is formed in the under side of the table-top 42, and in said recess is hinged a shallow box 49, which is constructed with a series of compartments 50, closed by slides 51, and located in the bottom of this box 49 or arranged so as to form the bottom therefor is the mirror 52. A suitable spring-catch 53 is arranged so as to engage the free end of the box 49 when the same is swung upwardly into its recess 48, and said box is thereby locked in said recess. The compartments O serve g as repositories for gloves, glove-stretcher,

glove-buttoner, and the like, and by this construction the gloves are conveniently located in a dust-proof compartment. When the box 49 is swung into the recess 48 and locked therein, the mirror 52 is brought into use, as is the mirror 47, previously described.

An auxiliary table-top, which is brought into use when the table is used as a tea,.card, or library table, is composed of the mating sections 54, which are provided with the rabbet-cleats on their under sides and are so locatedas to slide upon and engage the flange or tongue 44 on the edge of the table-top 42. Transverse strips 56, having rabbeted inner edges, are arranged between the ends of the strips 55, and the faces of the mating portions 54 of the table-top in the space inclosed by the strips 55 and 56 are covered with plush or analogous material to .'prevent scratching the table-top 42 when the auxiliarytop is located thereon. Dowel-pins 57 project from one half of the auxiliary. table-top and enter suitable recesses 58, formed in the opposite half, when said halves are properly positioned upon the table.- Suitable spring catches or looks 59 are arranged so as to lock the mating sections of the auxiliary table-top together.-

60 indicates a metallic cup which is circular in plan View and provided with the integral flange 61 around its edge, which flange is equal in height to the thickness of'the auxiliary table-top, and formed integral with and extending laterally from the bottom of this cup 60 is a tongue 62. Clips 63, adapted to receive the tongues 62, are arranged at intervals around the edge of the under side of the auxiliary table-top, and said cups can readily be positioned upon the auxiliary table-top when needed by merely inserting the tongues 62in said clips 63. This construction may be readily understood by an inspection of Figs. 6, 7, and 8. These cups 60 serve as holders for counters, chips, &c., used in playing the various games upon the table.

A table so constructed is simple, strong, durable, presents a very neat and finished appearance, can be used fora variety of purposes, and can be very easily manipulated or transformed so as to be used for the different purposes for which it is intended.

I claim 1. In a combination-table, the combination with the removable table-top having clips fixed to the under side of its edge, of semicircular metallic cups equal in thickness to the thickness of the table-top, which cups are provided with an open side'that is closed by the edge of the table-top when said cups are properly positioned, and tongues formed inte-' gral with the bottoms of said cups for engaging in the clips, substantially as specified.

2. In a combination-table, the combination with a table-top having clips located on the under side of its edge, of the semicircular metallic cups 60, each provided with the integral semicircular flange 61 and having an open side, and the integral tongue 62 extending laterally from the bottom of the open side of said cup, substantially as specified.

3. In a combination-table, the hinged tabletop 42 provided with the recess 48 in its under side, the box 49 hinged to one side of said recess so as to rest therein, compartments formed in said box, sliding covers 51 closing said compartments, and the mirror 52 forming the bottom of said box, substantially as specified.

In testimony whereof I affixmy signature in presence of two witnesses.




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