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Publication numberUS615720 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1898
Filing dateAug 4, 1897
Publication numberUS 615720 A, US 615720A, US-A-615720, US615720 A, US615720A
InventorsWilliam T. Lane
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The norhis peters co
US 615720 A
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Patented Dec. I3, |898.


mi. 6|5,72o.

B A G (Application led Aug. 4, 1897.)

(No Model.)

INVENTOR WITN ESSES Il "fr Tm; uomus PErEns on.. PNoYaLITb-lo.. wAsmNGToN, D4 c.

nection with the cover formed by the blank UNITED STATES Fries@ PATENT BAG.

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 615,720, dated December 13, 1898.

Application led August 4, 1897.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, WILLIAM T. LANE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Port Chester,State of New York,have invented new and useful Improvements in Bags, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to baskets or bags of a class in which a frame is combined with and sustains a body of fabric or other flexible material, the object being to secure advantages in point of lightness, Strength,and durability.

The invention consists, first, in a peculiarlyshaped blankv whichl forms the covering of the bag or basket, by reason of which thosev seams which are usually upon the bottom of the bag or basket are located some distance above the bottom, by reason of which construction the wearing qualities of the bag are materiallyimproved; second, in the construction of the frame, which when taken in conmakes a light, convenient, and strong bag or basket; third, in a resilient frame for a bag or basket by reason of which the shocks and strains to which the bag or basket or its cover may be subjected are modified.

In the accompanying drawings like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts, in which- Figure l is a View in perspective of one embodiment of the invention, the same being shown in course of construction. Fig. 2 is a similar view of a completed basket, and Fig. 3 is a sectional view in detail of a portion of the frame.

In the drawings, A represents the basket, which is preferably of canvas and reinforced or distended by a concealed skeleton frame, of metal or other suitable material, which latter may be covered or coated, eitherwholly or in part, with rubber, as illustrated in Fig. 3, to render the surface of the frame appreciably resilient.

ln constructing the body portion of the basket two pieces of canvas a a are employed, of substantially equal length but differing width, to an extent sufficient to provide marginal iiaps upon the Wider piece for use in the formation of lapped or felled seams, as will be later on explained. These lengths of canvas are arranged by being placed one Serial No. 647,028. (No model.)

upon the other, so that their long axes are at right angles and are secured by parallel lines of stitching u2 d2 in a manner to form a central portion d3 of double thickness, designed to serve as the bottom of the receptacle, the outwardly-extending flaps a4 being subsequently utilized as the sides thereof. Previous to sewing these pieces together, as above described, a light frame or former b, preferably rectangular and smaller than the bottom proper, is placed centrally between the crossed portions of the material of the cover and there secured byinner and outer lines of through stitching b2 b2, thereby effectually reinforcing such bottom portion by strengthening and stiffening the same. To further insure against the wear and tear incident to the use of baskets of this class, it may be desirable to. have the aforesaid frame heavily coated with rubber, in which case the resilient quality imparted to this portion of the receptaclerwould obviously prove of advantage. By reason of the frame or stiffener being smaller than the bottom of the receptacle this latter portion may be compressed to a limited extent for nesting in packing for transportation.

The distender or frame proper, B, consists of an upper ring or hoop b3 and duplicate bot'- tom side braces b4 h4, Whose bent-up'extremities b5 b5 are equispaced upon and attached to the ring, they being adapted to serve as corner-posts in the formation of the body por tion of the basket. The side braces above referred to are secured in position in pocketed seams formed by parallel lines of stitching ba 196, which extend longitudinally of the lower or wider piece of canvas at a distance from the edges thereof sufficient to leave the mar ginal portions a5 a5 afforded by the excessive Width given the same. Diagonal cuts or notches a6 d, made at or adjacent to the corner-posts, extend to the depth of and divide such marginal portions into three lengths, and thereby permit of the intermediate parts adjoining the bottom of the basket being separately taken up and secured to the side flaps of the upper piece of canvas, as indicated by the double line of stitching at a7 0,7.

From the foregoing description the construction of the basket to the point illustrated in Fig. l will be readily understood, and it therefore remains to complete the same by adding the sides, which is accomplished in the following manner: The side flaps of the upper or narrow piece of canvas are drawn taut by being hemmed over those portions of the ring or hoop between the adjacent cornerposts or uprights. Referring to Fig. 2, it will be seen that in securing these flaps the seams a7 are drawn upward to a point considerably removed from the bottom and are thereby protected from the hard wear to which the latter is usually subjected. The remaining flaps are then similarly attached to the ring, their overlapping marginal portions being secured by felled seams a8 as, which inclose the corner-posts. The lower ends of these marginal portions are folded or turned under, as indicated in Fig. 2, and held by rivets a.

Suitable handles are provided at C C to facilitate handling the receptacle.

Having thus described my invention, I claim-- 1. 'Ihe combination with a frame, of a body portion or cover consisting of two pieces of iieXible material of equal length but unequal width arranged transversely, the said pieces being connected in the manner described to bring the bottom seams above the bottom of the basket, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

2. A bag or basket comprising a frame, a resilient covering for said frame, a covering or body portion consisting of two pieces of flexible material of equal length but unequal width arranged transversely to each other in the manner described to bring the bottom seams above the bottom of the basket, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

A bag or basket comprising a frame, a resilient covering for said frame and a covering or body portion for said basket cruciform in shape and having its adjacent sides connected together in such a manner as to include the vertical portions of the frame.

4. A blank for baskets or bags consisting of two members of approximately equal length but differing width and having their long axes at right angles to each other forming a central portion of double thickness with outwardly-e1tending flaps serving as sides for the receptacle, the wider member being cut or scored at points adjacent to said central portion to a depth corresponding to its excess in width, to form a series of marginal and bottom flaps designed to overlap and be sewed to the adjoining portions of the other member, as specified.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.




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