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Publication numberUS616737 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1898
Filing dateSep 17, 1898
Publication numberUS 616737 A, US 616737A, US-A-616737, US616737 A, US616737A
InventorsFrederick W. Schuster
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Bottle truck and drainer
US 616737 A
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Patented Dec. 27, I898.



[Applicution filed Sept. 1'7, 1898.)

(No Model.)

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' 814 00% box Qlffommas 'NITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 616,737, dated December 27, 1898.

Application filed September 17, 1898. Serial No. 691,221. (No model.)

To ctZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, FREDERICK W. Scnus- TER, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Rochester,in the county of Olmsted and State of Minnesota, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Bottle Trucks and Drainers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in bottle trucks and drainers, the object being to provide a portable device which can be easily moved from place to place and can be revolved to facilitate getting at the bottles.

A further object is to provide a revolving tray or table of circular form, so that the greatest number of bottles possible for a given area may be inserted therein.

Still a further object is to provide means for catching the drip and conducting it to a convenient point where it may be drawn off as desired.

\Vith these objects in view my invention consists in certain novel features of constructions and combinations of parts, which will be hereinafter described, and fully pointed out in the claims.-

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical section, and Fig. 2 is a plan view.

A represents the truck-frame, mounted, preferably, on double casters 1 1. On top of the truck is a circular track 2, and mounted upon this track is the circular tray or table B, it being centrally pivoted in the cross-bar at of the truck by means of a pin 5 and traveling on double casters 6, interposed between the tray or table and the circular track, upon which said casters travel. The tray or table is provided with a series of downwardly-tapering holes 7 7, which are preferably made to conform to the necks of various-shaped bottles, such as are used for beer, tonic, pop,

mineral water, wine, and ale. The bottles are inserted in these holes neck downward, and the holes are so arranged relatively that, if desired, the bottles may be stacked or nested, as indicated in Fig. 1. The table or tray is removable by merely lifting it vertically until the central pin leaves its socket. These trays may be provided for different varieties of bottles, and one tray in that event may at any time be substituted, with its bottles, for another.

The tray or table being draining-pan 8, with a sloping bottom, is

placed, and from the outlet 9 in the bottom of this pan a discharge-pipe 10 leads toa convenient point at one side for withdrawing the contents, a cock 11 being provided for controlling this outlet, and a strainer 12 over the outlet prevents glass from going through.

My improved bottle truck and drainer has a number of aclvantages,among which are the following: By means of the removable table or tray it facilitates the cleaning of the drippan and the truck, as well as other parts, and, furthermore, admits of substituting trays or tables for different shapes of bottles. Another advantage resides in the convenience for moving a large number of bottles from one part of a building to another, which is a great advantage over the old style of trucks and drainers. Still another advantage resides in the fact that the operator may revolve and get at the bottles with greater case than heretofore, and also in the arrangement for concentrating the dripping and dischar ing them at a given point, thus adding to the neatness and cleanliness of the room in which the apparatus is used.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The combination with a truck, of a rotatable table mounted thereon adapted to receive the articles to be drained and a draining-pan extending transversely beneath the entire table or tray for catching the drippings.

2. The combination with a truck having a draining-pan with an outlet in its bottom, of a rotatable table or tray mounted over the pan and constructed to receive the articles to be drained.

3. The combination with a truck carrying a draining-pan, of a tray or table revolubly supported on the truck, said tray or table constructed and adapted to receive the necks of bottles therein.

4. The combination with a truck mounted on casters and carrying a draining-pan and a pipe leading therefrom, of a tray or table revolubly supported upon the truck and removable therefrom, said tray or table constructed and adapted to receive the necks of bottles therein.

5. The combination with a truck mounted on casters and carrying a draining-pan, an

outlet-pipe leading therefrom and a strainer over the outlet-opening, of a tray or table having casters mounted on a circular track on top of the truck, said tray or table constructed to receive the necks of draining-bottles and removable from the truck.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my hand in the presence of two Witnesses.


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