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Publication numberUS618612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1899
Filing dateDec 22, 1897
Publication numberUS 618612 A, US 618612A, US-A-618612, US618612 A, US618612A
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William barwell parsons
US 618612 A
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N0. 6|8,6|2. Patented Ian. 3|, I899.


(Application mm 1390.22, 1897.)

(No Model.)

la/lvfz'tnesscs: M

by G.Di Ztmar Ali-tor 21 ey.

ms NORRIS Farm co worm, wunmufom m c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 618,612, dated January 31, 1899.

Application filed December 22, 1897. Serial No. 663,025. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern.-

' Be it known that I, WILLIAM B RWELL PARSONS, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, and a resident of Bayswater,Victoria-, have invented a certain new and useful Luggage-valise for Bicycles, (for which Letters Patent have been granted in New South lVales, No. 6,878, dated September 8,1896; in IVestern Australia, No. 1,344, dated October 23, 1896; in South Australia, No. 4,540, dated October 27, 1896, and in New Zealand, No. 9,066, dated November 26, 1896,) of which the following is a specification.

My invention comprises certain adaptations in the structure of valises whereby the same may be used to special advantage in combination with diamond-framed bicycles. Sheet metal or other sufficiently rigid material is used in the manufacture of valises according to this invention, partly on account of its durability, thinness, and its ready susceptibility to all degrees of ornamentation, but more particularly on account of the fact that it takes the required shape, prevents bulging, and resists rain better than leather or textile valises do. Any textile or other lining may be provided. The available space within the diamond frame that can be utilized by valises is so very narrow that it is essential to prevent any bulging of the valise which might interfere with the pedaling. Furthermore,

as the resistance offered by the wind to the front end of a wide valise would be very considerable and therefore highly objectionable, and yet as the more width there is the more space for packing purposes will exist, (while the maximum available space can often be readily utilized,) I have devised a construc- 5 and 8 are cross-sectional views on the lines J J and K K, respectively, in Fig. 2. Figs. 6 and 7 illustrate sections of details.

As the size of the valise may vary as to depth, the appearance in side view varies from that of a long but not deep parallelogram (approximately) having a small portion truncated at one corner to that of a triangle having a truncated corner, said triangle filling the whole available space Within the diamond frame. In the said parallelogram and triangle the truncations are made so as to allow the valise to fit close to the lower back bone. The valise shown in the drawing is of medium depth and has one side with its edge near and approximately parallel to the lower backbone, another near and parallel to the upper backbone, another near and parallel to the diagonal or down tube, and another parallel and near to the socket or head tube. As seen in Fig. 3, I make the front end narrow, so that it shall fit snugly behind the head-tube, and I allow the long'sides to incline outwardly from one another from front to rear, so that the rear end is the wider.

Referring now to minor details, suitable means of opening and closing my valise are provided, such as a door or doors 1), each on hinges c. The doors are secured in their closed position by means of a hook e, piv-' oted in the outer rear end of the valise, a second pivoted hook d on the inner side of the upper door 6 engaging a staple on the lower door, and by means of a catch f contiguous to the forward end of the valise. By releasing said catch the door (9 can be sufficiently opened to admit of introducing the hand, whereby the inner pivoted hook cl can be locked or unlocked, as desired.

a and a show gutters whereby water is prevented from entering the valise.

The interior of my valise may be provided, preferably in the interior of the door I) or in the interior of the curved top, with small straps, lugs, or elastic fastenings, (not shown,) in or to which forks, knives, or other small articles may be secured.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is'

A luggage-valise adapted to be carried within the diamond frame of a bicycle, having the door and to prevent the entrance of water,

form of a parallelogram, narrow at the front and suitable means for securing said doors,

and widening as it extends to the rear, said substantially as described.

valise provided with a suitable lining and Signed at Melbourne, in the Colony of Vic- 5 having lateral openings adapted to be closed toria, this 18th day of November, 1897.

by upwardly and downwardly swin in doors J T provided with hinges cand gutter c7, farming WILLIAM BARVELL 1 ARSOL a water-tight joint, said downwardly-swing- \Vituesses:

ing door having its horizontal edge ooncaved A. O. SAOHSE,

10 at a to. receive the rounded edge of the upper A. IIARKER.

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Cooperative ClassificationB62J9/005