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Publication numberUS61960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1867
Publication numberUS 61960 A, US 61960A, US-A-61960, US61960 A, US61960A
InventorsFisher A. Spofford
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US 61960 A
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Letters Patent No. 61,960, dated Februerg/ 12, 1867.



p Be it known that we, FISHER A. SPOFEORD and MATTHFW G. RAFEING'RON, of Columbus, in the county of Franklin, and State of Ohio, have. invented a Miniature or Portable 4Pistol Gallery, to he used in games for amusement and instruction; and we de hereby declare the following to be a. full umliexaet description of the suine, reference being had to the.accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

Similar letters of reference in the different figures indicate corresponding parte.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the. gallery arranged for target practice.

Figures 2, 3, 4, and 5 represent devices to be placed upon the platform constituting different kind of games.- Figure 6 represents a plan of the gallery.

Figure T isla side elevation4 arranged for practise with the mounted gun.

Figure 8 is-a sectional elevation of thelmount-ed gun, showing arrangement of the same.

Figure 9 isan elevation partia-llyin section, showing the mechanism of the hand-pistol for throwingmarbles or balls. C.

4The nature of our invention consists in a miniature or portable pistol gallery, arrallged for many novel and interesting games, to be played with common playing marbles or other suitable balls,.a-nfl in thearrangeinent and mechanism of the pistol and mounted gun for discharging the marbles or balls C, intended for amusement for children, Sie., and to teach gunnery and methodical calculation to the players.

',lo` enable others skilled in the art to make and use our invention, we'will proceedto describeits construetion and operation, with thel aid of the, dra-wings accompanying, Y

The table A we construct iii the form shown, and ofilimensions to suit the purpose for which it-is designed-- for parloian'iusemeutand for children. Where common plaving marbles are used, this plat-form ortable is made from two to four feet.v long, arranged with the numbered divisions, as shown. The ilexible shield d is nia-de of canvas or other 'strong material, stiii'ened and supported by suitable ribs, as shown nfigS. 1 and 6; this shield or gua-rd stops the balls when discharged at objects o u the platform b. The main table is pivoted on a. pedestal, E, and revolves freely in any direction, 4the object being to set'the gallery on a table and revolve it alternately to the dierent players sea-ted aroundthe same, each shooting it in turn and vrevolving it 'to the next. Onegam'e will be described as follows: On the platform b are placed twelve balls in the slight concave depressionsshown at m m', in fig. 1. The players, supposing them to be four in number, usc either the pistols or the mountedA guns, discharging them in their respective turns at the balls on .platform b; this platform, as well astlie main bed A, being inclined three or four degrees, causes the balls, when struck, to roll from the platform 'into the numbered divisions shown at rv', figs. 1 and 6. The number of the divisions filled at each discharge constitutesA the game, which is recorded by the counting 'pins gf, counting each way from the centre; the machine here shown being u'rran ged for from two to four players. Another game is target-shooting, where a. single ball is mounted on a pedestal, y', iig. 1, and is shot at, the game being counted by the `position the ballmay happen to find in the divisions when struck. The large pin (fig. '4) is used as a mark` when the players arenot so well skilled; 'being higher, is struck by all line shots. 'lhe tou-pins, fig. 5, are set up on the platform b', arranged in the usual manner, the game beiugeounted from the number of pins displaced at each shot. The turret with the holes shown at figs 31's used for targetshooting,the object being to discharge the balls into the turret through the holes, the holes being graduated in diameter to suit the distance andthe skill of the players. -The casing l (tig. i?) tits inside the turret and keeps it in the centre-of the platform I1, by means of a. pin, shown atS, fig. 2.

This pin ts into a corresponding hole in the' centre of platform 6'; it is also used for convenience iu removing the .balls from the turret. The Ishield d' is keptin position when the gallery is in use rby means of a spring, n, figs. 1 and 7, acting as a brace to the ribs in the manner shown, the one end resting on thc main platform, it is sprung into shape, the small piu' o, fig. 1, passing through the other end, keeps the shieldin position. When the ganci-y is not in' use, or when packed for transporting, this brace lu, is removed and the I-shield (l folded down upon the frame. The mounted guuU'ig. 8) has a plunger or pistornj', made to fit the bore at one end,

the other end being connected to a strong coiled spring, o. The guu is shown in position for discharging the ball C. The operator, catching hold of th'eprojec'ting end L,'draws the pistouf back until the stop i catches inte the notch, as shown, thc` spring 'i causing it' to fiyinto the notch when the piston has reached the proper point; the ball C is then run down and the piece levelled and discharged, as shown in fig. 7, the stop being raised by means of a light lever or hook of the proper form. An elastic washer, r; takes ol the concussion of the spring. The spring o is formed from wire, the coil being concealed in a suitable cavity formed in thegun-carriage,` as shown.

Having thus described the nature of our invention, what We claim as new, is- 1. A nrliniature portable pistol gallery, constructed substantially as shown :unl described. 2. The gun and turret, (figs. 3 and 8,) arranged and operating in the mzmnerand forv thev purposes herein described.



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