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Publication numberUS620435 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1899
Filing dateMar 18, 1898
Publication numberUS 620435 A, US 620435A, US-A-620435, US620435 A, US620435A
InventorsJohn Samuel Fisher
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John samuel fisher
US 620435 A
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v Patented Feb. 28, |899. J. S. FISHER.

Tnouses'." (Application me; maf. 1s, 1e9s.)

-2 SI-matss--Sheetv I.

(N0 Model.)

j 'v4/42D" attorneys.

Inventor* vf? .nu A

M Jitnesses I MW No. 620,435; Patentsdeh. 28, |899.



(Aliplication Bled hr. 18, 1898.)

(no new.) 2v sham-snm 2.

LUitILesses l A @Tfn/Venter' Clttornes,

orws Pfrins co. Pnoouwn., wAswNGToN, u. cA



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 620,435, dated February 28, 1.899. pplication filed March 18, 1898. Serial No. 674,372. (No model.)

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, J oHN SAMUEL FISHER, author, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain,residing at 2 Walpole street, Kings road,

Chelsea, London, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in or Relating to Trousersk or Breeches, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to trousers or breeches, and has for its object to provide a garment which although in the general form of trousers yet' has to a great extent the appearance and comfort of riding breeches or knickerbockers-t'. e., knee-breeches for cycling, horse-riding, tc-and, besides, has a novel and attractive appearance and may be utilized either for mens or womens wear.

In order that my present invention may be easily understood and readily carried into practice, I will proceed to fully describe same with reference to the drawings hereunto annexed.

Figure l is a front view of a garment, trousers-breeches, made according to my present invention. Fig. 2 is aside view of same. Fig. 3 represents a man wearing these trousers-breeches for cycling. Fig. 4 represents these trousers-breeches on a man wearing top-boots, thus showing the adaptability of the invention for use with top-bootsfor riding purposes. Fig. 5 shows these trousersbreeches for ladies wear, either with or without a skirt, the latter being shown in dotted lines.

From the waist c down to the knee b the garment is made loose or tight iitting, according to taste. Y

The seams c are of the ordinary character as far as just below the knee, where the seam ceases, and according to this invention a llap d is formed here and provided with button# holes d' therein, while the under part or under flap e is provided withsuitable buttons e', adapted to be buttoned into said buttonh'oles d'. This Iiap d (or opening at h) only extends a short distance downward-such, for instance, as shown in the drawings-.and then the seam c recommences at c and extends to the bottom ,e of the leg of the garment, each leg of the garment being correspondingly formed-71. e., as a counterpart of the other.

In Fig. 1 the right leg of the garment is shown with a part-viz., the flap d-removed at 'x in order to show the under flap e, while in the side view, Fig. 2, the flap dis shown laid back or open.

From the knee downward to the bottom a' of each leg the same may be formed loose or tight tting, as desired, but advantageously moderately-tight tting for a space of about live inches, as shown in diagrams, so as to give somewhat the appearance of leggings or gaiters; but in any case that part of each leg of the garment where the flap cl is provided ac cordng to this invention is made to iit closely (when buttoned) around the top of the calf of the leg of the wearer, and this tight-fitting of each leg of the garment j ust below the knee and extending as far as shown in the drawings prevents the garment from wriggling up or down the legs of the wearer, whether riding a cycle or on horseback, walkin g, or otherwise. At the same time this tightness being just below the knee leaves the action of the knee-joint perfectly free.

Instead of buttoning the flaps d and e together, as aforesaid, I may join same by elastic, as in knee-breeches, gloves, &c.

If desired, the lower portion of each leg of the garment may be made to button farther down than the amount shown in the drawings, or, if desired, same maybe buttoned all the way down from b to z, and thus the lower portion of the legs made to fit the wearer tightly (or otherwise) all the way down from below the knee to the bottom z.

Having thus described my invention, what Iclaim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

l. As a new article of manufacture, trousers adapted to reach from the waist to the feet of the wearer, the inner seam being intact the whole length of the leg, and the outer seam being broken between the knee and the bottom of the trousers-leg, the said trousersleg having two iiaps where the outer seam is discontinued, and means for fastening saidl flaps together, substantially as described.

2. As a new article of manufacture, trouwith buttons and buttonhoies, respectively, sers adapted to reach from the Waist to the for fastening the tWo together, substantially lo feet of the wearer, the inner seam being inas described. tact the Whole length of the leg, and the outer 5 seam being broken between the knee and the JOHN SAMUEL FISHER' bottom of the trousers-leg, the said trousers- Witnesses: leg having two flaps Where the outer seam is VALTER J. SKERTEN, discontinued, the said iaps being provided H. BIRKBECK.

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Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/06