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Publication numberUS622240 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1899
Filing dateJan 8, 1898
Publication numberUS 622240 A, US 622240A, US-A-622240, US622240 A, US622240A
InventorsChester A. Latham
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US 622240 A
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No. 622,240. Patented Apr. 4, i899.



(Application led Ian. 8, 1898.)

(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.

\\\`\\ \es5e s ma @Kim J Nirnn STATES PATENT CARD-GAM E.

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 622,240, dated April 4, 1899.

Application filed January 8, 1898. Serial No. 666,096. (No model.)

To all wtont t may concern;

Beit known that I, CHESTER A. LATHAM, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Wichita, in the county of Sedgwick and State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Card-Games, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings, and the iigures of reference thereon, forming a part of this specilication,in which- Figure l represents four A cards. Fig. 2 represents four B cards. Fig. 3 represents four C cards. Fig. 4 represents four D cards.

This invention relates to card-games; and it consists of four cards. .of each. letter of the alphabet from A to Z, inclusive, also one joker 5 and the object of my invention is to produce a game that will furnish amusement and instruction to those playing the game.

Referring to the drawings, l represents four A cards. 2 represents a capital Ain the center of each A card. 3 represents a list of words commencing with the letter A, each word appearing onA but one card.

4L represents four. B cards. 5 represents a capital B in the center of each of said four B cards. 6 represents a list of words commencing with the letter B on each of said cards.

7 represents four O cards. 8 represents a capital l in the center of each of said C cards. 9 represents a list of words commencing with the letter O on each of said O cards.

l0 represents four D cards. ll represents a capital D in the center of each of said D cards. l2 represents alist of words commencing with the letter D 0n each of said D cards.

13 represents a joker-card without Word or letter printed thereon.

In the same manner there are four cards of cach letter of the alphabet, with their respective capital letter in the center of the card and a list of words. One alphabet of said cards is red. One alphabet `of said cards is white. One alphabet of said cards is blue. One alphabet of said cards is yellow. There is one joker, without letter or word printed thereon.

This gaine is played in the following manner: -Two or more persons have a hand of'six cards-fo-r example, two. No. l has a hand R, and, it being his play, calls any word he finds on any card in his hand-say Calker spelling said word aloud, at the same time playing his first card C. No. 2 has a hand GAH {CU CCL, 5L777 CBU D, and plays A No.1 plays L No. 2, not having a K, plays an L, at the same time calling aloud the word Call, spelling the word, thus completinga word and taking the trick. By taking said trick gives him the irst call for the neXt word. Say he chooses the word Delineate, spelling the same aloud and playing the letter D. No.

l plays E No. 2 plays L No. l not having an I, if he cannot think of a word that he can make by adding any letters he has in his hand to the letters Del already played, and as he must play every time his turn comes, he can play any card he may have in his hand that he chooses, said card not counting in the spelling of the word, but will count in the counting of the number of cards held at the close of the game. No. 2, not having an I, will play inthe same manner. Thus they will play until all the cards in their hands have been played, when a new hand will be dealt out. If neither player has an 1, the second hand will be played in like manner and the third hand dealt out. No. 1, having an I, .will play that card. Should the four cards played have only the colors red and white, and No.` 2, not having the letter N, but having a blue card, can play said blue card and take the trick by calling the national colorsred, white, and blue.

Should either player have the joker, he can play it and take the trick any time he may choose, providing he has not got the letter that would come at his turn inA spelling a given word.

Should either person make an error in spelling any given word, the trick can be taken by the player detecting said error.

The game is counted as follows: When the' complete alphabet has been played, each player will count the number of cards he has taken. Each card taken by a player will count one unit. The number of tricks taken IOO will also be counted, together with the num y ber of letters used in the spelling of the Word on which the trick was taken. Each trick will countttwo units for each letter in the word completely spelled out in said Word. Each trick taken by the red, White, and blue Will count ten units, and a trick taken by the joker will count tWenty-iive u nits. One hundred units make one point and'ten points make one game.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as newr and useful, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is as follows:

l. A card-game for spelling Words, having several cards of each letter from A to Z inclusive printed thereon,a list of Words printed on each card commencing with the letter CHESTER A. LATIIAM.


THOMAS O. IIAss, C. W. McCoy.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02