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Publication numberUS624583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1899
Filing dateSep 15, 1898
Publication numberUS 624583 A, US 624583A, US-A-624583, US624583 A, US624583A
InventorsAnd Byron M. Lambkin
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Paper box
US 624583 A
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No. 624,583. Patented May 9, I899.



, Application filed Sept. 15, 1898.) (N0 Modal.)






SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 624,583, dated May 9, 1899. Application filed September 15, 1898. Serial No. 691,040. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, MATTHEW VIERENGEL, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, borough of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Paper Boxes and I do hereby declare the following'to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

It is customary to pack cigarettes for convenience of carrying on the person and getting at them when needed byplacing them in open boxes and slipping the filled boxes in cases open at both ends, so that the box can be slid out in either direction. Thus packed they are safely and conveniently carried; but the package is expensive in proportion to the value of the contents, and it is also awkward to manipulate when a'cigarette isto be taken out.

My invention has for its object to provide a substitute for the box and case which shall be equally secure, less expensive, easily opened and closed, and when open peculiarly convenient of access by the thumb and forefinger for withdrawing a cigarette.

The invention will be described in connec illustrates the blank from which the box is.

made; Fig. 2, the box closed, and Fig. 3 the box open and showing the positions of the closing flap and lid when it is desired to abstract a cigarette.

In a practical embodiment of my invention ablank is cut, scored or creased, and incised substantially as illustrated in Fig. 1, whereby there is produced the box front I, back V, bottom E, sides R E N G, lid E cover L, and tongue M. The blank is scored or creased to provide folding-lines, on which the parts of the blank to form the body of the box are bent up into position to form the box, and also to provide flexible lines or hinge-like-j oints, upon which the lid-cover and tongue are manipulated to open and close the box. The creasing or scoring of theblank is made on the linesl 2 the sides N G to be bent up at right angles to the back V; on the lines 5 6 to permit the front I and back V to be bent up at right angles to the bottom E and parallel to one another; on the line 7 to permit the cover L to be bent up at right angles to the back V; on

the line 8 to permit the tongue M to be bent at right angles tothe cover L; on the line 9 to permit the lid E which is separated from the sides R E by the incised lines 10 11, to be turned up at any desired angle to the front I, and the lid E is incised to form a curved slot 3 for the reception of the tongue M.

A blank such as that illustrated in Fig. l and provided with the creased and scored and incised lines that permit the several portions mentioned above to be bent or folded in the manner referred to may be produced by the well-known dies commonly used, or itmay be made by hand, or by any other method,and the blanks may be converted into a box in the following manner: The sides R E are bent up at right angles to the front I, the sides N G are bent up at right angles to the back V. up at right angles to thebottom E, whereby they are brought to positions parallel with one another, and the sides R N and sides E G overlap, and in this position the side R is gummed to the side N and the side E" to the side G, and thus the rectangular box (seen in. Fig. 2) is formed. The closing top L is bent up at right angles to the back V, whereby it is brought over the open end of the box, and the tongue M, beingbent at right angles to the top L, is brought into position over the lid E, where its shoulderst t rest upon the front edge of thelid, and the ton gue'isbrought into position where it can be thrust intothe slot 8. When the box is closed by shutting the lid down on the contents, turning the top up against the ends of the cigarettes, and laying the tongue down on the lid and thrusting it into the slot 8, the box Will be perfectly closed and the lid held down flat. The tongue, itwill be seen, is cut so as to form a little The front and back are then bent 1 more than a semicircle, whereby the cover at the points it u, where it joins the shoulders t t, is cut into slightly, so that when it is thrust into the slot the ends of the slot catch into these points and prevent the tongue from slipping out.

out of the slot, the cover turned back, and the lid lifted up, as seen in Fig. 2. The ends being thus exposed, the cigarettes can be readily withdrawn by the thumb and forefinger.

A box such as above described'is much cheaper than the box and case now in use, as the quantity of material and the labor required to make it are much less. out out, made, and packed by machinery. It is much more convenient to open and close. The contents are more accessible, and at the same time they are equally as Well secured, and the box is quite as durable.

The tongue M is described as semicircular; but it is obvious that the shape is not material, as it be of any-form that will permit of its-being narrowed at its junction with the shoulders to form the corners u u and provide a lock for holding the tongue in the slot.

The use of the box for holding cigarettes onlyis referred to above; but it is adapted to contain other articles-for example, small cigars, matches, &c.and it is intended for general use as a receptacle for articles of that kind.

While the box is described as made from a single piece of paper, 850., and scored or creased to adapt it to be put together, I do not confine myself to the precise construction of the sides and bottom specified, as a box made up in any way, with the lid-cover and When it is desired to take a cigarette out of the box, the tongue is slipped It can be and back and tongue and cover respectively,

the said front, back and sides being connected together and forming a solid box, the lid and cover remainingfree but adapted to be connected together by the tongue M to close the box, substantially as specified.

2. A box made in one piece from paper, cardboard or like material, and comprising the front and back I V, the front having the lid E provided with the slot 8, and the'back having the cover L provided with the tongue M, bottom E and double sides R N and E G respectively gu-mmed together to form a solid box, incised lines 10 11 that separate the lid from the sides R E, creased line 9 between the lid and front, creased lines 7 8 between the cover and back and the cover and the tongue respectively, substantially as specified.

In testimony that I claim the invention above set forth I do affix my sig-natu re in presence of two witnesses.




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