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Publication numberUS625149 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1899
Filing dateJan 10, 1898
Publication numberUS 625149 A, US 625149A, US-A-625149, US625149 A, US625149A
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US 625149 A
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No. 625,149. Y- Painted may |s, |899.

F. A. cnocKEn.


(Application led Jan. 10, 1898.)

CNO Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part 0f Letters Patent NO. 625,149, dated May 16, 1899.`

Application filed January 10, 18981 Serial No. 666,197- (No model.)

act description of my invention andthe op-` eration of t'he same, that will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

` Throughout the description reference is made to the accompanying drawings, in \vlIiclI- Figure l represents a plan of the upper side of my improved ratchet-wrench complete.

Fig. 2 shows a plan of the under side of the same. Fig. 3 is a side View, partly in section, cut vertically through the working parts of my device.

Similar letters of reference refer to correspondingly lik-e parts of the device throughout the different iigures.

The object of my invention is to produce an improved ratchetwrench of simple construction adapted to be operated in either direction and have the ratchet portion made removable to allow a similar part with different size wench-openin gs to be interchan ged therewith.

Referring to the drawings, A represents the wrench-lever, which is constructed with rounded edges for a portion of its length to form the handle at one end, while its opposite end is .widened suiiiciently to have a hole bored transversely therethrough to receive the wrench-spool B. The wrench-'spool is made long enough to project each side of the lever A when inserted in the opening, and one end is enlarged sufficiently to allow cross- -grooves tov be cut therein to form ratchets into which the point of a dog enters to operate the same, as will hereinafter be described. The opposite end of the wrench-spool Bis of the same size as that portion within the opening in the lever, and where it extends through the latter is cut a groove e around its circumference, into which the end of a spring-latch E enters for the purpose of retaining the spool in place.

. The latch E is secured to slide longitudiin g the lever.

nally on the leverA by means of screws t' z', passing through slots in said latch and enter The heads of said screws being larger than the slots extend sufficiently over the surface of the latch to hold the latter firmly and prevent it from dropping 0H. A recess'f being made in the lever A, under the latch, ,within which is placed a spiral spring s', and a pin or depression from the latch entering said recess in front of said spring allows the tension of the latter to force the latch forward and always keep its extremity within the groove in the extension of the wrench-spool. To remove the spool, it is only necessary to draw back the latch E until its extremity is disengaged, when the spool can he drawn out of the opening and another inserted to be held in the same manner.

The-center of the spool B at opposite ends is constructed with wrench-openings H and H of dierent sizes, as shown in Figs. l and 3 of the drawings. number of interchangeable spools with different wrench-openings most any sized nut can be turned with only one of my improved ratchet-wrenches.

Pivoted to the lever A in such position as to allow one vof its extremities to engage the ratchets in the wrench-spool is a double-ended pawl C, which is constructed in the shape of a lune and its pivotal screw attached at its mid-length near its concaved edge. Within the lever A, directly under the body of the pawl and directly behind its pivotal connection, is a recess f, formed to receive a spiral spring, and depending from the pawl C is a pin s, entering the recess in front of the spring, which the latter engages to operate the said pawl when working the wrench.` TheV pin s being situated directly behind the pivi otal attachment of the pawl C, when the lat ter is turned so that one of its extremities is in engagement to operate the ratchet the pin will be at that side of the recess that the pawl is engaged, and thus out of line with the pivot of the latter. Consequently the force of the spring against the pin will tend to retain the said pawl in position to operate the ratchet in one direction. To reverse or operate the ratchet in the opposite direction, itis only necessary to turn the lpawl C so that its opposite end engages the ratchet, which move- Thus with a sufficient IOO ment changes the pin s to the opposite side of the recess, Where the spring will tend to keep this end engaged in the same manner as before mentioned.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is

In a ratchet-Wrench, a leverA having an enlarged end, a transverse opening in said e11- larged end, a Wrench-spool B removably se- 'cured in sai-d transverse opening having formed at one end a ratchet and near its opposite end an annular groove e, a double-end paWl C constructed and arranged to engage said ratchet with either end, centrally pivoted to said lever A, a downwardly-projecting pin s secured to said paWl O, a recessf formed in said enlarged end of said lever A into which 'said pin s enters, a spring in said recessf e11- gaging said pin s to hold either extremity of said pawl C in engagement with said ratchet and a springpressed sliding latch E movably secured to said lever A engaging said'wrenchspool B, substantially as described.

FRED A. CROCKER. Witnesses:


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