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Publication numberUS625776 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1899
Filing dateJun 17, 1898
Publication numberUS 625776 A, US 625776A, US-A-625776, US625776 A, US625776A
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Hat or cap
US 625776 A
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Y Patented Mayf3'0, |899. C. H.'VON KLEIN.

HAT on om. `(Applirltion, ledune 17, 1898.) (No Model.)




SPECIFICATION forming part of I .Ietters Patent No. 625,776,0lated May' 30, 1899.

Application filed June 17,1898.

capableof extensive adaptation as a practi` cal headgear for warm clim ates is particularly suitable for use during patriotic. and festive j occasions and which can be collapsed or folded into the smallest possible compass and carried about the person'or packed fort-ransportation without the slightest injury resulting therefrom. This I accomplish by the means hereinafter fully described and as particularly pointed lout in the claims.

In the drawings, Figure l is a side view of a cap constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the samerclosed or folded. Fig. `3 is a plan View of the same.- Fig. iis a detail viewillustrat ing the joint or hinge of the band or rim.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a hat constructed in accordance with my invention.

- Myinvention whether employed inthe construction of a hat or capuses a brim and dispenses. entirely with the part known to the art as the band, although whenthe nature` of the invention is fully understood it will be seen that this feature could be added.V In

. constructing either a hat or cap thisbrim,

which is constructed of some suitable stiff material and projects horizontally from the` head of the wearer, is jointed, preferably, at` points diametrically opposite eachother, so as to divide the brim into two parts or sections, each of which will surround one-half next the side of the head, just above and in front of the ears, by means of a suitable strip of cloth o or by any other suitable means.

Serial :No-683,709. (No model.)

vThe peak or vizor b of the cap is formed by suitably widening the forward section A of the brim in any desirable manner and to any desirable` extent midway between its ends. The rear section B, I prefer to make the same width as the` ends of the forward section A throughout its length and to curve the inner edge thereof so that it .will correspond to the curvature of the inner edge of the said forward section so that together they can surround and conform to the circumference of the head of the wearer. f The crown Cof my invention consists of transversely-corrugated or accordion-plaited fabric of suit-able length and width, which is concaved longitudinally, so that its end plaits are curved to conform to the curvature of thev inner edges of sections A and B, to the Hat sides of which they are pasted or otherwise secured in such manner 'that the ends of the plaits converge toward andend at or adjacent i to the hinges of the brim insuch manner that l when the sections are folded flatwise upon each other the crown will, like thebellows of an accordion, fold together and when said sections A andB of the` brim are opened, so

as to come inthe same horizontal plane, will form a crown, substantially as shown in the drawings. c c

For patriotic and festive occasions Iprefer to make the crown C of paper and to flutethe same longitudinally or at right angles to the plaits, so as to facilitate `the curving of the paper transversely to conform to the shape of the crown without crumpling the paper.

Any suitable fabric can be employed in the construction of the crown of my improved hat or cap, however, whether paper, cloth, straw, or other material, and any suitable stiff material can be used in making the brim,lwhether pasteboard, felt, wood, straw, or other material.

The only difference in the construction of f the cap shown in the first three figures of the drawings and the hat shown in Fig. 4 of the drawings is that the forward and rear sections e and f of thebrim aresubstantially of the same shape and are made wider, so as to project out from the crown g, so as to shade the face.

All changes having in view the substitution of one material for another or mere dinferences IOO of design I desire to be considered as coming withinfthe scope of my invention.

What I claim as newl is- 1. As an article of manufacture, a hat or cap having a band consisting of a forward section and a rear section, the ends of which are hinged to those of the forward section, and having an'accordion-plaited crown secured to said band so that the ends of the plaits converge toward and terminate at the said hinge.

2. As an article of manufacture, a hat or cap, the crown of- Which consists of a collapsible accordion-plaited fabric the ends of the plaits of which are converged at points opposite each other.

3. As an article of manufacture, a hat or cap having a fiat rim or band of stil material provided with joints at points opposite each other, and a crown of accordion-plaited fabric suitably fastened to said band,tl1e ends of which converge toward and are secured at said joints.




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