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Publication numberUS629304 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1899
Filing dateDec 19, 1898
Priority dateDec 19, 1898
Publication numberUS 629304 A, US 629304A, US-A-629304, US629304 A, US629304A
InventorsGeorge Rawlins
Original AssigneeGeorge Rawlins
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Faucet or tap.
US 629304 A
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WITNESSES A}. mhwq M a; .26


(Applicntion 510d Doc. 10, 1888.)

Patented July I8, I899.

iNVE-NTOR BY I ATTORNEY closes the-aperture into which they-arein:

- s orten RAwLINs, on ieonnnn ,HlLl ENGLAND. T I a l moo ,O'R TAP,

I SPECIFICATION forming p te er Letters latnh in), 629,304, dated 3111 113, 1899. v V 7 Application filed December-19,1893. SeIialNoi 699;63"7. (No model.) 7 i To all whom it concern.- Q

Be itknown thatI, GEORGE RAwL ns, a citizen of the'Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; residingat Acres QNOok,-Go lden Hill,

tion. a

Stafiord county, England ,-hav e invented a new. and useful Improvement in Faucets ,or Taps, oflwhich the following is a specifica I My inventionrelates to faucets or taps for barrels, casks, and similar receptacles; and

its novelty consists in the construction and adaptation of the parts,"as wi1l bemorefully hereinafter pointed out. It is designed more particularly to overcome the'common diff culties met with from leakage and spilling In the drawings, Figure 1 is a central vertical section. of the two bushings into which the tap isto be inserted and the valve which serted, a portion ofthecask being shown also. Fig. 2is a rear elevation of the bush: 7

' ing a. Fig. 3 is a central-vertical-section of the two bushings, the coupling, and part of 1 the tap-stemand a side elevation of the restof the tap-stem and the faucet. i is a 1 side elevation of a part of the tap-stem. l 7

In the'drawings, a is a cylindrical bushing laterally provided with a plurality of aper-v size to admit of the passage of the stem 6 of the conical valve g and for which valve-(stem it forms a guide and bearing. At its forward end the bushing ais internally threaded at 1 I a and adapted teen-gage with a similarly J externally threadedxportion b of a second bushing b; This bushing bis likewise cylindrical in general shape/ It is internally threaded at its fforward endat li and is provided with an outwardly-extending flange'b provided with suitable apertures to admit ofend of the cask 0r barrel is taken out.

the passage of screws 5 or the like, bywhich it may be 'securedtothe cask 0. ;By 1111- screwing bushinga the valve and its spring may be removed for examination when the This should bedo'ne after each'third emptying. L

The tap or faucet Z, furnished with the usual cock or valvel, is providedat the rear with a tap-stem 1'.v This tap-stern is provided with anannular collar '6', secured thereto or made integral therewith, and at the rear of which is placed an annular washer "6 made of leather or other suitable material. I At its extreme rear portion the tap-stem is provided witha plurality of suitable apertures or perforations It, afiording access to its interior, and-its extreme inner periphery is chamfered 1 at Id kby' suitable indentations andbeveled ed, as at k to form a seat for the conical v ve 9- v a supplementary I coupling-piecej, externally threaded at j and adapted'to engage with the internal threadsof the bushing b, is made of sufficient size to fit easilyf over the tap-stem z'. 7' Its rear end is i adapted to bear against the'annular collard on thetap-stem, and it is provided with outwardly-projecting wings or thumb-pieces 1 for facilitating its rotation by hand. 7

Intermediate the inner wall of the bushing a and the rear of the tap-stem '2; is placed the conical valve g; made of metal or other suitable material andjadapted to rest against the seat'Zc formed by the inner end of the said tap- 'ste'mandthe rear inner edge of the bushing b. The valve is provided with a rearwardlyprojectingstem eand is normally held against its seat by the retraction of a spring f, coiled around, thevalve-steni and bearing against ithe rear wall of the bushing a, V It is obvious that, when the two bushings a ,Etl'ld'b are in'place, and the valve 9 is within the chamber of the bushing a-, although liquid within the cash may flow through the apertures d and completely fill such chamber, yet it is prevented from; going fa rtherby reason of thevalve g, which, seated against the rear inner edge of the bushing'b,efiectually closes it., Whemhowe'ver, it is desired to. attach the tap or faucet to the cask, the tap-stem i is introduced within the" bushing. 73 and the supplementary bushing 'or coupling-piecej screwed therein, and as the thumb-piecesj are tu rned the rear end of the coupling presses against the'collari on the tap-stem and forces the latter rearward. As this action continues it moves the valve g also rearward and through the apertures Z0 and the indentations 7;, of the tap-stem permits access between the latter and theapertures d with the interiorofthe cask.

cylindrical bushing 01 I 5 the chamber within the bushing a: and through too v, lrprefer'tlmt the flange W of the bushingb should be made flush with the outer surface of fulieenskg, butof course such construction is not material; 7 V

s5 ,pThe advantages ofmydevice'arequite ob vioust A cask, providedwith myiinproved bushing is securely closed, and yet the faucet nlay be promptly attached to itrbzyrthe most Z inexperienced person Without risk 0E Waste or leakage. During transportation the aperture across the mouth of she bushing bvmaybe 1 closed by a's'eal-nr in any suitable manner; The valve g' is simple and inexpensive and i 7 may be readilyremovedforoleansing and re placed when Worn. Ibis only necessary to re-' -movel the bushingato geinaccess to t-he valve 7 and its springs V 7 What I claim asnew is V The combination with a cask, or the like, lmvingn bushing provided at its outer end stantially as set, forth; 1 r

' Z In witnesswhereoflhave hereunto set' my hand inthe presence eftwo witnesses;

7r e oReE'R LINs.


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