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Publication numberUS629679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1899
Filing dateApr 13, 1899
Priority dateApr 13, 1899
Publication numberUS 629679 A, US 629679A, US-A-629679, US629679 A, US629679A
InventorsAllen Perry Guynes, Emery Arlington Flores
Original AssigneeAllen Perry Guynes, Emery Arlington Flores
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Sash holder and fastener.
US 629679 A
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No. 629,679. Patented July 25, |899. A. P. GUYNES & E. A. FLORES.


(Application filed Apr. 13, 1899.) fNo Model.)

Wi i

5mm/becs l UZZZZWZ #2g/nw Z'mwyf/. 257207Z@ NITED STATES IllATELrr' OEETOE.'




SPECIFICATION form-ing part of Letters Patent No. 629,679, dated July 25, 1899.

Application filed April 1,3, 1899. Serial No. 712,927. (No model.)y

residing at Appleby, in 'the county of Nacogdoches, and EMERY ARLINGTON FLORES, re-

siding at Center,in the county of Shelby, Stateof Texas, citizens of the United States, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sash Holders 'and Fasteners; and we do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to combined sash holders and fasteners,vtheobject in View being to provide a simple article of the class referred towhich may be readily and quickly applied to any window frame and sash, the, construction referred to adapting the sash to be raised and lowered and held at any desired point and also providing for lookin g the sash when it is slid down or closed.

The detailed objects and advantages of the invention will appear more fully in the course of the subjoined description.

The invention consists in a combined sash holder and fastener embodying certain novel features anddetails of construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the drawings, and incorporated in the claim.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure lisa perspective view of a portion Aof a window frame and sash, showing the improved holder and fastener applied thereto. Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail perspective view of the sash holder and fastener detached. Fig. 3 is a horizontal cross section through the same, taken in line with the catch and spring. Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view of the toothed wheel. Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view of a portion of the rack-bar.

Similar numerals of reference designate corresponding parts in all the figures of the drawings.

Referring to the drawingsJ 1 designates the casing orl housing of the improved holder and fastener. In its outer side the said casing is provided with va semicircular recess 2, in which is revolubly mounted a peripherally-toothed wheel 3. In addition 'to the peripheral teeth indicated at 4. the wheel 3 is provided in its outer face with a 'circular series of notches or depressions 5, having inclined surfaces- (3 and abrupt transverse surfaces 7, forming shoulders in connection with which the` pawl or dog hereinafter. described cooperates.

Arranged outside of the wheel 3 is a hangerplate 8, which partially covers .the recess 2 and protects the wheel 3,.and also forms a bearing for the shaft or spindle 9, upon which the wheel 3 revolves. The shaft or spindle 9 is also mounted at one end in the rear wall of the casing. The plate S is provided with an vobliquely-projecting. extension or tongue 10, which is let into a correspondingly-disposed` groove or facial recess 11 in the casing 1, being held bya suitable fastening device 12.-

Cooperating with the shoulders 7 of the wheel 3is a pawl or dog 13, which is fulcrumed at a point intermediate its ends, as indicated at 14.. The freeend of the dog is pointed and defiected slightly inward toward the Wheel 3, so as to readily engage theshoulders 7. Upon the opposite side of its fulcrum the dog 13 is provided with a recess 15, forming a seat for one end of a coil-spring 16, the opposite end of which is seated in a socket or recess 17 in the casin g. This serves to retain the spring in place, between the dog and the casing, and the spring acts to constantly keep the dog in engagement with the toothed Wheel. The casing is also provided with horizontallydisposed open slots 18 for the reception of screws or other fasteners 19, said construction enabling the casing and the parts attached thereto to be advanced toward or retracted from the Window-sash for bringing the teeth of the wheel 3 into proper mesh with and re lation to correspondingly-formed teeth on a rack-bar 20, extending along one of the vertical edges of the sash, las shown in Fig. 1. The rack-bar 2O is provided with laterally projecting ears 21, through which suitable fastenings may be passed.v into the sash for securing the rack-bar thereto. The casing is also provided With a slot or recess 22, in Whichl is pivotally mounted one extremity of a swinging sash lock or fastener 23, the opposite end of which is provided with a knob 24, by means i bar 2O meshes with the wheel 3 and revolves the same. When the sash has been adjusted to the proper height, it may be released and will be held in such position by reason of the immediate engagement which ensues between the dog and the wheel inra manner readily understood. In order to lower the sash, pressure is brought to bear upon the outer end of the dog or pawl, which serves to throw the pointed end thereof out of engagement with the shoulders 7, thus allowing the wheel to revolve freely and enabling the sash tobe lowered. When the sash is in its lowest position, it may be locked or fastened by swinging the part 23 over the upper edge of the sash in a manner also readily understood.

It will of course be obvious that changes in the form, proportion, and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the principle or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention. y

Having thus described the invention,what is claimed as new, and desired to be secu red by Letters Patent, is-

A'combined sash holder and fastener embodying a rack-bar for attachment to a sliding'sash, a toothed wheel meshing therewith and mounted in a suitable casing applied to the window-frame, a spring-pressed dog eugaged with a circular series of shoulders on one side of the wheel, and a sash fastener or look pivotally mounted at one end within a recess inthe casing and provided at its opposite swinging end with an operating knob or handle adapting it to be swung into engagement with the lower sash for locking it in its closed position, substantially as described. v y

In testimony whereof we aix our signatures in presence of witnesses.


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