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Publication numberUS629862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1899
Filing dateMay 20, 1899
Priority dateMay 20, 1899
Publication numberUS 629862 A, US 629862A, US-A-629862, US629862 A, US629862A
InventorsWilliam A Langjahr
Original AssigneeWilliam A Langjahr
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US 629862 A
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No. 629,862. Patented Aug. I, I899. W. A. LANGJAHB. v

PUNCHING MACHINE. (Applicafion filed m 20, 1599.

{No Model.)

In 7 n co, moroum WASHINGTON. mv c.




' SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 629,862, dated August 1, 1899. I

Application filed May 20, 1299. $91ialN0. 717,604. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known-that I, WILLIAM A. LANGJAHR, a citizenof the United States, and a resident of Plymouth, in the county of Sheboygan and State of W'isconsin, haveinventedcertain in register with a lever-controlled punch im-.

pacting and retracting device.

Therefore said invention consists in certain peculiarities of construction and combination of parts hereinafter particularly set forth with reference to the accompanying drawings and subsequently claimed.

Figure 1 of the drawings represents a side elevation of my punching-machinefpartly broken away; Figs. 2 and 3, transverse sections of the same respectively indicated by lines 2 2 and 3 3 in the first figure of the series, and Figs. 4. and 5 horizontal sections respectively indicated by lines 4 4E and 5 5 in said first figure.

Referring by letter to the drawings, A represents a longitudinally-slotted elongate angular casting provided on one side with upper. and lower lengthwise flanges D O, as well as a transverse forward stop-block D, the latter being a depending portion of the upper flange. The angular casting constitutes the main frame-piece of my machine and is provided at its forward end with an upper standard E and at its rear end with an upper lug F, the standard and lug serving, in conjunction with vertical metal straps G, as supports for fulcrum-pins H I of a lever mechanism hereinafter more particularly specified. The straps G are made fast to the flanges D C of a frame-piece A, and shown in one piece with said straps is aplate G, that extends above the lower one of said framepiece flanges.

is made to match the hollow and slot. of said :fla'nge. The upperend of the plunger is in the form of a round-headed tenon loosely engaging a mortise intermediate of the extremities of a lever K on fulcrum-pin I, and a pivot-pin L connects said plunger-tenon and lever. Another lever M has a rounded end eccentric on the fulcrum-pin H. against the 'upper edge of the power end'of the former lever. Hooks N, fast to lever K, engage semihircular grooves in what is practically the cam end of lever M, and the latter is hereinafter designated as the hand-lever.

Loose on the lower flange of the main framepiec e A, inside the straps G and plate G, is

a rectangular open slide having its upper member 0 provided at intervals longitudinally thereof with vertical guide-apertures for a series of punches P, having annular grooves in their shanks engaged by the edges of the slot intercepting the hollow portions of the frame-pieceflange B and plunger J,

within which they move when the slide is adjust-ed. The lower member 0' of the slide is provided at intervals with die-apertures in register with the punches, and these punches and die-apertures are of corresponding varied gage. The die-apertures maybe formed directly in the lower slide member 0, as herein shown, or in blocks made fast on said slide member, as may be most convenient in practice;

A'stripper-plate Q is made fast to upper flange B of the frame-piece A midway of its length and is bent in under said flange, as best shown in Fig. 3.

The lower member 0 of the slide is shown provided at intervals with side depressions for the reception of a spring-bolt R, arranged in the frame-piece A of the machine, and the disposition of these depressions is such that when any one of the same is engaged by thespringbolt a punch and die are centered under the plunger J above specified.

The parts being positioned as shown in Fig. 1,"operation-0f hand-lever M will cause movement of lever K under pressure in the direction necessary to depress plunger J and der said plunger through material extended through the open slide under the stripperplate Q, and upon reversal of said hand-lever thereby force the punch I? immediately un- V the aforesaid punch Will be retracted. By adjusting the slide any one of the punches and its corresponding die is accurately cen tered under the plunger without any appreciable loss of time.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A punching-machine comprising an open slide, a series of varied gage-punches and corresponding dies carried by the slide, means for holding said slide in adjusted p0sition,and a lever controlled plunger 'engageable with any one of the several punch-shanks incidental to adjustment of the aforesaid slide.

2. A punching-machine comprising a main frame-piece provided with an upper hollow lengthwise flange havinga longitudinal bottom slot, a lever-controlled plunger engaging a recess of said flange and having its lower end made to match the hollow and slot of same, an open slide guided on a lower flange of the main frame-piece, a series of varied gage-punches and corresponding dies carried ate of its extremities to the plunger, and a hand-lever having a cam end exertive on the power end of the former lever. v

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand, at Plymouth, in the county of Sheboygan and State of Wisconsin, in the presence of two witnesses.


WVitnesses H. J. RooN Y, A. W. ROBERTSON.

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Cooperative ClassificationB26F1/04